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Mozart Bautista  drawing painting photography

graphite & wht China marker on butcher paper

mixed media
what do we get out of judging anyone and their choices? Is it to define them? Nah, it’s to define ourselves.

oil on canvas paper
Depression is a bitch. Seeing friends, family, and loved ones suffer from this mental illness has put me in a more understanding place. To anyone suffering from this on a daily basis just know that people are always around you for support. Don’t hesitate or feel bad to say you need your space or you need someone’s comfort. I’m just beginning to read into depression. By no means do I pretend to fully understand this. I have nothing but admiration and respect for anyone suffering from any mental illness.

sketched w/graphite & colored digitally

🔵not letting go this time

old sketch
sketched w/blue pencil & colored digitally

🔵colored pencil sketch

🔵colored pencil sketch

🔵 sketched w/blue pencil & colored digitally

🔵 mistakes were done. looking at them now, I can admire & appreciate how they come together with ones that were not meant to be mistakes
blk crayon & #coloredpencil

🔵@brittneystardust w/blk China marker

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