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MOZA  "Empty Streets" is out now on Majestic Casual!

Can't wait to get up to more madness with @justagent and @samsaruh_music this weekend!
It's the hometown shows, Sydney and Newcastle! 🔥❤️ Tix at

So.. we wrote a song with our best mate @kotabanksmusic.
It's now been streamed OVER 10 MILLION TIMES on @spotify 🔥

We. Love. You.
Thank you ❤️⏬

Damnnnn Brisbane that was insane!! You guys set the bar high with your energy last night. Thankyou so much to everyone that got in early and partied with us. You guys were AMAZING

Cc: @thebrightsidebris

Hey Brisbane.. we here.
See you at @thebrightsidebris with @justagent and @samsaruh_music 🔥❤️

🔥 Perth was fucking nuts 🔥
Big love to @justagent for taking ourselves and @samsaruh_music around the country during July! 🎟 - @_jackrabbitslims 📹 - @sean_finney

More shows coming up for the @justagent tour. Get in before tickets go!

Thank you so so much Perth ❤️
@_jackrabbitslims with @justagent was nuts.
Canberra and Brisbane next weekend 🔥

Soundcheck done!
Come over to @_jackrabbitslims 🔥
We're on at 11, @justagent at midnight!

Off for the first leg of the @justagent tour in Perth🔥
Found @kilterbeats and @templetimi at the airport ❤️

Yeh so holy shit, kicking off the @justagent tour tomorrow night with a sold out show in Perth at @_jackrabbitslims 🔥🔥🔥

Perth... Hear us out, @justagent, @samsaruh_music and ourselves have a plan..
🔥Let's get loose this Friday 🔥

@justagent tour starts this week in Perth at @_jackrabbitslims
So keen! See you there

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