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A Girl and Her Direwolves  #LakotaGrowlDrogo - Native American Village Dog - 5/12/14 #SenecaWhitewalker - Native American Shepherd - 11/5/14


It's been so rainy lately that we haven't been able to hike, so we're looking back at the days we did get out with fondness πŸ’– Happy #TongueOutTuesday!

When they ask you how your Monday is going and you try to smile and say it's been good 😡! Lakota, like his mother, wears his emotions on his sleeve πŸ˜‚

Man, we are slumping through this Thursday 😧 Here's a #throwback to some warmer days and a happy pup to cheer us up!

Happy #TongueOutTuesday friends! We all survived Monday πŸ˜₯

Looking forward to a new week ahead of us. These boys are going to be so surprised and excited that grandma and grandpa are coming up from FL to see them! Lakota especially gets uncontainably excited when he sees his grandpawrents πŸ’– who is your pup's favorite person?

#ThrowbackThursday to one of my favorite shots from this shoot πŸ’– Model: @miniatureinspirations

"There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm." - Teddy Roosevelt

Lakota remains unimpressed with Monday's infallible tenacity to come back around every week. Can we get a raincheck, even just once?

Always keeping a lookout for the next big adventure. We're looking to try out canicross soon! Anyone who has done it have any tips or favorite equipment?

"Peace, work week. We're out." We might be going to @worldofpetsexpo this weekend! What are you guys planning?
#dogsthathike #dogphotography #northernbreed #sonyphotography #adventuredog #hikingwithdogs #backcountrypaws #dogsonadventures

Sitting here waiting for the weekend for what seems like YEARS 😧 is it just us, or has this week been super slow??

"MAAAMMMM WHY CAN'T I SWIM??" - Seneca, in what would have been a #WetDogWednesday pic had it not been 12 degrees out πŸ˜‚β„οΈ

How about a #TeethOutTuesday? Pretty much sums up how we've been feeling so far this week πŸ˜‚

And thus begins the start to a long week. Planning future travels is helping the time pass, though! If you could go anywhere in the world with your pup, where would it be and why?

Fun fact: I've been using @simplefoodproject as training treats, too! You can tell how intently Lakota is sitting with his eye on the prize behind the camera πŸ˜‚ He HATES vegetables, but for some reason really loves their freeze dried green bean bits πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
On a separate note, thank you all SO MUCH for following us! I can't believe we passed 5,000 followers. We are so lucky to have such a great network of friends and doggos πŸ˜™

I am so blessed to have such adventurous companions in my life. I believe one of the greatest qualities any living being can have is a sense of wonder. Otherwise, it's far too easy to take everything for granted fall into the daily slump. Here's to all the adventurers out there πŸ’–

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." Indeed, for us, exploring the woods is like being at the essence of the world. What do you like most about hiking?

Looking to our next adventure. Wondering where to explore next πŸ€”

β€œβ€‰β€˜You are made of snow,’ Morozko the frost-demon warned her, when she met him in the forest. β€˜You cannot love and be immortal.’ As the winter waned, the frost-demon grew fainter, until he was only visible in the deepest shade of the wood. Men thought he was but a breeze in the holly-bushes. β€˜You were born of winter and you will live forever. But if you touch the fire you will die.” - Katherine Arden, the Girl in the Tower. For fans of winter folklore and strong female leads, I highly recommend this book!

Went on an excellent hike yesterday slipping across a frozen river and waterfall. While it was freezing, it was definitely worth it to see Lakota and Seneca enjoying themselves so much πŸ’–. Lakota's favorite thing is to seek vantage points and scope the area, and Seneca loves to mark everything in sight πŸ˜‚. Cold weather energizes these two to the point of nonstop excitement. Now if only it would snow!

We feed our boys raw and do most of our prep ourselves, but when we are camping or traveling (which is increasingly often with our family in Florida now), bringing fresh raw isn't often viable. That's why I was really excited the @simplefoodproject came our way, because this food upholds all our standards for our picky puppers. All whole food, freeze-dried raw and gently roasted fresh meat pieces, real veggie and fruit chunks...AND they love it! I seriously recommend trying out this brand - they're doing great things for the dog food world! We wouldn't support them if we didn't think they were excellent 😁

And here's a #FlashbackFriday to Seneca the day we brought him home! He's actually mimicking Dylan leaning back on the floor πŸ˜‚ he was a goof from day one. The puppy fever continues 😍😍

#FlashbackFriday to a video of Lakota and his puppy dreams. I am really feeling the puppy fever lately 😭

Celebrating #ThrowbackThursday with this shot of the boys from two years ago! They look like such babies 😭 both were a little over a year old here. #LakotaGrowlDrogo #SenecaWhitewalker #featurefriyayy

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