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Darth Marr  Star Wars account follow for cool star wars pics.


Look how awesome this looks! We finally get a campaign, a better multiplayer, no space battles, no season pass (but something "different without a fragmented community") I'm gonna speculate here and say that through playing we can earn more maps or something along that. But when they say it's too good to be true, it usually is. A DICE game without a confirmed season pass out the gate seemed like a distant dream. But Single player, all three eras, space battles, indepth class progression, no vehicle pick ups, no hero pick ups. So no one can just camp those spawn points (which I'll admit, on Sabotage on Bespin, I am guilty of doing). If DICE or EA really listened and delivered what we wanted, this opens a whole new chapter for them in the form of returning customer relations.

Donald Trump FRIENDS

Its been a long time my followers. A very long time. I may be getting back into posting star wars stuff. Tell me if you like that idea!

Going to camp fiesta island tomorrow for Boy Scout camp. Yes I'm a Boy Scout Evan Hutchison troop 317 Rank Star and position Den Chief


*high pitched white girl scream* AHHHHHH WHAT IS THAT THING RUNNNN

The chosen one credit to @star_wars_universe

200 followers?!?! Ty so much guys

Next pic

My horrible pic XD ladies and gentlemen for Race for the Holocrons the new Lego SW episodes were horrible. I still like them and watch them but the writing was horrible nothing could make it worse!!! Jeez if this is the shit dinsey is gonna pull then for episode 7 GOD SAVE US ALL PLEASE!!!

Cant say I own this sadly xD "He who steals pictures will be brought to me for justice, punishment, and sentence" my new quote xD creds to @starwarsonly

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