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Malaysia Powerlifting Alliance  Sanctioned member of Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) for Malaysia & South East Asia. Organiser for Strongman and Powerlifting competitions.


For those who did not manage to register for MPA's upcoming Powerlifting competition, here is another chance to compete on a global platform! Our comrades across the border, Singapore Powerlifting Alliance(SPA) is having their annual Powerlifting Championship this August too. Follow them for updates on the event!

@Regrann from @singaporepowerliftingalliance - SPA Championships, 12-13 August 2017.
Sign up on Thursday at noon at www.powerlifting.com.sg! Places are limited to 100 only, and we are open to foreigners competing as well. #powerliftingsg #powerlifting #powerliftingmy #MalaysiaPowerliftingAlliance #GPASouthEastAsia #GPASEA #GPA

Today's #fitgearfriday featured product: The Beast Genetics Soft Suits is an all federation approved powerlifting suit. Made with soft and stretchy Nylon/Spandex blend, it allows for non-restricted movement and better comfort. Suitable for both training and competition.

Check them out on Standard Issue online store at www.standardissuegears.com

#powerliftingsuit #powerlifting #products #standardissuegears #MalaysiaPowerliftingAlliance

For this week's #fitgearfriday we have an exclusive MPA sale for the newly launched #GettaGrip liquid chalk that is 🔥 in the market today!

The GettaGrip Chalk provides twice the grip compared to an average chalk block and the best part is you only need to use a quarter of the amount of a normal block. Talk about savings! Also, it dries quickly and leaves no stain on the bar so for those in the conventional gyms where chalk is not allowed, this is your solution! 🎓

The GettaGrip liquid chalk (50ml) is retailing for RM35nett per bottle however exclusively until next Friday, if you buy 2 you'll get 1 more for FREE!

Head over to www.adaroti.com to order and use the code "MPA17" to enjoy the promotion!

GettaGrip is specially brought to you by @breadwinnersbedwetters a homegrown fitness equipment and Apparel brand! #MalaysiaBoleh

#sundaystorytime S.A.M 2015 was the 2nd powerlifting meet organized by MPA in Malaysia at that time. Being fresh and new as the first platform for powerlifting comps, frankly we weren't even sure of what we were doing. We were running the comps at a loss on our own expense and operationally it was chaos. We had to organize, set up, brief, judge, spot, load and make sure everything ran smoothly. The first two and two more comps to come, we set up the night before and went straight through to the comp without sleeping. Just before S.A.M started, we were not convince ourselves if we wanted to make it to comp no.3.

But this is where @faisalhafil comes in and changes all of that. On the morning of Day 1 for S.A.M, a figure appears quite early before the crowd arrives to register and introduces himself as Faisal. All he mentioned was that he was from Perlis. He went through the motion and performed fairly well considering it was his first time. After the comp, I managed to speak to him just before he left and that was when I learnt that he rode his bike for 9 hours all the way from Perlis, reached, competed and now just about to ride back to Perlis! At that instance, we knew what MPA stood for, and the importance of having a platform to compete. Today, 3 years later, we will have the honor of welcoming Faisal back on to the platform this coming S.A.M 17. Thank you for inspiring all of us with your motivation and dedication. Have a great week! 🙏

#Malaysiapowerliftingalliance #malaysianpowerlifter

We are right now in Singapore in support of the #Schoolyard2017 powerlifting competition. Schoolyard was formed to cater to the secondary and tertiary students competing from different schools.

This is the fourth year
@singaporepowerliftingalliance has hosted this competition and it has been growing from strength to strength.

Video shows the squat opener of Tom, a U110kg lifter who is 18 years old opening at 240kg.😳😳😳😳 Watch the live feed of his flight Now via SPA IG profile!

#powerlifting #powerliftingmy #powerliftingsg #GPA

This week's #fitgearfriday offering is an exclusive 10% discount for the SBD Knee Sleeves. Normal retail price is RM379.90.

