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Stina Swesey  v e r i d i t a s Plant offerings handmade in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Herb infused donuts? Yes please. Stop into @holedoughnuts in West Asheville to try a delicious donut infused with our very own Heart Path Tea- tusli, rose petals, lemon verbena, mimosa flower, hawthorn berry, lavender, and orange. Their donuts are served fresh, warm and dripping with glaze. Plus Hole’s donut recipe contains the purest ingredients you can get for such a decadent treat. It’s pretty much the best donut you’ve ever had, through and through. And if you can’t get to Asheville for one of these bad dogs, Heart Path Tea is available in our Etsy store for purchase. 💕 PS.. Hole now serves Heart Path Tea by the cup too!

I’ve been drinking this summer in slowly. Enjoying rain storms, drawing, wild harvesting the tiniest bundles of plants, tending my smallest garden ever, and roaming these mountains in quiet introspection. Oh yeah- and taking unintentional social media breaks have been the best medicine. I just kind of forget about Instagram some days. When you’re a business there’s lots of pressure to be posting all the time. But I don’t care because I’m never going to share forced or unauthentic content with you. Sometimes we all need a bit of time to breath, yes? So this is me saying hello from afar and wondering what y’all have been up to this summer 👋❤️

Hello California! MMH teas are waiting for you at our wonderful Sacramento stockist, @publiclandstore.

Rainy Sunday tea 🌧 just a reminder that our sale ends tonight! Use code SUNFLOWER at checkout for 20% off your entire order.

FLASH SALE 🌻 today and tomorrow enjoy 20% off your purchase with code SUNFLOWER at checkout.

Monarda oxymel in the making. M. Fistulosa aka Bee Balm was bursting like tiny fireworks all over the mountainside yesterday. You will often see didyma (the red variety referred to as Oswego tea), but it’s not as abundant here as the pink and white blooms, so I tend to stick to picking fistulosa. To me the difference is negligible, but some say the red variety tastes more like bergamot. Making an oxymel is easy. I cut my herbs with scissors as I place them in the jar. For this one I left the flowers in tact because they’re pretty. I like a 1 to 1 ratio of ACV and honey. I add the ACV over the herbs first and then stir honey in with a chopstick. Oxymels are so forgiving, so don’t worry too much about getting it perfect. The hard part is waiting six weeks until you strain this delicious stuff.

Way up high on a mountainside with @blacktuliphats 💗 Today we saw wild yarrow, monarda (fistulosa and didyma), native St. John’s Wort, Turks Cap Lily, giant self heal flowers, goldenrod, dame’s rocket, blooming wood nettle, hedge nettle, and I could go on and on..

Lanterns in the forest. #turkscaplily #liliumsuperbum

Shout out to the beautiful mallow fam 💗 #35mm #hibiscus

After nearly a decade hiatus of shooting film, I’m immersing myself once again in this magical medium of capturing light. And what more of a perfect time than in the height of light itself- summer and it’s beautiful blooms. The plants are my favorite models. This is an herb we all know and love. One of american folk herbalism’s supreme anti-infectives. Echinacea is going off everywhere in the mountains at the moment. What a gift this gorgeous being is- to be used as medicine and to admire. Thank you plants for inspiring me through many mediums every single day ❤️🙏🏼 #echinaceapurpurea #apismellifera

(SOLD OUT) Free to the next 5 orders over $50! Lemon Balm tincture made from fresh, homegrown plants. Like most herbs, lemon balm has a long list of uses. But it’s most well known use is as a cooling nervine. It’s great for that kind of anxiety that makes your palms sweat, yet gentle enough that you don’t feel sedated. There’s an exhaustive list of monographs you can read about Lemon Balm to learn more. My favorite way to learn about herbs is hands on- try them and see how they work for you! Lemon Balm is amongst the safest herbs to work with. ~I will update this post when the tinctures sell out~

The shop is open again, y’all! Here’s yours truly with MMH’s hand-stamped bags. I get questions all the time about where I get my bags printed and who does my artwork. And the answer is I don’t outsource for any of those things. Hand-stamping my bags with my artwork conveys the spirit and roots of this lil’ business of mine, and that’s to keep things small and special. Even though MMH has grown over the years, the heart and soul remain the same. Handmade touches and micro batches of everything ensures the best quality and freshness possible. ❤️🌼 Shoutout to my one and only @blacktuliphats for this photo and for kindly making the Neil Young hat of my dreams.

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