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Jake Norton  Climber, speaker, photographer, filmmaker, philanthropist, and husband and father.


The remote, former kingdom of Upper Mustang captures the imagination with its austere landscape of deep canyons, towering cliffs, and snow capped peaks looming large on the horizon. Look closer, and the cliffs above villages and throughout the region are dotted with caves, painstakingly carved over millennia to perform rite and ritual, to worship, and to bury the dead. I was fortunate enough to shoot in this region and in many of these caves with @clarkliesl and @mreverest7x for the @novapbs "Secrets of the Sky Tombs" film which will air again tonight on local @pbs stations, telling the story of this ancient land and the first people to inhabit it... Like this soul, 1500-2000 years old, slowly reassembled by archeologist Marion Pouxy in a remote village near the Tibetan border. #liveyouradventure See a link with more information in my profile.

Often it's the simple, backyard forays that yield the best views, the most solitude, and the deepest rewards. "And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." #liveyouradventure #shotbypixel

She was known to bring the most proud and accomplished of climbers back down to earth, her more-than-direct questions often raising hackles in her quest for the truth. Her hardened veneer was built by necessity for a single, non-climber female working to document – and often call into question – the accomplishments of some of the biggest climbers and biggest egos in the world.
Miss Elizabeth Hawley - who sadly passed away at nearly 95 yesterday in Kathmandu – first visited Nepal in 1957, and moved to Kathmandu in 1960. Her first big climbing story was covering the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition for Reuters (and scooping other journalists in the process thanks to good relations with the US Embassy). For the next 50 years, Miss Hawley would be the documentarian of all significant climbs and expeditions in the Nepal Himalaya, and often the sole arbiter of the facts. Her Himalayan Database stands as one of the most important and comprehensive databases of climbing history in the world.
But, beneath her toughened exterior, Liz was a gem of a person. I first met her in the early-1990’s while studying in Nepal, and found her point-blank manner at times harsh, but also endearing. Over the next decades, I’d get to know Liz better through various climbs and expeditions in the country, and just by running into her getting out of her iconic, baby-blue VW bug. We shared many pots of tea over the years, and many stories of the legends and lore of the Himalaya, and more than a few good laughs.

The world as a whole – and the climbing world specifically – lost a true legend and icon yesterday. Miss Hawley, Liz, you already are missed, but your accomplishments and immense contributions to our shared history will stretch long into the future. | In these images: A rare image of Liz in the mountains, welcoming the 1963 American Everest team back off the mountain. Liz and 1963 expedition leader Norman Dyhrenfurth celebrating with some beers on the trail near Chaubas. @davidcmorton speak with Liz after our 2012 attempt on the West Ridge of Everest, and finally me with Liz after that same expedition in 2012. #liveyouradventure #lizhawley #keeperofthemountains #misshawley

Some Thoughts on Shitholes:
Dear Mr. Trump, Over the holiday, we spent Christmas Day with our families, as well as two friends we've known for the past year and a half. Two years ago, Kelemu and Yabsera found themselves in a very different situation, scratching out a living in a tent within the refugee camp of Kakuma along with 185,000 others from Sudan, Ethiopia, and elsewhere. They were some of the fortunate ones, able to secure an opportunity to come to the United States and begin life anew. And, indeed they are: Kelemu rises before the sun each morning to kiss Yabsera goodbye, before catching a bus to the airport where he pushes wheelchairs of disabled passengers to their planes. Yabsera heads off to second grade, where she studies diligently, working hard with other refugee and immigrant children to learn the language and ways of her new homeland. Kelemu often seems tired, weary of working long hours, and yet still barely able to make ends meet; but, he's happy and optimistic, too, confident that if he could make it through 14 years in Kakuma, he can make it here, too. Yabsera is like any other second grader, quick to smile and to laugh, eager to play and learn and engage, blending seamlessly into this new world that's become her home. She and her dad have big dreams, are working tirelessly to achieve them, embody hope, love, compassion, and and diligence in spades, and are flesh-and-blood examples of the dream that is - and always was - America. When they came for Christmas, we asked what they wanted or needed; Kelemu's reply? "Only time with friends, that is all we need." They came from a country that you off-handedly deemed a shithole, they came here for a better life - knowing full well what a tough journey it would be - and they're doing it, embodying the spirit of America as much as any. CONTINUED BELOW...

