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Coach Carter🇬🇭  Fitness performance coach - Health ~ Fitness ~ Nutrition ~ Lifestyle 📧

Obesity is a major health concern in our world today. It's important to encourage and help any obese people who want to change their lifestyle.
How Can You Encourage Someone Who Is Obese To Stick To Their Diet & Training? Start here. Turn on notification and join carter fitness on this initiative to help people live a better healthy life.
If you know someone with weight issues it is your civil duty to assist them. For help / assistance email us or call 0500002390.

Mornings with brothers 🏋🏿‍♂️🙌🏿

Morning work. Believe me when I say this is no joke. My core was on fire. Real Asante fire. Give it a try.


It can’t be a one time thing❤️🙌🏿

morning work with my team @xfitnessghana inside Ashale Botwe. Love working with the team who are always eager to learn and put in work.
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In exactly 3 days my team @xfitnessghana, inside Ashale Botwe, get together to bring you a day full of fun activities. Don’t be left out

Happy Weekend 📍❤️

Early morning work. / New episodes from @walkwithlexis / #walkwithlexisdiaries featuring @yawampofoankrah coming soon. Follow @walkwithlexis and stay up to date.

Earlier this morning with the team at @huaweighana / @huaweimobile.

A fitness lifestyle seems all about you and your goals, not to mention the requisite social media updates and workout selfies. Remove yourself from that equation and reframe your mindset. Change "I'm lifting for myself" to "I'm lifting to better provide for my family and live long enough to see my kids get married."; What a powerful difference this makes. It still boils down to you busting your ass and making a commitment. For some, this subtle switch of perspective is all it takes.

preview of our outdoor morning workout. It is about small victories done consistently over the long term. Small forward progress, but always forward progress.
Whatever the case, you need a starting point. Here is your chance to make a difference.

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