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Have you ever wished you could look at another mother’s schedule? Have you felt that if you could just see how someone else organizes her day it might help you with yours ?

One of the greatest challenges we face as homeschooling moms, is keeping up with the work the household entails plus homeschooling. How do we get it all done? Do we feel it is impossible? It’s HARD but it’s possible! I really believed the key is scheduling! Scheduling requires faithfulness to follow the written plan but be FLEXIBLE to allow for unusual circumstances. Schedules change as the “seasons” in our families change. When we had the Elder Care, our schedule looked quite different .

Here’s my current schedule !

Time: To Do : 🕡 6:30 Nurse • go back to sleep 🕢 7:30 Nurse • prayer • morning hygiene 🕗 8:00 BREAKFAST • cleanup • load laundry 🕣 8:30 Bible time • memorizes scripture 🕘 9:00 Setup kids for school • organize house • projects
🕤 9:30 School with Salome (phonics)
🕙 10:00 Nurse • iPhone emails
🕥 10:30 School with Priscilla (seatwork)
🕚 11:00 School with Jonah (1 hr language)
🕛 12:00 Lunch preparation 🕧 12:30 LUNCH
🕐 1:00 Cleanup • overlook school work
🕜 1:30 Nurse • Rest
🕑 2:00 Wrap up school (check worksheets, writing, grade quizzes, etc) 🕝 2:30 - 4:30 [BLOCK TIME]
KIDS FREE Time - Appointments, errands, cooking, projects, park, art projects, outdoors, field trips, etc
🕔 5:00 Snack • House pickup (15min timer) 🕕 6:00 Dinner Prep • listen to Jonah (phonics review)
🕡 6:30 DINNER • cleanup 🕖 7:00 Family evening activities 🕢 7:30 Nurse • Listen to kids read
🕗 8:00 Couch Time (Dan & I talk while kids play around us without interrupting) 🕣 8:30 Family Bible 🕘 9:00 Bedtime Routine- Brush teeth • PJ’s • bathroom • water • KIDS BEDTIME 🕤 9:30 Nurse • Audio Bible • iPhone 🕙 10:00 Self Care • Read • write 🕥 10:30 Time with Dan
🕚 11:00 SLEEP and night time nursing .

Hope this is helpful. 🙌🏻

Happy Sunday DARLINGS 💖 !

Okay so, photographing children can be a joyful and rewarding process, but it’s also uniquely challenging .

Sometimes a little silliness goes a long way 😜 If you know me personally you know that I’m quite silly 🙃 I also become a bit of a kid, letting loose, joking and goofing around. I try to make them laugh by singing songs, or I dance for them. 🤦🏼‍♀️ If I want them to look at me, but not really pose, I tell them a story while I’m clicking away. I’ve shared a few of these tips in my story a few weeks ago but here they are👇🏻 .

My Simple Tips to Photograph Children :

Shoot them as they are (not how you want them to be)

throw out the pose guide .

Capture the moment .

Speak their language .

Get down on their level .

Don't tire them out... don’t waste time looking at the back of your camera. Have your camera to the right setting before you start. You have to be able to shoot and move 💨 .

Use window light or natural light

Use a high shutter speed

Use a low f-stop

Tell them they look like they’re favorite princess 👸 .

Last but not least, BRIBE them! 😆 Yup! That’s right! I bribe my kids. I don’t bribe them to do their chores but I reward them for taking photos for me 🙌🏻 .

After I captured these shoots, I rewarded them to a trip to the dollar store! 🤣 But in all seriousness, it’s important to make sure they are having fun !

Oh and I take pictures only in the morning after they are rested and feed to make sure they are not cranky 😝 .

You have to genuinely love engaging with your children to do this. Your number one objective is to make them have fun! Once they are enjoying themselves they will give you priceless moments. Swipe 👉🏻 to see the silly little clips of how I captured them making funny little jokes that don’t even make sense! 😆 such a fun little shoot ✨ !

