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Mountain Stones  We’re a community of explorers. Join the journey: #mountainstones Calgary, Alberta.

Ever seen a more epic field? Didn't think so! Via @yantastic. #mountainstones

Better than a campground right? Via @zrodyr. #mountainstones

@thomas.luisier X @mountainstones Takeover - My trip to Iceland has been my favorite since I started photography. Imagine driving hundreds of miles with landscapes that change all the time. These roads that never stop and lead you to incredible places. We only visited the South and the West and these two regions completely conquered me. #mountainstones

@thomas.luisier X @mountainstones Takeover - When I went to Iceland last month, I didn't really know what to expect. I had seen thousands of pictures and I was afraid I would be disappointed in the end. When I arrived, I was slapped, these incredible landscapes at every kilometer made me want to stay here. I look forward to returning next year. #mountainstones

@thomas.luisier X @mountainstones Takeover: Yo guys! it’s @thomas.luisier and I’m taking over @mountainstones. In first, my name is Thomas Luisier, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Switzerland, specially of the Valais.
After a cold night at the Riffelsee, I had the chance to admire the Matterhorn at sunrise, without photography I would never have tried to experience this. #mountainstones

What does your dream house look like? Via @michaelkagerer. #mountainstones

The coolest pup on the block. Via @cole.lundberg. #mountainstones

Looks just like a dream. Via @joonaslinkola. #mountainstones

Iceland the magnificent, as seen from above. Can you get over Iceland yet? Via @joelhypponen. #mountainstones

Don't you love the smell of a bonfire? Via @manuela_palmberger. #mountainstones

Just a dreamy house and lighthouse on the east coast. Would you agree? Via @_tjachorn. #mountainstones

A beautiful moment in the wilderness captured by none other than @vagabondhearts. #mountainstones

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