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Tara Margulies (qtara)  🤓 Freelance marketing/PR 💪🏼 Spin/HIIT @coregyms & @equinox 👊🏼 Calisthenics ⭐️ movement ⭐️ pole 📬 🌍 London 👇🏼 Anjuna playlist!

Training at home today, makes me wish I had higher ceilings! Trying my hand at a few more dancey bits. You know when you're aware that you're not very good at something but it's fun so you just sort of go along with it and hope it doesn't look silly? Yeah that's how I feel when I'm twirling and what not 🙈
Now to have a magnum, make some dinner and cuddle up on the sofa to watch a movie. I love Sundays! #movewithTara

Happy happy happy birthday to my favourite person in the world ☺️❤️ I can't wait to be superstar DJs and own upwards of 15 dogs with you one day... 😝

Who's a savoury > sweet breakfast person? I know I am (bar the mandatory square or two of chocolate I have every morning when I wake up!)
I'm such a creature of habit, when I find something that works I tend to stick to it until I get sick of it! Here is my usual, eggs, veggies, bagel, Avi & roast beef.
Wishing everyone good luck in the marathon today, but I'm not gonna lie I'm ever so happy to be sat at home rather than out on a really long run 🙈 eek. #movewithTara

When you're looking through your profile and you realise that you haven't posted a selfie for aaaaaaages 😧 so here's one 🙈 love my new @alala set from @sportseditteam! I know the horrid spin shoes kinda ruin it but hey- authenticity right.
Great class and little lunch with @rinaeiny and @food_fitness_flora 😘 now for birthday dinner with my gorgeous other half who's birthday it is tomorrow! #movewithTara

You know when you see your best friend and it hits you that you haven't been seeing them enough recently and you realise that you miss them? Yeah I got that yesterday 🙈 so much fun climbing with ma girl @kimhartwell! Thanks for showing us the ropes (and just plain showing off 😝) @maxwilko!
Just in case you're on the fence about whether to try this whole climbing thing, here are my top 4 reasons to go for it:
1. It's bloody brilliant fun
2. Everyone is ridiculously helpful and friendly (and unlike the gym, you can't fake being good at this and knowing your shit)
3. You get to sit down on a comfy padded floor between climbs.
4. Chocolate breaks are a thing.
Any good additions to that list, please feel free to comment! #movewithTara

Training today felt amazing ☺️ the start of this is inspired by a gorgeous combo I saw @lydia3662 do, followed by #pdpegasus which is slowly but surely becoming one of my fave moves! 🙌🏼 such a great start to the weekend. Shorts are @vekkerla, top is @rad. #movewithTara @upartists @ecoledepole

Resposting @wayofgray this morning, who wrote something that really resonates with me when she posted this. The whole "self love" thing is a lot easier said than done. I've most certainly been through a phase where I was pretty sure I loved myself just the way I was, but I look back and see that it's not true. It took me to really take a step back and ask myself whether all of the things I was doing were things that genuinely make me happy. This applies to training, but also everything else. Destroying myself at the gym and thinking about calories when I was out with my friends most certainly never made me happy... for that, I partially blame the pursuit of the six pack.
I can firmly say that now, I'm almost there with the "self love" thing, and as a by product I've managed to maintain a lean shape for almost a year now. I honestly think that the reason for this is that I don't care as much. I'm not constantly thinking about food, I don't diet because I dislike my body. I feed it well because I want to perform well in my training and I eat chocolate every day because it makes me happy.
Every now and then it's good to re-evaluate and ask yourself again "am I doing things that I love? Or am I trying to make myself love what I'm doing". Hope my rambling makes sense! #movewithTara

Ok, let's talk about sponsored posts.
This one is important, some of you will already know, but wherever you see # spon, # ad, # sp or anything similar, that means that whoever has posted the content you're seeing is being paid to post it. It's actually against the law not to tag these things in posts where the person is being paid, but some people don't actually know that so there will be some posts you see that aren't tagged which should be.
With the potential to make money out of all of this it's easy to say yes to things that you otherwise wouldn't have just because there's money on the table. I'm telling you all of this because I'd like you to know that whatever you see one of those tags against on my profile will always be genuine. If I'm reviewing products, I'll be truthful, that's a promise.
Hope this was useful to some of you reading this! 👆🏽 wearing brand new @teamsaltsport by @sportseditteam, and nobody paid me to post this 😂 photo by the gorgeous @ninahealthily #movewithTara

I'm #HereToCreate a balance between strength ⭐️ flexibility ⭐️ and skill ⭐️
I used to be all about how-many-kilos-can-I-pick-up-off-the-floor... now I'm about so much more. The training you're most likely to stick to is the training you love, so quit asking what burns the most calories or "tones your muscles" the quickest, ask yourself what you enjoy 👊🏼
Wearing new marble print by @adidasuk, available now. Shot by the amazing @jonoblackham #movewithTara #sp

Last nights plate of salmon-ey salad-ey goodness with chef @lon1994 and sous chef @sarahbarrington 👩‍🍳 -
This was so super easy, really healthy and absolutely delicious! For the salad:
- salmon fillets, grilled
- asparagus, chopped & boiled
- cucumber
- spinach
- avocado
- tomato
- spring onion
- mint, dill and basil
- lemon zest
- olive oil
- lemon - pepper
Throw it all together and you've got yourself a gorgeous little dinner! #eatwithTara

⭐️ Exercises on the rings ⭐️ from what I'd consider easiest to hardest, in order. Swipe left to see the next video. I'm going to pop my videos up like this from now on so that you can skip to the exercise you want rather than having to wait for the rest to play... if that makes sense. If you'd rather I stitch them up into one, please let me know! Below are the names of the exercises in order, and loosely what part of the body they're targeting:
⭐️ ring rows - upper body
⭐️ ring push ups - upper body
⭐️ dish hold - core ⭐️ knee raises - core
⭐️ upside down pulls - upper body
⭐️ dips - upper body
⭐️ tucked pull ups (harder than regular ones!) - upper body
This is all the stuff that built me up to my muscle ups. In every movement you try, be sure to keep your core engaged and think about what muscles are supposed to be working 👊🏼
Happy to answer any questions about any of this, and please do drop me a message when you pop these in your workout! #movewithTara

Figuratively jumping for joy this morning ⭐️ do you ever get that feeling that it may just be completely impossible for you to get up in the morning? Yeah well I had that today... I was glued to my bed. BUT, I got up anyway and damn am I happy about it 👊🏼 smashed an awesome strongman class this morning at @foundryfit with @m_i_strength_and_fitness 💪🏼
Photo by @jonoblackham wearing @lululemonuk ⭐️ #movewithTara

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