Hope this helps 🙌🏻 Darling dresses! @littleragsandriches 🎀’s @ma_belle_mademoiselle

“Do you have a nanny or maid?” Answering my 2 most asked question from 2018! The answer is No, we don’t have either. I wish we did 😜 so no shame if you do! I’ve also been asked how my days run? With five children under ten, I know first hand that a mama who is unorganized with her time is often burdened and discouraged 🤯 !

There are things that discourage me and occasionally feel overwhelmed by what I have to do! But, in general, I’m able to keep up with my main priorities and task God’s given me. This is due to the fact that as my family grew, I saw the necessity of scheduling our time. I started back in Romania when we started homeschooling .

With more years and more babies, it became evident that we needed schedules to be consistent and for me to keep my sanity! Not only did Mama need a schedule, but my kiddos needed theirs too. Chores are part of their routine, a habit which doesn’t require constant prodding .

I’ve tried my best to answer as many DM’s but instead of spending so much time trying to explain, I found it easier to screenshot my schedule to these friends. They’re not asking questions just cause their curious to see what’s all happening in our house 😝 They want to see if there is anything in how I set up my day which will help them with theirs. TRUTH is that each family will function differently. Maybe you’re fortunate and can hire a cleaner, or maybe you have babysitter, or a grandma that lives next door. Maybe your a single mother. Maybe you have your children in school. Or maybe you just have a good healthy man that helps you like I do. We don’t all have to fit into the same mold concerning how our time is spent. It is also true that seeing how another mother arranged her day can help us with ideas on how to plan ours .

I’ve read some books on organization/time management. But, maybe seeing a written schedule of a homeschooling family of five would benefit you? Let me know in the comments! ?

My GORGEOUS planner is by @personalplanner
By far the prettiest and customizable I’ve ever owned because I love purdy things all while being organized 😉 .

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Eeekkk! I know I’m biased, but he’s truly the most delicate and smart and DELICIOUS little boy. 😋 He said his FIRST WORD yesterday! “Mamamamamama!” I just want to squish him in a lovely big cuddle !

Eleazar you’re 20 pounds of pure deliciousness! I love waking up to your big puppy eyes and beaming face each day! 👼🏻

I know, I know its January 9th but we just took down the kids trees last night! And you know what? It’s okay! And you know what else? My kiddos surely didn’t care! In fact Jonah was quite sad we took down his tree. 😆 I need to stop being so hard on myself, and yes I’m preaching to the choir over here, but really y’all these tress didn’t hurt anyone 🤪 .

Also, I print my Instagram and this delicious roly-poly 🍑 just had to be here! 🙊 So if I’ll be posting a few more favorites from our Christmas Holiday, don’t hate on me please. It’s still not Valentines right?? 🤣😜 Here’s to easing into 2019 with whatever works for us!

Mom can we have a snack? Sound familiar? This year I’m planning on keeping things simple! So I’ll be posting more easy but healthy delicious meals !

Does it seem like it's always snack time and your running out of ideas on what to feed your kiddos? To lots of kids + teens, a snack is a bag of chips, some cookies or some other low-nutrient food. Instead, I always think of snacks as mini-meals 🙌🏻 .

Where do your kids snack?
When at home, we only snack at an “eating-only zone'' which is the dinning table or kitchen countertop. And yes this rule applies to company that comes over! I’m not a maid to clean up snacks all over the house. Also, I never let kids eat snacks while watching TV. Studies show that this mindless munching leads to overeating, which often results in unhealthy weight gain !

High sugar snacks may give them a blast of energy, but it won't last. Instead, children need three things in a healthy snack: protein, complex carbs, and fat .

But "healthy" doesn't have to mean "complicated." Here’s a crazy healthy snacks for super-busy mamas! I grabbed these @icelandicprovisions Skyr’s at my local @target and made these delicious bowls in minutes! With 30% less sugar than other leading flavored yogurts and 15-17 grams of protein and live cultures of probiotic! Mamas you can feel good about feeding your family !

