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Crice Daking 

This is me after a near emotional breakdown eating 3 pounds of Oreos ice cream mixed with crack and Skittles lmao

Who the fuck gave this nigga permission to be on my page LMFAO bwahahahah.

Life's changing around me. manifesting takes some getting used to... jus accept. Earth's jus tryna cash the check you worked for.

Suicide boys - I no longer fear the razor guarding my heel.

Sometimes drugs are like traveling... They help you see life from a different perspective.. and perspective is how we often handle things. Change your point of view..... a bump in the road can derail you completely... Or just be a bump... It all matters on how fast you chose to go over it.......

....... Das y no matter what. You always gotta stay marveloussssss. Most people think they connection to spiritual is positive. But forget evil is spirit energy too...... Rumors and bullshit aside. I love ya all. Stay marveloussssss mofos.

In my feelings!!! 17 years and finally looked up the lyrics.


Niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this shit real af bwahahahah yoooooooo

Well dressed from a different perspective

Plug walking into my life lmaoooooooo

Wit da squuwwwaaaaddddddddd

Sometimes you just gotta...

..I memorized her lines don't get me started doo.. Her scent her eyes.. Every gotdamn particle..

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