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MoveThroughYoga  An empowering program that creates mind-body connection, builds emotional wellness, and enhances inner and outer strength.


Be the change! Our turnkey program is committed to being part of the solution. movethroughyoga.org 720-619-0933
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Eat like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself. MOVE LIKE YOU LOVE YOURSELF πŸ’• #selfcare #fillyourbucket #coyoga #movethroughyoga #yoga

Had an amazing time at Orange Theory Fitness LHP's Charity burn for Move Through Yoga. grateful for all participants and Lululemon Boca Ratons support! Our raffle winner loved her bag! What a way to end 2016! Here's to graduating mind-body fit students in 2017. @orangetheorylhp #luluambassadorlove

I don't get to visit Aspen often, but when I do I always go to my Lululemon!! You girls were soooooo sweet!!! Come and visit us in Boca!! @fallonice @rach_manning #ambassadorlove
@lululemon #lululemonambassador

Feels so good to #movethroughyoga @wanderlustfest
Use happiness as a verb not a noun!!

24 amazing yogis came tonight to class, five of whom were former bobcat yogis. It is overwhelming for me to see the power of yoga as my students get older. I had every ability and age level present tonight and every body moved through yoga as best as they could. We tell ourselves we are getting old. Our bodies respond to our mind's power and our heart's Intention. I was honored to witness the great changes that unfolded tonight (and every Monday night) on the mat. We are stronger than we think we are --especially when we come together to raise the vibrations in our community. Can't wait till next Monday already. Here's to life, liberty, and a whole lot of happiness people. #MoveThroughYoga

#mtyyogis ❀️ #lunajai
Thank you @lunajaiathletic for supporting our yogis!
For your Luna jAi leggings visit www.lunajai.com πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

#mtyyogi Travis loves the kids. So proud of my students who really are stepping into the joy of giving to others. #startsomethingthatmatters
@movethroughyoga @atlfamily

Starting something that matters! Proud of these yogis for thinking bout the bigger picture for their project. #letsgettogether #mty #mtyeagleyogis #mtyyogis @atlfamily

This picture captures three special moments: 1)Commander and three amazing former yoga students of mine who joined me this past Monday at Yoga Journey. It literally brings me to tears when I see my students from the past join me on the mat still. 2) And for that matter, the two other pictures in this collage are equally as special. The two letters speak for themselves, as these two yogis answered what it means to be a yogi, and the other image is of a student who has completed her "Signature Path" project that she "never thought she would be able to envision". Create possibilities TODAY

I had to share this picture with you all.

This picture is of one of those moments captured that will be with me forever. If you have ever had one of those full circle moments then you can relate with the pure awe, and joy that came over me. It's crazy for me to see my former students coming back to the English classroom (Brenna Grace) and earning such accolades as Beginning Teacher of the Year. In the same light, it is also absolutely awe-inspiring to see when my yoga students go on to get their teacher training certificates (Brittany Goldschmidt and Carly Manzella). Two years ago, Commander Ken Bingham promised me that he would one day become a yoga teacher, and today, as the full circle moment occurred, I sat back and just marveled in this man's journey as a yogi and now as a teacher. He is such an inspiration to so many. I am so proud of him! Here's to Connected Warriors and Judy Weaver for making this all possible for Commander and all servicemen and women.
Share your love and share your passion. It makes the world a better place.
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Thank you @liquidoactive for my awesome pants and tank. You, too, can get some #liquidoactive at 25% off using the coupon code "liquidolove25". See you at the expo where we can all #movethroughyoga

It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.
@movethroughyoga πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œs @spiritualgangster
We are gratitude personified!! @atlfamily

Thank you so much @spiritualgangster for outfitting @movethroughyoga #mtyyogis #atlyogis. Your generosity truly meant so much to the kids. We can't wait to share with 1st and 3rd period tomorrow.
Always remember: it is in giving that we receive. #bliss #gratitude

I am so excited to share that Keith Mitchell , former NFL Pro Bowler, is coming to the Boca Area for a mindfulness workshop at Yoga Journey on March 2nd from 7:45-9:15pm. Arianna Huffington has just named Keith as a pioneer for mindful living, and he is coming to empower you to live a life with less stress and more fulfillment!!! Proceeds from the event go to benefit Move Through Yoga.
He will be heading to Atlantic High and Boca High on the 3rd to share how yoga and meditation helped him overcome adversities such as (temporary) paralysis, which he suffered while playing in the NFL, and the loss of one identity only to discover another.
Tickets ($45) can be purchased on line (www.yogajourney.com) or by calling the studio.
Come be inspired, Namaste!
Share this post and feel free to tag!! Www.movethroughyoga.com
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It brought me such joy to see my students interact with Melanie Haraldson again. She came back to share all the love of mindful nutrition with my 2nd period MTY yogis! I am also grateful for Raw Juce (Glades Plaza) for their contributions to our program. For it is in giving that we receive!
Thank you to all those who love to love the next Gen of yogis!!
#mtyyogis #atlyogis

@upliftndrift came to visit Atlantic High MTY yogis to share her zest for yoga and zeal for life. Life is beautiful! Thank you Gen!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
#mty #mtyyogis #liftoff

Thank you so much to @melanieharaldson and Raw Juce @rawjuce for sharing your love for a nourishing and balanced life. MTY Atlantic Yogis πŸ’œEd every drop of their samples. @movethroughyoga #rawgreens and all!!

MTY in the news! Graduating mind-body fit students! #mtyyogis #eagleyogis #movethroughyoga

How amazing is it to see the #mtyyogis at peace during the school day?!? Empowering mindfulness through stillness during first period... Doesn't get better than that! #eagleyogis #mty #movethroughyoga

Today I was called a yoga mom by a former student. Needless to say, that brought me to tears. #MTYeducators (now and forever) are so incredibly fortunate; we have the chance to graduate mind-body fit students. To watch the maturation of a student on the mat affect the life of a student off of the mat is truly priceless. Gabby, the former student who called me her yoga mom, graduated today from teacher training @yogajourneystudio. What an honor it has been knowing her, as well as Sarah (also in picture) and all the other #mtyyogis who choose to #movethroughlife one breath at a time.

#mtyyogis who came to explore all the beauty and power found on the mat. So proud of them.
Come and #movethroughyoga this week!!
TUESDAY 6pm yoga south
Wednesday 6m yoga journey (sub for Leslie) @leslieyogajourney
Thursday 6pm Barkan

Nothing like being a hot mess and having your girl there to cool you off after teaching. #sweetnup ice cream. Local ingredients. Can't beat it. Love ya girl. Www.sweetnupcafe.com

#mtyyogis representing tonight! So proud of you all. No matter the time between visits, your presence in my life always warms my heart.

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