Goodbye, 2017, and, welcome, 2018. May your 365 days bring more peace, joy, love, and compassion to all. #liveyouradventure #NewYear #shotbypixel #momentgear @moment

Sunrise over the Arctic, from 36,000 feet. Magical. #whatawonderfulworld #liveyouradventure #feelingsmall

I'm not a churchgoer, but nonetheless find a resonance with small, humble places of worship like this one tucked into the mountains of Innsbruck. I guess I've just never understood the need of most faiths to construct gaudy edifices of gold and gilt, towering temples not so much to the divine, but to man's need for power, hierarchy, and a sense of permanence in a world of impermanence. A simple place of worship such as this seems far more likely to me to connect one to the divine, a basic space more a part of nature than apart from it, tucked into the world of mountains where ego is shattered and humility fostered, and the knowledge that we are wonderfully insignificant is echoed eternally off mountain walls. #liveyouradventure #HöttingerBild

Wishing a happy International Mountain Day to all! Let's celebrate mountains today, and every day! "Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity." - John Muir, "Our National Parks," 1901. #liveyouradventure #IMD2017 #MountainsMatter #internationalmountainday @unfao | Nuptse reflected at sunset in a small pond near Gorak Shep, Nepal.

Mountains. They inspire, they frighten, they educate, they inspire us, perhaps in equal measure. Personally, they have been a focal point of my life since I discovered climbing at age 12. In the 31 years since, the mountains have - to quote Boukreev - been my cathedrals. The mountains have pushed me to my absolute limits physically; they've enlightened me spiritually in profound ways; they've educated me culturally and opened my eyes to peoples and cultures and worldviews I would have missed otherwise; and the mountains have taught me innumerable times their intrinsic worth to us as a physical and spiritual world. The might and power of the mountains - and the people, flora, and fauna who inhabit them - belies a masked reality: they are powerful and proud, tall and tough, but they are also vulnerable. Globally, we see the effects of climate change and development inequality prominently in the mountains: glaciers are retreating, crops are failing, people are suffering, environments are struggling... And it all flows down from the mountains, eventually impacting us all. But, mountain people and environments - like the silent sentinels rising above them - are resilient and capable and will push through the challenges if given a fighting chance. On Monday, December 11, many of us mountain lover will gather in Rome to celebrate the bounty that is the mountain world, joining with others in celebration of International Mountain Day across the globe. Please join us: write a post, share a message, go climb a peak or walk a hill, and celebrate the mountains on Monday, and every day. #internationalmountainday #IMD2017 #liveyouradventure #mountainsmatter @eddiebauer #mountainpartnership #bestmountainartists | In this photo, #Nuptse rises from the evening sky from Khumbu Basecamp on Mt. #Everest.

So fun to be reviving an decade-old photo project! In preparation for the 25th International Mountain Day, I'm printing these images on handmade lokta paper from Nepal. Made from the bark of Daphne papyracea, lokta is an ancient paper that is durable and naturally tear and insect resistant; the Karanya Buha Sutra in Kathmandu's National Archive was written on lokta some 1,500 years ago! Images printed on lokta come out a bit rough with the paper's fibers visible in places, but it's a look - with hand-torn edges - which I think yields a perfectly-imperfect final image. And, with lokta's natural longevity and Epson's archival inks, my prints from over a decade ago are still as vibrant as the day they were made. Fun to be back at it and looking forward to having these hang for International Mountain Day celebrations and events in Rome next week! #theloktaproject #liveyouradventure #IMD2017 #lokta #mountainsmatter #mountainlovers @epsonamerica

Sending a huge happy birthday to this amazing woman as she leaps into another trip around the Sun! I'm forever inspired by her passion, compassion, infectious zest for life, and dedication to our people and planet. And, of course, I'm forever grateful for the love she brings to our family... And for tolerating me and teaching me to be a better person! Here's to many more adventures to come, my love, and many more years of love and laughter! #inspired #lucky #HappyBirthday #liveyouradventure

It's always good to travel, and always nice to return home... Especially when Mother Nature puts on a show in the back yard. #thankful #liveyouradventure #shotbypixel #shotonmoment #momentgear

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