Try some of these combinations:
Trail mix: nuts 🥜 dried fruit, 🥥 flakes, fresh or frozen fruit 🍎 🍒🍑🥝🍓 chia seeds, hemp seeds, oatmeal, sliced almonds, nuts, pure maple syrup, raw 🍯 raisins,chopped pistachios, sliced 🍌 the options are endless 🙌🏻 .

Hope this helps cause I know what a jam-packed day of work or running around looks like and then you suddenly realize everyone is starvation central! 😛 .

#ad #icelandicprovisions #target

We still have our 🎄 trees up and the house needs a good deep clean! But the forecast was absolutely perfect all day so instead I called my sister to cancel all plans and take our families out on the River Walk. Sometimes it’s more important to drop everything and inhale a breath of fresh air especially for the last day of holiday vacation .

Now that we currently don’t have Elders and it’s just our little family, I wish I could re-do the whole month of December! 🤩 It’s been 2 years of not being able to go out as a family together, so this feels so good! We took the boat ride and ate Chinese. It truly was the most beautiful day with @careineverydrop .

Soaking up the holiday remnants before homeschool starts Monday. I am so so grateful for another year! Who’s ready ?

My gorgeous jacket from @shop_ashira is now 20% off with Code: ANA20 ✨

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! We actually partied with the whole family till 3AM! 🎆🤩 In all honesty I wanted to sleep 😴 after midnight but Dan was the life of the party and the kids had a blast! 💥 I still can’t believe he has it in him after all these years! 😆 I mean the games he came up with were crazy FUN! Hope you all had a wonderful break with family and friends !

Girls Ridiculously darling outfits are from✨
Dresses: @littleragsandriches
Bows: @ma_belle_mademoiselle
Shoes: @ageofinnocencebrand 🍥

Pom Pom garland: @spinkiebaby

We’re getting ready for all the NYE festivities celebrating with friends and family tonight✨ !

Honestly I’m not sure how long we’re going to last with less than three hours of sleep last night.🤔🤩 Teething is no fun !

Last year I was to sick to move, so I stayed home while Dan took the kiddos to his brothers party. 🎉 Either way, I’m planning on wearing a Sparkly dress that I haven’t put on for years! 😜 What are your plans? Are you staying in or going out ?

Girls incredible festive dresses are from @modabambini_perth

I think it is important to know who we are as women, don’t you ?

Without a mama in the home it looks and feels like a “bachelor pad.” No ambiance. No feminine touches. It’s up to us mamas, to make the magic happen! It’s us! We can make something out of nothing and create beautiful masterpieces! I live to create magical memories for my kids especially around the holidays! Although we may be tired and up at night wrapping gifts and cooking delicious food !

God calls us mamas a number of different names in His Word. The first name God gives for women is “help mate.” The word “help” simply means “to do for someone what he or she cannot do for himself or herself.”
It’s the same word that is used to describe God as our Help. God comes to our aid when we have no way of helping ourselves. That’s amazing! To be a help to our husband is a divine mission .

I think of how many women despise these duties today, and yet they are biblical and may I add beautiful !

Lets embrace God’s eternal purpose and embrace the riches that are worth holding onto !

Loads of love to you in your home today and in the NEW YEAR !

My beautiful lace dress: @leahmariacouture
Girls dresses by: @modabambini_perth
Salome hand made hair band: @daddysaidyesboutique
Priscilla’s bow: @gigiandari

Took a little rest from insta to savor and enjoy the cozy family time doing all the Christmassy things together! Hope it was everything you imagined it to be and more ! 👉🏻
Swipe to see some beautiful highlights of our Christmas Morning ✨

Wishing you and yours a holly jolly Christmas! ✨ from the Negru family! 2018 !

If we had a Christmas Card, this would be it! ♥️ .
Knit hats by: @cocuspocushq

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