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You just sat on the couch, switched on the TV and the first thing you see ” Sun is absorbing the energy of a boy. Ahhh!! The Glucon D” or “Shahrukh khan’s Thanda Thanda Cool Cool” advertisements. A sign of summer season and an opportunity to wear vast colors and clothes. Oh, wait !! How can we forget Sugarcane Juice and Lemonade?

A fashionista always maintains his/her attires or fashion. But what have you planned for this summer? You have to catch up with school friends or go to college or you are meeting that tinder girl you found yesterday. So many occasions and summer fulfills all of them…

ummm!! I forgot to say hellloooo…BTW how are you doing?

The summer has just knocked on the door, I guess you must be fine. Without much delay, let’s get into the post. Tannnaaa!! Representing the ways to step out this summer

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hope you are doing great. We all know a healthy sleep leads to a healthy mood and provides sufficient energy to strive better for your tasks. Nick was having problem about sleeping lately, he knows I run a fashion & self improvement blog and texted me to know about “what can he do before going to bed?”. I have formulated a complete lists of things which you can do before sleeping…

ummm…Let’s get into the post.
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Just graduated. Just got placed. Getting goosebumps for office days. Finally, we are gonna enter into a new phase of our life. College is over. BUT… “thoughts like I can’t wear those baggy, old-fashioned formal trousers whole day or Those pointed formal shoes or  how will I look good without my ripped jeans or No long hairs

are these bothering you ??? Don’t worry. Teachingfashionoutfits is got your back. I was really excited to publish this post. I have seen people making these mistakes in office. Some of them were not even wearing a washed shirt, their hairs were messy, some even did not brush their teeth. I saw an opportunity to teach people something about office fashion rules. Some of them will sound obvious to you but let me again realize you the importance of these rules. Presenting you some tips for your new journey to be the fashion icon in your office.

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We keep hearing and reading, people are putting way more emphasis on the importance of books. Though our educational books have not impacted our life so far, they do help in getting marks and degree thus securing the job to drop the jaw of your neighbors on the floor.

But there lies a different dimension, a different world where If you read and successfully apply the principles and pieces of advice given in these abundant sources of wisdom you can live and lead a satisfactory, lavish and inspirational life.

Sounds great!! Right? Feeling excited? Hold my hand and let me open the door of heaven for you.

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I have observed people wearing the same shorts. Whether they are going for a night out or going for tea or casual walk or sometimes even in the gym, they wear the same type of shorts. What If I say, you no longer need to stick with one pair of shorts a whole year. We men are not choosy about these tiny things. We just pick one and wear it for every occasion.

Western fashion wears are constantly changing thus creating huge possibilities for fashion designers, fashion stylists to propose the diversified clothing. Shorts have evolved over time. Shorts has already established its importance in clothing as well as in our wardrobe.

There are basically 6 types of shorts which can be the part of your wardrobe. Let’s explore…

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We all resolved to improve this new year. But did we? Have you taken any step? Are you following your resolution?

If it’s a NO then this is the post for you. I Have listed down 30 tasks for 30 Days which will help you to improve. The long journey begins with taking small steps. I have depicted 30 TFO Rules to attain the improvement mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. You have to follow just one task every day.


let’s begin our journey from today only…Curtains falling, plans approaching

Tannnnna !! Representing 30 Rules to improve from TeachingFashionOutfits
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Congratulations!! Finally you have decided to wake up at 5 am. It takes lots of courage to make this decision. You are among 40% who think to wake up early and among 10% who actually wakes up at 5 am. Let’s get started in this journey…
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There are so much thoughts, grudges and feelings stacked in our mind. We are saving it for the perfect moment. But each day we forget "life". It can end in no time. Time will fly. That person will no longer exist.
Tag your person and say it today. Who do you value?

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Have you recently faced a difficult situation?
But how are you improving yourself? What are you doing? .
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You are the master of whatever happens to you.

Don't give up on your dreams. Believe in your self.
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