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Rinku  I am an artist. ________________ I like art ; and by art I mean Music, Poetry, Love, Culture, paintings, human body, literature and everything...

When you're hot, anything can happen. πŸ˜”πŸ”₯

I don't have a moon these days.
I have been an Icarus lately.
Moving towards the sun,
Drinking the moonlight;
waiting for the twilight.
Sitting on the horizon,
Watching the birds fly.
I think I have too many reveries or maybe
too much soul,
I really don't know.
God is my help.
Is this Lazarus?
Why don't you tell me?

Entry: Lunar Eclipse, Jan 31, 2017

This moment right here is unbelievable. Deers lighting the path. It was like a road to heaven. Moments like these helps me in my journey where I see everyone wants to become something. I on the other hand just like to take a walk. Here and There. Maybe it's called Wander not lost. Maybe.
Stay away.
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Where are those innocent beautiful girls God used to create?

Run Forest Run.

Today's paint is a scenery. 😊

Eyes on the Forest,
Not on the trees;

What I stand for,
Is what I stand on; 🌍 .

And into the forest I go to lose my mind and revive my soul;

Today's paint!
<enjoy the fruits of nature>

The only places which remain unpopulated and pure are the forests of nature.
Amidst of all the dirt in this modern world,
the beauty still remains there.
The halcyon days never get too old.
The birds sing with you and the trees, the trees listen to all your tales. .

Today's sketch.

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