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  When in doubt: Come home to yourself.๐Ÿ›€ Dog mother. Doula. Writer. Nature lover. Pre medical and Midwifery student.๐Ÿถ๐ŸŽ“๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ’•

Say, do you have the time? Welcoming this comfortable new addition to my arm for the forsee able future... #midwiferystudent #futuredomidwife #prestigemedical

Just in case any of you were considering having cake and ale in fear... #advicefromtheabsurdfortunecookie

<3 To yall on this hallmark holiday. Use protection folks!

On this day, many of you may feel lonely or sad and start comparing yourself to others. Remember this quote. Remember how beautiful you are. Remember that your body works tirelessly everyday, keeping you alive. Your eyes are two gifts you get to open every day. Your body is a temple that carries you through your life, asking only that you treat it kindly. Remember yourself, for you are more powerful and more beautiful than your wildest fantasies. Be your own valentine. Remember your worth, you are a magnificent and bright star, reflecting off of a deep blue velvet ocean. Love, healing and change all start with you. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, this law includes the actions you subject yourself to mentally, physically and emotionally. You are the only one with the keys to your castle, use them wisely. You are the only warrior that stands guard. You are magnificent. Remember that. #selfesteem #iammyownvalentine #heart #lovetheskinyourin #selfloveclub #selflove #radicalselfcare #stopcomparativethinking

I love my Jedi Master. I mean, Mother. #wisewomban #mamaknowsbest #askyamama #usetheforceyoungjedi

This is a true story.

Mama and her babes. Sweetie pies. #mountainwomen #mountainlyfe

One does not simply aquire the name Mother of Rottwilelers... #dogfreak #furchild #shegotdoggles #alldayatthevet

My name is Ella Fitzgerald and I love Danielle, my laser therapy technician, so much. She just gets me. My friends at the vet make me feel so much better. #regenerativehealing #lasertherapy #scienceismyfriend #ilovemyvet #animalscience

A super sleepy morning coffee toast to all those hardworking female physicians out there! From a future female physician to you all: Thankyou for being the example, fighting for equality and setting the standard. We need more women of different backgrounds in healthcare, thankyou for taking the individual journeys you did to get to your current realities. We are finally in a position where nearly 50% of med school graduates in the U.S. are women, hopefully that number keeps climbing. #nationalwomenphysiciansday #futureDOmidwife #girlswithbigbrains #womeninscience #Womeninmedicine #iamblackwell

Dear New York Fashion week,
I stand here today 15lbs heavier than I was when I walked in your shows, went to your castings, fittings, showrooms and presentations. I am at a healthy weight for my frame and finally enjoying the dips and softness of my bodies unique and beautiful curves. For years I was told that my 35 hip measurement was to large, that my body was thick and that though I was small and naturally thin, I needed to be more toned, tight and lean. I fit into the samples, I did the work and I was careful about what I put into my body. Often times I would be so busy working and adhering to your requirements, I would forget to adequately nourish myself and end up sick and exhausted, but "bookable". I have a lot to thank you for nyfw, though not all of it came about in the way either of us expected. Without you I would not be where I am today, but I do have some parting words for you: It wasn't until we broke up nyfw, that I realized I was sacrificing my self and my health for the sake of our relationships continued exsistence.
Now that we have been apart for a while, I am much happier healthier in my body. I ask only this - If you learned anything from our time together Nyfw, please use your power for good, start celebrating the women in your life for thier natural and unique beauty. I promise, it will change the world of girls accross the globe. There is power in your position Nyfw, be the example.
#dearnyfw #bodypositive #newyorkfashionweek #modelswhoworkhard #lovetheskinyourin #modelalliance #changethestandard #celebratebeauty #neda #dearmemebersofthefashionindustry #northeasterharvardresearchstudy #eatingdisorderawareness #proud2beme #celebratenaturalbeauty