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mourning.woood mourning.woood

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"jordan's friend"  ⬇️2️⃣🌏


crippling peer pressure.

OKAY SECOND OF ALL FUCK U @jordan.maddoxx

Should’ve been me pullin your hair you weenie ;))) I think you’re a mf champ. in the wise words of your mother, don’t forget to get that lip tested.❤️

when you’re this close to losing your shit because people can’t seem to learn from the past

mean FRiKin green. 👏😤💚

Jordan and I have decided to come clean. @jordan.maddoxx

Yo just putting this out there
I freaking love my tennis coach. She may not be easy for everyone to vibe with and that’s cool man, but I hope everyone knows that coach holt is one badass female with a huge heart and I would freaking appreciate if people would StOp RunnIng thEiR big UgLy iGnoRant MouThs

it’s so beautiful today how the heck is it predicted to be Satan’s angsty butthole tomorrow????


ITS FREAKING LIT @jordan.maddoxx

when you ask your band director to help you transpose your music from bass to treble clef and he replies “just use your musical knowledge and write the notes out”

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