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Mount Analog  Community mountaineering. Curatorial and creative purveyors of sight/sound. Finders Keepers US HQ. Artist representation. Real life shop clerks.

On how to listen. On how to participate. Master Wilburn Burchette titles in stock ~ thanks @thenumerogroup πŸ‘

Silk-screened 18x24 posters for our official LA Art Book Fair afterparty. They are gorgeous. Will be available for sale at our table during @printedmatterinc's LAABF ... and of course, tickets to the party are available now featuring some very special guests πŸŽ‰ (link in bio)

Mono No Aware is the first compilation to be released on PAN, collating unreleased ambient tracks from both new and existing PAN artists. Featuring Helm, TCF, Yves Tumor, M.E.S.H., Pan Daijing, ADR, Bill Kouligas and more.
The album is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, featuring photography by Molly Matalon and design by Bill Kouligas. A Limited Version of 100 copies will be released as a special art edition in collaboration with Mount Analog for @printedmatterinc's LA Art Book Fair 2017 (spanning Feb 23-26). All copies include photo print and hand-stamped vinyl, copies sold onsite are also hand-numbered and signed by artist. Limited pre-order release via Mount Analog webshop.

Some favorite new arrivals and newly restocked πŸ„
Yves Tumor 'Serpent Music', Michele Mercure 'Eye Chant' (@rvngintl), Tornado Wallace, Not Waving (@notwaving_), Googoosh comp on Finders Keepers, deliriously long awaited reissue of PSYCHOMANIA soundtrack (!!!!) from @jonnytrunk, latest Awesome Tapes from Africa release (@shimkovitz), new Suzanne Kraft-related release 'P Relief', beautiful and latest William Basinski (@william_basinski) album, Basil Kirchin weirdness and more ~


Notes from the edge ~

David Axelrod was, and will always be sensational. A transformative figure whose imprint truly resonates not only across the architecture of sound he worked with, but whose vision remarkably transcended norms and conventions of an era β€” still inspiring and informing music lovers today. From encouraging and developing black artists, producing utterly timeless hit singles, unveiling mind-bending solo albums spanning mystical/alchemic themes to environmental awareness and spiritual connectivity ~ to the rediscovery: from countless sampled beats to meticulous archive. Axelrod will always be a great reminder to this powerful magic we can indeed conjure, where poetry, art, being and politics intersect into an aesthetic of life and work melded into one. β€’
I love that every day I drive by the Capitol Records building (where David spun his madness from 1963-1970), a living myth and an awesome part of our weird LA landscape latent in every day inspiration. Huge thanks to Eothen "Egon" Alapatt (@nowagain) β€” for his archaeology of the highest order in being a part of bringing forth this man to much deserved recognition and attention β€” much of our knowledge is owed to fellow nerds like you. β€’
Safe travels, David Axelrod ✨

Excited to announce this one 🌹
Sergei Parajanov's sumptuous 1969 film, The Color Of Pomegranates, will see a debut theatrical presentation featuring original music β€” Nicolas Jaar's own Pomegranates score β€” on Wednesday Feb 22 at @cinefamily . Not to be missed!
Ticket link in profile

Have you heard Drab Majesty's interdimensional transmissions yet? Love and tragedy and glamorous waves ~ β€’

The Demonstration out now on @daisrecords 🌹

DTLA βœ”οΈ
Los Angeles Theater for Night On Broadway
Jan 28 2017
Installation by Thunder Horse (@taranallen) ~ excited to have them work their visual madness at our LA Art Book Fair party on Feb 25 ⚑️

I made this post in 2015, by photographer πŸ“· Gilles Peress (Telex Iran, 1979) when Obama tucked the Visa Waiver ban into omnibus legislation. Fetid roots sprout rotted fruit. This is the absolute erosion of civil liberties in the name of illusory guarantees of security β€” and the sustained demonization of Muslims as primitive, uniquely violent Others. This isn't policy, this is barbarism designed to incite extremism and legitimize action. This is totalitarian language in where fact and reason are irrelevant to the will and intent to power .
We MUST resist, connect, act.
My parents were processed in International Arrivals at JFK Airport (now T4) in 1980. I, like many other sons and daughters of Iranian exiles, would not be here if this ban was in place when my family immigrated to the US. Proud of allies globally today and for all the futures to come. We all deserve better. ❀ - Mahssa

Tickets on sale now for our LA Art Book Fair party with @printedmatterinc πŸŽ‰