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A Letter To My Daughters
Don’t forget to forgive. Be kind to others and remember to stay true to who you are, no matter who is in the room. No matter who tries to make you feel sad or bad about being you - hold onto that fire babe. You’ll feel like the world is falling apart some days but I’ll be here if you want me to listen or hold you for a while. I promise everything will always be alright if you just believe it.
I want you to know that if you ever feel like you’re gonna fall, I’ll be there for you. No matter what.

12 hours of labor that resulted in a c-section. Pure love and relief. @brittnix #motherhoodrising #thisisbirth #bellybirth

This is making me want to do another run of these pins 👀 | My ‘Touched Out’ pin sold out each run and I’ve been getting quite a few inquiries about these perfect gold accented babes - what do you think? Are you feeling a little touched out? | Alright for a mum and one good mutha Pins by the babely @mre.soeur ♥️ Can’t wait to see you in Barcelona ✈️

I wish for my grandmother’s embrace, I think of her often and the ways she deliberately but softly offered me encouragement and advice - she still does. This series of photographs makes me feel like home.
@thaismarinphoto Série de auto retratos com a minha vovó ❤️👵🏼 - Hoje é aniversário dela, minha pessoa favorita no mundo! 91 anos de puro charme. Vocês tem na vida de vocês uma pessoa que se preocupa com seus problemas? Que reza pela sua felicidade, Que pensa primeiro nos outros? Porque ela é assim, ela me ensina tanto com a sua vontade de viver…minha maior inspiração! É tão bom te fazer sorrir! O brilho do seu olhar é a luz da minha vida. Sua sabedoria me inspira! Nossa conexão me dá forças. Sou muito feliz de ter o privilégio de conviver contigo. Gosto de reparar as semelhanças das nossas personalidades (mesmo que às vezes essas características não nos façam bem, hehe! a dificuldade de dizer não pros outros, a insistência em pensar demais e se preocupar com as coisas.) Amo você mais do que tudo!! ❤️ parabéns vovó, te desejo muitas alegrias, saúde e muitos anos de vida ✨
(Tava com medo de postar essa série de fotos aqui pq ouvi coisas péssimas de alguns parentes por conta dela; porém é horrível viver com medo né? Nem todo mundo vai entender, tem gente que tem a maldade no olhar e não consegue se conectar com a pureza dessas fotos. Paciência, se nem Jesus agradou à todos, quem sou eu pra agradar! 😅 A verdade é que também recebi muita mensagem bacana e emocionada com essa série de fotos, fizeram até desenho nosso! (@packerart 😘😍🙌🏽) É tão bacana inspirar pessoas com a minha arte, passar sentimento através das minhas fotos, fazer pensar, emocionar.... que possamos viver sem medo de nos expressar! Que possamos trazer positividade à vida do próximo com nossas ações ❤️)

My home birth last June..My midwife didn’t even have time to put gloves on. His delivery was fast and silent. -@egandunnn @shotbyjerm

Birth could never get old. The feelings that flood my body when I see moments like this - take me back to the complete surrender and overwhelming emotion present at each of my births.
Found @michellepalasiaphotography - I noticed Mum's comment left on @annapollittbirthstories amazing image and thought it needed to be shared ✨...
"My beautiful baby girl. Y'all. So I laboured on my side and then delivered on my side as well! No epidural, only laughing gas!! Please let this picture be a reminder that you are in control of your own birth!! I wish I would've known that it's entirely up to me what happens in my delivery room the first time around. You do not have to deliver on your back!! Take control ladies!! Have your dream birth!" ~ @_brittanydunn_ 🙌 #motherhoodrising #birth #igallowuncesoredbirth

Here and here alone lies the driving force behind this; it is love, it is comfort, it is care and connection.
Nursing her lasts a handful of minutes at most; anything longer would take away from her summersaulting around and doing hardcore parkour throughout the living room.
This child wrings me dry, she drives me to the brink of madness and she tears me to shreds on the worst of days; but my heart is hers. We navigate together big feelings, uncertainties and fears, and overwhelming love. We chisel away, and we carve out a perfect rendering of what we want our very selves to look like — both together, and apart from one another. Parenting is hard work. Breastfeeding eases the trouble of it every now and again.
Cheers to each of you nursing mamas — this is your push to keep going — and cheers to me and my girl, for making it past the first five weeks of our lives together, in which time I'd rather have sawed off my right breast altogether than keep working through this momentous task. We made it, and what a gift it’s been.
This is love.
Shared on the #motherhoodrising breastfeeding Chronicle by @sandsmama | Share your birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and weaning stories by visiting the link in bio, creating your profile (using your Instagram handle is a great way for me to know who shared when reposting), submitting your photo to the chronicle of your choosing, include a caption and your Instagram handle and boom! Done! Make sure to add a date to your photo if it doesn’t automatically add one, so it can join the collection of stories within that same time period.

Family centered. @monetnicolebirths - Family of five. 💗Love seeing siblings at births! “High five 🙌🏻buddy!”

2 years ago today.
When this man and woman guided their daughter earthside, together, in a cramped corner by their bed on a bright and sunny March morning. I crawled on my knees, sneaking in behind dad, sweating and hurting and straining to get this shot. That morning was rock and roll. It was badass. It was unforgettable.
What a way to start a career! My first birth captured on film.

Adopting baby Oon has been the most powerful, amazing, heart breaking, heart warming, out of this world experience.
Mama Oon has been so strong. We got to spend 48 hours cocooned in a hospital room together, me, Ryan, baby Oon and mama Oon. It was the most incredible thing. Mama O would calmly and lovingly watch Ryan and I care for baby, watching us become new parents. Sunnie had 3 loving parents with her for those 48 wonderful hours.
The hospital gave me, Sunnie and mama Oon matching wristbands. One baby. Two mamas.
We had to say goodbye to mama Oon on Monday and that was the hardest thing. I already miss her so much. But it’s not goodbye. It’s until next time. See you again soon. And in the meantime, I’ll keep whispering in Sunnies ears the miracle she is and how much mama Oon loves her. Qakuguttauq (until next time in Inuktitut) ❤️😭 @richellebergen

What a beautiful way to close out a day honoring women around the world ♥️ found - @motherculture.love | Credit: @tesoromaspreciado: No podíamos cerrar el día de la mujer sin enaltecer a ese ser lleno de amor que es capaz de dar vida e inclusive entregar la suya por la de sus tesoros más preciados.
Con el hermoso y sagrado nacimiento de Marcela les deseamos un Feliz día a todas esas guerreras valientes y empoderadas mujeres que engalanan día a día nuestra página con sus #nacimientorespetado Felicidades @lismolina2 y @elpiomundial 💪💕

Bliss. Shared by @aracelys.delreal on the #motherhoodrising breastfeeding chronicle.
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