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Mpelafon theOne&Only  business/bookings ✉ ✉

Fantastic Four Since Day 1... you can't fuck with the squad!!!

Shine His Light In The Sky Tonight.. #batmanday

And if they hate then let 'em hate
And watch the money pile up, the good life..

..I shine in spaces where time us just a glare
I hold the Mic like a memory..

Look the new me is really still the real me
I swear you gotta feel me before they try and kill me..

Αυτο Το Σαββατο Στα Τρίκαλα!

They talkin' down on my name
Don't let 'em run off with the name
Man I just run with the gang..

..Who else got the luxury to drop when he want
'Cause nobody else can fuck with me? What a show off..

Νέο Κομμάτι σε λίγες Μέρες.. @kataxthonios_zn


Αύριο Στο Trap.. έχω και Γιορτή..

Νεο Κομμάτι, Νέο Clip..
Check Check!!

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