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  Go out and execute. 💪

Like for this savage uncle.

Go follow my friend's comedy page @xd.posts. They're just starting out and it would be great if you could give them a follow. No shoutouts and daily posts too!

Watch out! @nick_k_every_day and I are releasing a song soon. Stay tuned, and grab something bc it's gonna drop.

Once, a guy's car broke down. He stood at the side of the road, waving for help. Nobody helped him. It was until he started pushing his car when people got out and helped him. Push yourself first, then people will help you.

I hate people saying that they'll "do it tomorrow." Stop slacking.

How to succeed:
1. Dedicate yourself.
2. Have the want, the desire.
3. Go put your plan into motion.
Dedication is right next to success. Nothing happens for "free" or overnight. Think of it, if you get a free burger, it's not free. You pay with your energy, your weight, and your health. Nothing is free, there is no such thing. You have to work for it to achieve it. Now go out there and execute. 💪

You have so many more strengths than weaknesses, and you're still guarding and defending those weaknesses. Go full offense. 💪

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