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Nina  Hair therapist. Life enthusiast. Bin full of snapple-like facts. Not goin anywhere fast cuz my foots usually broke. But I still dance to the beat.

@isnortwhenilaugh @kelseyfain and I found this in the garbage almost ten years ago, and figured it would look better hanging in my dad's pole barn than in my kitchen any longer. He really made it his own, with the type of wisdom he raised us on. Happy Fajas day to all you tough love, hard working fajas. 🀘

She said chop, so chop we did! Thank you for always letting me rub with your ideas and inserting bits of my own. This was a fun one, just like you, Liz!!!

I will be delivering handcrafted haircuts and men's grooming to all you Montauk hunnies with hair-needs this coming Monday June 18th. To request an appointment, please DM me!

First session. 3.5 hours. From her old formula of 2N with green intensifier, to being able to tone at a level 8. Had to reopen every foil and resaturate with fresh lightener after the first 40 mins. Patience is key, and helping the client understand why multiple sessions, and doing it in steps is important (to save the integrity of the hair) will set you up for a successful and much more pleasant experience as a stylist, because it's REALISTIC.

Impromptu date night to see The Head and The Heart with Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats with some real gems- @isnortwhenilaugh @magreenbaum Started with polite swaying and applause in the stands, ended with me jumping into the pool fully clothed at the VIP after party. You know. The usual.

Virgin hair transformation on this beautiful angel today! Swipe for before photos. The hair is diffused, and as a curly haired girl I will be the first to say I hate diffusing, because it breaks up the curl pattern to much in the drying process for my liking. However for timing and to snap an after, we did what we had to. Thanks for letting me deflower that domepiece, Cat!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜š

Adam is not a paid actor πŸ˜‚. He is a loyal guest of nearly 5 years (big anniversary coming up, dude) who let me force him to grow it out, so we could do cool stuff like this. I always love hearing from my guests in between style sessions, letting me know how things are working out, especially when we switch it up! Keep those selfies coming! Thanks, Adam!

Nothing like Memorial Day in my hometown. It is so beautiful to see tradition and respect alive in 2018. Gramps and Tios still reppin the Amvets in the parade!

I met Jennifer 5 years ago, before she got engaged. Today she's a happy wife and mother to a beautiful 2 year old with #2 on the way! So much fun giving her a big change, to celebrate all the change over the last five years!!! Love you, girl!!!

Finished up the Mothers Day celebrations with Beautiful on Broadway. I extra loved it because Carole King played so often in my house growing up and Tapestry is one of the greatest albums front to back of all time ❀

Happy Mothers Day to all the hardworking married, single, step, stay-at-home, working, career, new, old, and soon to be mothers out there. And a special HMD to my own Madre- the Hispanic Justin Bieber. You drive me crazy, and keep me driven. Without you, I would have never gotten this far. Love you to absolute bits πŸ˜™πŸ˜

Let me help you forget you aren't a natural blonde- call 212-971-0690 to make your reservation. Raika Studio 35 W 35th St. NY, NY 10001

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