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A Girl and Her Direwolves  The Adventures of Two Native American Indian Dogs #LakotaGrowlDrogo - 5/12/14 #SenecaWhitewalker - 11/5/14 Discount for @wetnoseco: DOGGOS15

Just going to leave this perfect #ThrowbackThursday to the day we picked up Lakota. I have such crazy puppy fever right now 😭 watching the litter we put a deposit on grow is driving me crazy in the best possible way. The boys have no idea what they have coming 💖

Happy "Anti" #HumpDay, as Seneca is getting neutered today 😭 I am such an anxious furmom and always worry about these things, but we pick him up in less than an hour, so I am excited to get him back. Lakota has been moping all day without his brother, and even did some stress eating (aka countersurfing) while we were dropping his brother off 😂

Sometimes it's way too tempting to just leave and be a hermit in the woods. Can hermits have partners and doggos? If so, sign me up!

Seneca's endless curiosity never ceases to amaze me. Even when it's blistering hot out, he'll still want to run around and explore everywhere he can. I wish I could bottle up his energy and use it to get through Mondays 😭
How was everyone's weekend??

Lakota has been so restless to go on an adventure lately, but it's just been too hot and humid. I think it's time to go move to a colder climate 😂 If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? For us, I think somewhere in Scandinavia would be pretty great 👌

Lakota: "Do you see it, Brother? The weekend lies but over that hump."
Seneca: "Did you say hump?! I can do that!"
Happy #HumpDay, friendos 😂

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I feel like it's impossible to wander through a forest and not feel that it's alive. There is such a huge exchange moving through the trees and plants and animals that we can't even see, but you can sort of sense it, I think. That's probably why I was so awestruck when I learned about the underground connections that unify and deliver sustenance and messages through the trees. If you're interested, here's the excerpt:
"The trees in a forest are often interconnected by subterranean networks of mycorrhizae, fungal strands that inhabit tree roots. The mycorrhizal symbiosis enables the fungi to forage for mineral nutrients in the soil and deliver them to the tree in exchange for carbohydrates. The mycorrhizae may form fungal bridges between individual trees, so that all the trees in a forest are connected. These fungal networks appear to redistribute the wealth of carbohydrates from tree to tree. A kind of Robin Hood, they take from the rich and give to the poor so that all the trees arrive at the same carbon surplus at the same time. They weave a web of reciprocity, of giving and taking. In this way, the trees all act as one because the fungi have connected them. Through unity, survival. All flourishing is mutual." - Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass
Nature is amazing.

When the weather finally starts getting nice but the weekend is over 😭 You know you've been in a heatwave when the high 80s feels like an early spring breeze 😂. How's the summer been so far for everyone? We're still
wilting in the humid, scorching weather 🔥

How did all our American friends enjoy their holiday? I worked, but still got some time to enjoy the evening. The boys were great with the fireworks, but they were not happy we went to a friend's place for a BBQ instead of hanging out with them 😂 It's so hard to come back to those disappointed faces!

Truth: it is WAY too hot to wear clothes outside. It is WAY to hot to BE outside, period. I pretty much have been running out to the yard in as few clothes as possible to take shots of the dogs and practice with my wide angle lens 😂 Thank you to @tkees for these super lightweight, comfortable flips! They are my go-to footwear for summer days like this when I can barely function 🤪
In case no one noticed, we don't do heatwave well over here 😂😭

When you're trying to look cool but your brother is basically an overgrown hamster so he derps up your edgy image 🤷‍♀️ Happy #TongueOutTuesday everyone!

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