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Crice Daking 

This when and why u need a understanding woman. They shits harder to find than a mewtwo

This nigaa made it. Bwahahahaha




Since I spent v day alone I looks at ma watch and see what time it ihhhh

It worked for me

We all know one. Or twooooo or thareeeeeee

Throwback Thursday , like lawn chair . Way backkkkkk. I'm not even in this pic but seriously I can't wait to see their reactions BwaahahahahahahHahahahaha

Aspirations. Influence, straight bat shit genius,

Taking a nap now bye world. Byyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Welcome to my Life,,, this really be me tho

Trust game needa be precise. Das Bible shit.

Do the thriller walk. Right outta surgery my nigaaaa

Bwahahahah yoooooooo that fucking musicccc aHahahahahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hey fuck it. They need love toooo


Alley rage, the new new. Or, scooters going wild. Find out on Fox 5 fake news

Life depends on it

"Put my ass in your asshole" the nigga Mumble singing

O they foul for this one. But. We love Facebook over here don't we. With my 16 bans and hate world wide. Sips tea

This is... Ok... This is the truth

Clap back lil Mama

This argument shouldn't even be an argument. The man is absolutely right.

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