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MELLO BUTTS  It's me, mello and I post nonsense of me, the skelly bae, music and memes I like, FREQUENTLY DABS WHEN THE BASS GO OFF

“They smile in my face is what I don't like
They steal your whole sound: that's a soundbite
The media crucify me like they did Christ
They want to find me not breathin' like they found Mike”
#kanyewest #pushat #goodmusic #lilreese #sosa #chiefkeef #banger #remix

That’s how fast I am with the shits 👌🏼👌🏼

“I saw something in you that you didn't see, I made you a believer
I taught you the ropes, now you good at the game
Baby, I was your teacher
Yeah, you made me fall like the Autumn, but chin up 'cause I'll never leave ya”#6lack #free6lack #glocksix #bear #fire #albumagain

When bae leaves a note on you while you asleep 😂😂

“Right now im on the edge, so dont push me
Troublesome since 96, you a shook one
Breath easy on the ledge, Ima push ya
What's that? I smell pussy
Let me count my guns, hum
5,4,3,2,1 run”. #flatbushzombies #headstone #vacationinhell #zombiejuice #meechydarko #ericthearchitect

“Fuckin' these bitches, no cuffin' these bitches
No lovin' these bitches, they all for the smash
Niggas I know, they come shop for the bricks
Lay you on the floor and take all of your pounds
Got love for my niggas, shed blood for my niggas
Bust slugs for my niggas, I'd die for my rounds”. #newcharlotte #durutheking

“I got real shit to stress about girl I ain't worried bout shit
Remember that I tried to build ya now I ain't worried bout shit
So I found me a new thing I'm not as lost as you think
Got plenty queens in my hometown all they need is drank and that dank”. #6black #prblms #free6black

No captions needed, This is a marvelous cover I heard last night👌🏼👌🏼 #dreams #theelectricpeanutbutterco #cover #fleetwoodmac #stevienicks

“Alive but not living
I'm tryna get with it
The size of my dick is not rising” #pouya #fivefive #void #fire

“And I got nothin' to do but make you look stupid as parents
You fuckin' do-gooders, too bad you couldn't do good at marriage.” 🔊😂🔊#eminem #jayz #curtaincall

“But when you chasing goals, living life on the road, it’s get money fuck bitches boy kuz that’s what we was told. If you get lucky enough to find you one that match your soul then you accept their flaws and you never let em go.” #trevrich #flaws

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