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John Meadows  Turn on post notifications here ↗ IFBB Pro Owner at Instagram for Mountain Dog Training #graintrain

Back in Ohio and blasting back today! #mountaindogtraining

Sometimes perfect plans aren't so perfect and don't turn out so well. Improvise and adapt.

Another vid loaded to the Tube! @mr_fit2flexx and me hitting OUR version of a low volume chest blast. Link is in my bio! Let me know what you think!

NOW in my top 4 donut establishments, 5 Daughters Bakery! Not a huge place, but the quality of the donuts were OFF THE CHART. They are flaky like a croissant with awesome filling infused. They taste AMAZING. They join Momo's in Texas, the Donut Bar in San Diego and Amy's in Columbus in my top 4 in the world.

Had an awesome time visiting with @_willcompton last night, and watching he and the Titans put a whooping on Jacksonville. So much fun! Can't wait till next time!!!!!!!!

Bulking on a budget live on the Tube! Click on link in my bio. Wait until you see the cost per day! #mountaindogdiet

Graintrain biceps....took sooooo many years for these splits to show. Sometimes its not training with the perfect angle, or perfect exercises, or perfect volume, blah blah's time. How many years can you be consistent to reach a higher level of muscle maturity...? I've been going hard for 34 years. #longevity #mountaindogtraining #mountaindogdiet #graintrain #oldmancranking

I have been getting alot of messages from Instagram experts telling me to be more consistent with my photos, to just show training stuff, and perfectly filtered physique pics, and forget the rest. Well, I could care less about your rules to being an IG success. Most of these people have the personality of a pet rock anyway. Here is a pic of my kids having their 1st ice cream cone 7 years ago. Look at the joy :) REAL > FAKE. The truth is I love connecting with people more on family stuff than anything physique related.

Yea buddy! For the great @ronniecoleman8

Where there's a will there's a way. The days of me repping 600 on the squat are long gone, just too hard on my back. But you know what I can do? Spider bar squats. @underthebar Dave Tate introduced these to me years ago and they immediately became my favorite squat variation. I can align my spine perfectly with these and continue to keep these wheels world class. Train smart my friends. #mountaindogtraining #longevity @elitefts @americanbarbellpickerington

I think one of my arms is longer than the other..ha! #mountaindogtraining

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