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Fancy winning an outfit from @fableticseu’s December collection for you and your bestie? (Or just two for you if that’s the way you roll 😝) I’ll be choosing one lucky person at random on Friday 22nd 💋

All you have to do is:
⭐️ tag a friend in the comments along with your favourite emoji 🦄
⭐️ make sure you’re following both me and @fableticseu
⭐️ enter as many times as you want!
You can enter as many times as you want!

Good luck! || #movewithTara #MyFabletics

R & R 💫 yesterday I must have checked my phone 4 or 5 times... which is a significant reduction from my norm 🙏🏼. I’ve always been a person who just doesn’t stop moving and always needs to be doing something. I used to find it really difficult to sit still, to be lazy, to rest. Nowadays I’ve realised that duvet days watching movies are also really important, especially since I spend so much time running around 🙃. After posting this I’m putting my phone to one side and I’m not opening Instagram again for the rest of the day. It’s a challenge that I like to set myself every now and then, usually when I’m having a day off so that I can be fully present and enjoy what I’m doing rather than checking out what everyone else is doing. Here’s a little combo inspired by @lydia3662 🙌🏼💋 with a big high five at the end when @londonladybase nails her combo too 🎉 wearing my fave @bandurskadesign outfit || #movewithTara

Nursing my very hungover self today after the best day ever yesterday 💫 thank you all so much for your comments and birthday messages. 3 more sleeps and this girl is on the beach (CANNOT WAIT 🎉) || #movewithTara

14/12/17 💫 officially 24. Highlights of this year: competing in my first pole competition, going to 5 unbelievable music festivals over the summer, spending a month in Ibiza and Italy, New York with the fam and @kimhartwell, working with some amazing people, old and new, #retreatlife, going up to St. Gervais for work, all of the yummy restaurants that we’ve eaten at, all of the beautiful places I’ve visited with beautiful people... the list could just go on forever. 23 you were awesome, I have some pretty damn high hopes for 24 💋 || #movewithTara

Partner HIIT workout 💫 grab your bff, mum, brother, dog or the first person you see and try this one out! Super simple, no equipment, full body 👊🏼 also works best when you try to moonwalk before and after. Oh and screaming motivational things at your partner is also recommended.
⭐️ squat / squat jump
⭐️ plank / mountain climbers
⭐️ heel raise hold / ankle tap and extend
⭐️ tricep dip / dip hold
Go for 3 or 4 rounds, 10 reps of each exercise whilst the other person does the hold, then switch 💪🏼 wearing December @fableticseu outfits, training with the babe that is @misscharholmes 🔥 || #movewithTara #ad

Smiling because this time next week I’ll be packing, and counting down the hours till I land in Thailand 💫 for now, bring on birthday week antics. If you missed my blog post over the weekend about my top tips on handling the holiday season without feeling like a potato in January, link is in my bio. Happy Monday folks ✌🏼 wearing @lululemonuk, shot by @kimhartwell || #movewithTara

#GrabAPole 💫 a little snippet of my showcase routine. Yesterday, @ninahealthily and I took 20 amazing guys and girls through a beginners pole routine. They all absolutely smashed it, and it was so amazing to see everyone having a great time. Taking up pole has given me so much confidence and makes me feel amazing in my skin on a weekly basis. It was amazing to be able to share that with everyone who came to dance with us yesterday 💃🏼 thank you to everyone who smiled, laughed and spun round those poles with us yesterday, we hope you had as much fun as we did ♥️ thanks also to @londondanceacademy, @polesweetpoleuk and @bandurskadesign, couldn’t have done it without you ⭐️ || #movewithTara

Early birthday dinner at @hutongshard 🥂 the perfect way to end the most amazing day teaching my final spin class of 2017, co-running the first #GrabAPole event and seeing @john00fleming at @trapezebar_basement. Full de brief on #GrabAPole coming tomorrow! 💫 || #movewithTara

Lifting each other up ⭐️ had such good fun with @ninahealthily and @londonladybase yesterday doing some acro in my living room (with DJ @ldnmrk on the decks of course) 🎧 I’m constantly grateful for all the beautiful and talented people I’ve met via this platform we both love and hate. It’s given me the opportunity to surround myself with likeminded and amazing people who are now some of my best friends 👯 I’m looking forward to meeting even more of you at #GrabAPole tomorrow! Who’s excited?! I know we are! 💫 || #movewithTara

NEW BLOG POST || A healthy hedonists guide to the festive season 💫 it’s absolutely no secret that I like an occasional party, and I don’t do things in half measures. There’s so much stress associated with the holiday season when it comes to trying to stay on top of keeping fit, resisting the mince pies and handling seemingly endless nights of Christmas parties. So I’ve written up a little piece about my top tips for not feeling like a potato come January. Some of them will surprise you, and some of it is quite amusing... but all in all it’s well and truly me. All from the heart ❣ enjoy my lovelies, link is in bio ✌🏼 || #movewithTara

Posting this because I don’t quite have the energy to get myself to class this evening 💔 BUT, I had the best day doing so many fun yoga things with @brionyscarlett @chrisbolingbroke @georgieday @leonphotog and @evies1000happydays for @adidasuk 👊🏼
In other news, I’ve choreographed a full routine for this weekend’s #GrabAPole event just on static pole! I didn’t think I’d be able to get so creative with it but I’m super happy. Can’t wait to perform it on Saturday ⭐️🙌🏼
Here’s a little spin combo that I did last week, wearing new @bandurskadesign 😍 || #movewithTara

HIP MOBILITY DRILLS ⭐️ this is something I get asked about a lot. These are drills you can do absolutely anywhere, in front of the telly, in a hotel room, outside on the grass, in a gym, wherever. I spend 20 mins stretching, 4-5 x a week and I’ve been such a massive difference in the last few months. It really does work! 🔥 yogi squat to forward fold
🔥 assisted side lunge
🔥 loaded dog to lunge and twist
🔥 yogi squat heart opener
🔥 dead frog stretch
Give these a go and let @misscharholmes and I know if you have any questions. Outfits are @fableticseu December collection 😍 || #movewithTara #MyFabletics #ad

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