Knee sleeves are usually worn by strength athletes for two major reasons; extra knee support and maintaining joint warmth.
The SBD Knee Sleeves are perfect for this as it's slightly thicker compared to other sleeves.

The SBD Knee sleeves are IPF and IWF approved, so they’re approved for weightlifting and powerlifting competitions. Also, they provide a strong, stable feeling, which a lot of lifters prefer when moving maximal loads.

SBD is a company that makes a variety of high-end supportive lifting gear for elite strength athletes. They’re based in the United Kingdom and have become widely known in the powerlifting and strongman scene. @strength_apparel is their exclusive distributor for all SBD products in Malaysia.

Visit www.strengthapparel.co to purchase and use the special code "SBD01MPA" for 10% off! Hurry as the offer ends next Friday, 9 June 2017!

Our #wcw😍 this week is for all the strongWOMEN that pulled a 3000KG truck, deadlifted a car, carried a heavy stone, carried a heavy frame over a distance and pressed the weight of the world up! Tag a girlfriend that inspires you! @vblifts @barbellsbeforeboys

#strongwomen #strongman #strong #fitfam #deadlifts #fitspo #igfitness #igfit #MalaysiaPowerliftingAlliance

11 weeks out to MPA S.A.M Powerlifting Competition!

We would love to know all of the nitty details; weight cuts, training programs, progress pics, mini pr's, and progress leading up to the competition.

Hash tag us at #MalaysiaPowerliftingAlliance so that we can feature, encourage and inspire the rest of the strength community as we inch closer to the comp dates!

Train smart and be safe 🙏

#MPASAM17 #powerlifting #powerliftingmy

#sundaystorytime This picture was taken after Sean's last lift of the day at the most recent MPA Powerlifting competition. Sean started the competition with bleak odds. He failed his first two attempts on the squat and narrowly succeeded his third attempt. Results like that would mentally affect a lifter's performance for the rest of the day. However, Sean managed to power through the bench and made it to the deadlifts.

First lift came and he had 2 red lights for not locking out. On the second lift, he attempted the same weights but failed on technicality. Frustrated and fatigued after a long day, Sean was one lift from bombing. On the 3rd lift, with weights loaded at 200kg, he gave it his all and won 3 green lights. For a man who was twice so close to the edge that day, he showed us that "winning is not always the barometer of getting better." May we be inspired for the new week to come!

@drsean_l competes in the U75-U82.5kg category and hails from Penang, Malaysia.

#MalaysiaPowerliftingAlliance #powerlifting #powerliftingmy

As part of our weekly #fitgearfriday offerings, we will be having exclusive promotions for followers of MPA with our various partners for accessories, gears and equipments. So stay updated by following us at @mpa.official 😎

This week we have a special promotion from @standardissuegears for the Titan Training Belt.

Features are:
✅1-prong belt made with top craftmanship from Titan's Texas Belt
✅made in US with real leather
✅tapered 2.5" front and 4" back

It's retailing at RM399 but get 5% off for the next 7 days until next Friday, 26th with the discount code SI-MPA01❗

Visit www.standardissuegears.com to place an order today!

Standard Issue is one of Malaysia’s leading retailer of fitness gears for your powerlifting, weightlifting, CrossFit and other strength sports. Check out their selection of top brands and quality products including Titan Support Systems, Beast Genetics, Iron Rebel, Rehband and many more.

Truthfully, don't we all feel like doing a lil dance or letting out a small cry for joy each time we complete a successful lift🙆

#tbt to @lilianyew successfully pulling 132.5kg for her third attempt at the last MPA Championship 2017.

#MalaysiaPowerliftingAlliance #powerlifting #powerliftingmy #deadlifts #joy #happy #fun #life #throwbackthursday @thisleonardlim

The great thing about @static_monsters is the variety in weight categories that provides an even playing field for all competitors across the world. It is also a great opportunity for non lifters to come and try out two iconic strongman lifts; the log press and axle deadlift.

Registrations opens 1st June via www.powerlifting.com.my

#staticmonsters #strongman #powerlifting #logpress #axledeadlif

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