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Anyone else get fed up of watching the same episodes over and over? Florence loves the same ones, but when I start to know the words off by heart then I need someone to save me! Thank goodness there are new episodes of Paw Patrol now on @nickjr.uk so I can finally get 5 minutes peace! I've made a brew and now I'm catching up on what's going on in the real world and not being knee deep in nappies or washing! Skye you are a bloody hero!
Brand new episodes of #PAWPatrol on @nickjr.uk weekdays at 5pm are on now! PLUS the special #MissionPAW from Oct 2nd!
#MissionPAW #PAWPatrol # sponsored

I have spent today in a room full of bloggers, vloggers and floggers and I'm now back home feeling like I've been at school all day. I'm exhausted! I met with some of the most empowering and real parenting bloggers, some of which made me actually spit out my water with laughter and tested my pelvic floor 😂 If you don't already, go and give these 3 girls a follow, (@amumtrackmind @the_unnaturalmother @tobyandroo) they are bloody ace! No one likes being the newbie, and I can be a pretty crap blogger... I don't post regularly or write perfectly. BUT I suppose that's the point, I am not perfect and as long as you all can relate then I am one happy bunny!
It's got me all motivated though, so I am going to do my first you tube video tomorrow and if you have an ideas or things you want me to blog/vlog about then tell me! #vlogging #BlogOnXmas

A little thank you to all of YOU! I am still overwhelmed at winning the best newcomer of the year at the @northernblogawards and I have written a post thanking every single one of you. I started Mother Freckle whilst on maternity leave with terrible SPD and thought that there must be other mums feeling like I did. It can be pretty lonely and stressful this parenting lark. There have been many a times I have read other comments or messages directing anger that I (or mums in general) should be thankful for their kids. I am, and it goes without saying they are the most important things to me in the WHOLE WORLD but that's part of the 'not feeling good enough' isn't it. That judgement.
So here is to more honesty, more empowerment, more support, more togetherness and sharing #therealityofparenting because that's what I'm here for and I bloody love it. #thankyou

I did something today I have never done before. I threw caution to the wind and when a fellow mum said she was going to a baby sensory class, I thought bugger it I'll go too. I dropped the big one off at school and took the little one for some stereotypical fun and songs. I've never enjoyed a baby class, and I've written a post (link in bio) about why I never felt I fitted in. I'm hoping I may have finally found one I like!
How do you feel about baby classes? Do you go to many? Or have you always felt like you don't quite fit in? #mummyandbaby

I have no idea how, but 4 years into this parenting lark and we are still holding it together. 4 years ago, I had only just given birth to Flo and honestly one of the most amazing days of my entire life. Equal only to the birth of Edith.
We were clueless.
Definitely stupid.

But 4 years on we are raising the most intelligent, kind hearted, adventurous and loving young girl and I feel like I could burst with pride.

Happy birthday sweetheart!

Every hard moment where you are pulling your hair out feels worth it when you see them growing up into something you have somehow managed to create. And trust me it's hard.

People tell you it's hard work.
What people don't tell you is how hard it actually is, especially in those early days.

I've written a blog post about why we ended up crying in a crappy Boots changing room 3 days into parenthood. I would love it if you could give it a read and share if you enjoy it! (link in bio)
#therealityofparenting #newblogpost #motherfreckle

Washing clothes is the bain of my life! If it's not organising and sorting then it's folding or pre soaking. To top it all, everyone in our house has sensitive skin and the kids react to particular ingredients so we have to be picky.

I have used the same brand in the past but now I have branched out and started trialing Neutral 0% after seeing that their household range has the Allergy UK seal of approval.

I have lost count the amount of washing liquids we have used and so far this one has not only cleaned but is doing a good job at keeping the colours bright. Everyone seems happy and no skin reactions at all so it is all good in my little laundry kingdom!

I have a cheeky little giveaway next week and a discount code for 10% (NEUTRAL10) to use in the next four weeks form today (link in bio) off if you too have allergies and struggle to find washing liquid that doesn't get you all itchy! #allergymama #ad #sensitive #sensitiveskin #skincare #laundry #neutralsensitiveskin @neutral.skin

We are just about holding it together at the seams at the moment. Unlike @daddy_freckle's jeans which did not withstand some vigorous bouncing in Sunday, and buckled under the pressure and split. But after a few unsettled nights with the kids (one teething and the other hot as a pancake) Mike and I have found ourselves quibbling over who's turn is it to make the packed lunch and throwing accusations about of who is guilty of leaving rogue socks around the house (Mike). Easily done when you are both have zombified and fed up of the baby monitor lighting up like it's Christmas come early. I am hoping tonight we can sit down, order a takeaway and catch up on suits. Now for a day of washing and looking after two poorly babes. #wishmeluck

Meet Flo the superhero. Also known as Princess Fluffy superhero girl (for short). She has all the superpowers and negotiation skills of a highly trained fournado. Do not attempt to hold hostage any sweets as she will find them, and destroy them accordingly.

With this in mind, she has been deployed for a superhero mission from Nuby to defeat Dr Dry. Looks like she will be taking no prisoners. If your child wants to become a hydration superhero then they will be fully trained with their new bottles which are easy to open and close, drip free and easy to hold! @nubyuk are holding #superherosunday on their social where you can win one of your own! And keep tuned as next month I will be joining forces with Nuby and giving you some exciting giveaways!
Do you find it easy to get your little ones to drink water? I recommend dressing them like a superhero. Seemed to work a treat 🤣😂 #hydrationheros #nubyuk *sponsored

I only went and won best newcomer of the year last night at the @northernblogawards 💃💕😍 A HUGE thank you to all of you, I am so bloody chuffed! It was an amazing night and so nice to meet so many lovely people! I have read every single message and comment and appreciate every single one of them! Honestly, it means a lot. So thank you! You are all so amazing, lots of love for you all!
#mummyblogger #bestnewcomeroftheyear2017 #NBAs17

And huge congratulations to @makedoandpush and @poutinginheels for winning in such amazing categories you girls are lush! #NBAs2017

It's the @northernblogawards and I am out OUT! Go nosey at my stories to see what we are up to! Happy Saturday! #mumsout #NBAs17 #northernblogawards#NBAs2017 .

Skirt & Dress:@debenhams
Hair & Nails: @barnitmcr
Make up: @blondebydaylex

The first week of school has nearly broken me. I was early on day one, and it was downhill from then on. I have been late, forgotten a box (which had to be filled with stuff they like) for sharing time, didn't take her own milk in until day 2, I cried on day 1 and pretty much had no sleep and ate crap all week. I'm now sat on my billy no mates own whilst Mike is at the gym. And I am seriously going to bed in 10 minutes.
Who is with me? When does it become less exhausting as a parent?
Massive hats of to all of you. Here is to #therealityofparenting and #workingatbeingabetteradult

Do you remember the last time you had your hair done? I do. It was nearly a year ago. One whole year since I had my hair done professionally. It's been bleached, cut and coloured in between (by me) and I thought it was wrecked but once again @barnitmcr saved my barnit just in time for @northernblogawards on Saturday! If you are in Manchester and need anything from your hair done to your nails done then Barn//it is your place. Andrew is one of the most thoughtful, funny person who does so much for charity so he deserves a MASSIVE shout out! Love ya! #hairdresseroftheyear

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