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Mount Analog  Community mountaineering. Curatorial + creative purveyors of sight + sounds. Mgmnt + Artist representation. Visit our actual shop + NTS Radio in LA 👀


Chameleon Music from 1979!!!!! à la suite de Pierre Henry, Bernard Bonnier a été un précurseur des musiques “New-wave” et “concrète” et autres “rock underground” ie cosmic greatness 🔌🔌🔌

FLORA is Jonas Rönnberg (@skaeliptom2) & Melina Åkerman Kvie (@papaver0498) . Here is their devastatingly gorgeous debut to the world, for the Posh Isolation compilation: "I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You" also featuring Puce Mary, Loke Rahbek, Soho Rezanejad and many more 🌹 support and purchase the digital only album via the label bandcamp.


Tripped out kosmiche gem from Dashiell Hedayat ‘71 🚬🍄🍄🍄🍄 nice Shandar og 🐍

More used vinyl going out today - like this very first reissue of Alain Goraguer’s La Planete Sauvage released courtesy of what is/was one of the coolest and my fav shops in London, Intoxica (gotta thank the g @dj_cherrystones for my first pilgrimage there) . Beautiful gatefold with poster 🍭

Mythical France Gall x Guy Peellaert cosmetics collab, wtffff!! (via @mrandyvotel) RIP one of my (and the worlds’) first yé-yé loves 🤩

@danielsannwald produces magical and surreal images — an iconic photographer with a skill to creatively shift across medium with unmistakable signature that hover between hyper realities and science fictions. Music videos and work can be see for Arca, Yves Tumor, Kelela, M.I.A., Visionist and many more 👁 collection of his work in stock now, published by Hatje Cantz

Many have asked to my outlook on the current climate within Iran during this violent time between the devastating earthquake and growing unrest. For anyone seeking a solid analysis on the protests in Iran –– please check the link in bio. There are many general rants and slants delivered by flip, opportunistic journalism via trad/conventional news sources. So much important dialogue is being disseminated across a multitude of platforms revealing truths and perspectives. Via Iranians with privileged access across digital and physical borders, not limited to those possessing political + socio-economic academic profundity to their plight. Through the lens of ex-pats and exiles with an ability to transmit simple and informative narratives/POV. Rogue and clocked activists dedicated to factual transmission. Any and all providing aperture to everyday Iranians living and working and surviving in their cities/villages, witness, or own megaphone to voice for their agency. Even though this is kinda personal (appreciate everyone here for reading) also maybe a little tangent into a great reminder, for all of us to watch, listen, ask, search and share responsibly — we have such power in our many choices — wherever your interests, work and passions lie ✌🏽

Black metal boots are rad ‘cause they’ll say dumb sh*t like “Made In Hell” or the type kerning will be exceptionally cute or exhibit C here

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