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Sammi-Jo  All about the captions & Stories Manchester• NBAs17 Winner: Best newcomer• #TheRealityOfParenting• 📧 motherfreckle@gmail.com


We may be child free for 2 nights at @ribbyspahotel I may have a backless dress on, I may have heels on and we may just be doing alright. Time to remember why I like him #doilookexcitedenough

Today I've been on a journey. Physically and metaphorically. The journey has been long and hard. The sleep deprivation made me lose my keys, miss the exit off the motorway and turn down someone's driveway thinking it was a road.

As you were.

My Girls. They fight, they cry, they pull hair but they also love each other with every ounce of their being. Recently they both have an obsession with shoes! Edie will carry them about in her mouth like some giddy cocker spaniel (maybe she likes dogs too much) and Flo has knicked some of my new boots that I got for Christmas and clonks around the house in them like wishy washy. My absolute favourite shoes for them both are @bobuxfamily... They truely last for as long as they fit. The newest ones are these lovely pink blush ones and they come with the cutest little bag for you to keep their first shoes forever. I never kept Flo's first shoes, and seeing them together like this makes me realise they are growing up so so quick, so I'm going to use the memory bag and when I'm old and grey remember all of the little things. Oh crap.... I think I'm broody.

Cinema, visit to nana, looked at buying a new bed/mattress... Turns out you really do need to replace them every 8 years: (thanks @dreams_beds for letting us bounce on all the beds in store😂) took the kids to pets at home for a free mini zoo experience, ate Nandos and finally.... attacked the ironing pile of shame!

Saturday bossed. How's your Saturday?

#happySaturday #finallygotabitofenergy #mycosatto #outandaboutwiththewoosh

When you turn up at school forgetting thar it was show and tell day, but you find a discarded hatchimal in the bottom of your pocket #mumwin #iwontmentionwhatelsewasinmypocket

The support you all gave over Christmas with the Pampers Campaign was amazing! Thank you all for your tags and #ThankYouMidwife posts, I loved reading them (and even cried a little ❤️) @Pampersworld are now taking their dedication even further by joining forces with @moonpig_uk to design limited edition Thank You Midwife Moonpig cards, with £1 from every card purchased being donated to the Benevolent Fund of the Royal College of Midwives Trust which will be used to support midwives in need. 8 out of 10 parents agree that it is important to thank midwives for their role in bringing babies safely in to the world, yet just over half (54%) actually do, leaving 4 in 10 midwives un-thanked. The role of midwives is invaluable throughout a baby’s development so I would like to thank my midwife regardless of how long it's been. The Moonpig Thank You Midwife cards would be a lovely way to brighten up the January blues don't you think? It's International Thank You day today, so what better time to do so. I've popped the link in my bio for you to check them out, no fuss needed as you can send them direct online! #ThankYouMidwife #Pampers#internationalthankyouday (ad)

For the first time we have managed to align the stars.... move mountains if you will. We have a child free weekend!! But then the stars got knocked out of whack when today I found out that our reservations have been cancelled last minute due to '"unforseen circumstances" but blow me down if we are cancelling the weekend! Even if it means hiding in the house for 2 days, eating takeaways and watching Netflix. Although I would much rather go to a spa.... Time to get looking #firstweekendoff #lastminute #spa #neverhappens #thankfookforfamily

Feeling like your losing your grip? With all the balls in the air and you are watching them come back down to earth and not sure if you can catch them all in time before they bounce merrily away? So in some mild panic you clamber about to catch them in what ever way you can, even if that means catching them in your maxi skirt and flashing everyone in sight your grey undercrackers. Yeah that's #TheRealityOfParenting

Flo's pants are by the amazing @mini_medley who has the most amazing gender neutral clothing, but I LOVE the space print the best! After a rather awful conversation with a colleague today about gender neutral clothing, it makes me want to share more clothing that is for KIDS not just boys or girls. (I think the fact I was extra tired made me even more of a feminist, kick arse mama than usual) #kidsarekids

When you talk about porn on your stories there is no way of not sounding like sexual deviant 😂

However, with my inbox bulging at the seems with over 100 of you saying you worry about the same thing, I'm guessing it's something that we all think about as parents to the next generation.

So to answer the main questions asked in response to my stories:
1. Just talk to your kids openly about sex when you feel the time is right. It's your call, but I'd say by the time they are going to high-school is the latest as a ball park.
2. Use the actual words for body parts so it's okay to use 'flower/floo floo/willy) but use the word vagina and penis too. It's what it is and we shouldn't make it feel shameful or taboo.
3. Talk about relationships
4. Don't be embarrassed it's all about opening up the lines of communication rather than the actual conversation
And last but not least....
My jazzy pants are from @joanieclothing and I did use @cheerz for my photo printing needs and they are ace! #somanyquestions 😂

Last summer I shared this image, and after the overwhelming response from you all messaging me from my stories I thought it would be a good time to show my position on #bodypositivity. After sharing this, my instagram took off and it was the start of true honesty when it comes to myself and how I view myself. The thing is, I grew up in the 90s and 00s where a lot of my body image was shaped by the media. Eyebrows that consisted of 5 strands, diet culture rife and media shaming of anyone who dared to show an ounce of cellulite. I was never happy with my body as a teenager, nor in my early 20s. As cliché as it sounds, I never truly appreciated my body until I had kids, but it wasn't an easy road to get here. I have battled with my self image for a long time and to the outside people might not get that, but to those of you who feel the same way I just want you to know that I am here. I am here, sharing and talking about it. Talking alongside the wonderful people such as @bodyposipanda @stylemesunday @mother_of_daughters amongst many other beautiful women. It's not about the perception of others that matters, it's your own perception of your self. We are not born hating the way we look, something happens along the way which molds our perception of our self. Our self image. If it is something we learn, then I came to the conclusion that I can re learn how I view my self. To mold it into a more accepting, empowering perception so we don't need to change our selves. We just need to change our perception. I am never going to shy away from wearing a costume at the beach, nor wearing whatever the hell I want. This summer I will be bearing every inch of my cellulite, because who cares anyway? #bodypositive #dontapologiseforbeingyou

With Edith fully mobile and Flo being her partner in crime, they get up to all sorts of mischief recently. Like all kids, they are so cute but their exploring knows no boundaries. Everything goes in Edith's mouth, whether it is edible or not.

So when it comes to anything I don't want them to have, I have to put it up high. Everything is currently up high, I even employed @daddy_freckle to put up another shelf yesterday 😂

It is never more important to remember this, than when facing my never ending piles of laundry. Fairy Non Bio’s new 3in1 PODS Family Pack has an enhanced safety lock feature to help keep them safely locked away, but always remember to: keep them up, keep them closed, keep them safe #keepthemup #fairynonbio # ad

Anyone seen my patience? I have completely lost mine somewhere between the incessant requests for the boob and persistent nappy explosions with the welcome arrival of Mr D&V 🤢 please send food/drink/holidays/foot rubs/cleaner/cook/fumigation expert to the Freckle House. We need backup. I repeat we need back up! #neverending #ineedsleep #therealityofparenting

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