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Last night Lolo (yeah we are sort of rolling with the new names we all have thanks edie 🤣) woke up at midnight crying and shouting ‘I miss my daddy’ so in she came with bear and there she remained all night. Deedee (Edie’s new knickname) joined us at 1am. I thought I’d like having the bed to myself but I’m glad these two came in for a snuggle ❤️ What wasn’t welcome was the half 5 wake up, and proceeding dadad dadads being bellowed around the house, just to make sure he wasn’t hiding in Miles’ basket overnight 🤣 bloody ell he has only gone for 4 days but these guys sure do miss him! Today I’ve got a load of work to do so they are off to nana and grumpys for a few hours. What are you guys up to? #birdsnesthair #everymorning #infancydresstoo 🤣🙌👌

So @daddy_freckle has gone on #dadventurefestival with a bunch of other insta dads. I wish I could be annoyed (so that I could somehow hold a grudge to somehow make it work in my favour) BUT actually he’s pretty awesome and I’m so glad he’s gone. That sounds awful doesn’t it! 🤣 what I mean is that everyone needs a break, even dads. And boy does he deserve a break. Recently he’s gone above and beyond. So enjoy every minute of the 4 days you grumpy sod and can’t wait till you get home. There are many reasons why I’m gutted he’s gone away BUT 1- I will miss his actual face (but then I’m sure I’ll see plenty of it on my phone). 2- he locks up the house at the end of the night, and to be frank I HATE doing it (the responsibility is too much!). 3- I will have to make my own cup of tea before bed (yes we are grannies) BUT these last two are the reason I will miss him the most 4- I have to take the bins out and 5- I have to take the crazy ass dog we have on two walks every day!! He’s earned it but I’m hoping there’s a #mumsventurefestival in the pipeline somewhere! Anyone? 🤣🤣 what things does your partner do that you hate doing? Or what do they do that is super sweet? #cuppainbedistheBEST

We have LOVED being part of the @disneyuk x @unicef_uk 24 hour challenge, and to round it off we completed our super sprints. That means we have completed our 24hours! It's been fun and I must admit I've even been challenging our Lolo 🤣 (who said I was competitive?) If you haven't already, then you can sign up and complete some hero tasks whilst raising money for Unicef! I've popped the link in my stories for you to have a nosey! Have an awesome time and make sure you tag me so I can see how you get on! ❤️🙌 #Disney24hourchallenge #incredibles2 [ad]

We are SO EXCITED to be taking part in @disneyuk x @unicef_uk 24 hour challenge!! Take a peek at the missions (link in bio) so you and your family can be hero's and complete some missions, whilst being sponsored to raise money for Unicef ❤️ we have already clocked up 12 hours with our scooter racing. You all know how much we are loving being out and about on the scooter, so we are pretending to be Frozone by gliding along the icy path to catch the villain! Do you fancy the challenge? First up is 'RUSH HOUR WHEELS'
Mission Requirements: Bikes, scooters or skates.
Mission Brief: Your mission is to move from one end of the (Fro)zone to the other to catch the villain - but listen out for the super commands and make sure you follow them, or else! After watching the incredibles 2 on Friday, Lolo is SUPER excited about clocking up her hours being a super hero! #Disney24hourchallenge #incredibles2 [ad]

Evening! Hope you've all had a lovely day? We have been to the park, food shopping and made a peach and strawberry crumble. Sounds an odd combo, but oddly it was absolutely lush! We used flat peaches (because they were on offer last week in tesco for 49p) and frozen strawberries. Flour, sugar and porridge oats for the crumble and popped in the oven for 20 mins. Something of a huge debate was whether to have custard or cream. Now, you know we don't have dairy or egg so it's an alternative but they are as good in our eyes! I went for the cream alternative but the kids wanted the custard. Apparently Mike is on the kids side too, so I'm asking what would you chose? Cream or custard? Oh and if you are interested, it turns out, you CAN sneak back into the kitchen and help yourself to seconds (okay who am I kidding, thirds 🤣🙌) #sneakeatingisaparentessential #selfcare

What a difference a day makes! Gonna try and get the house sorted this afternoon and go food shopping. I love food shopping, the putting away not so much! 🤣 Have you spotted how @daddy_freckle and Lolo are twins? Have you also spotted Mr Miles? #forcedperspective #byaccident

The past week was brutal, we have had some wonderful days don't get me wrong, but by the time Thursday rolled around last week I felt like I had achieved nothing. No structure, couldn't find a matching pair of anything never mind socks, no sleep, two poorly kids and a dog that had had his nose pushed out because we were all barely getting through the day. Washing pile was growing new life and the dishes could have gotten up and walked out. Needless to say I was a bit snappy 🙃. There were screams and tantrums, cans of diet coke haphazardly knocked over, consumption of all things beige and beige only and cue shouty mummy being the mummy of the day. So, I asked (okay, I screamed) if @daddy_freckle could take a couple of days off work annual leave. Now, he has about 7 days left until next year which will include Christmas so he wasn't completely up for it. But I've had 4 hours childcare in the past 3 weeks and with one teething and the other with tonsillitis I was feeling it.

Today he stayed off, we all ate breakfast on the slow (and ate posh cereal, y'know the @dorsetcereals kind #fancy) and went for an epic walk with the dog. We stopped for a picnic and came home to make pizzas, I ordered a new phone (because this one ACTUALLY HATES ME!) and I have just got Deedee down to sleep (apparently we all have new names now since edie is starting to give us knick names). So the moral of the story, always ask for help. Even if it means screaming at your husband that he best take a day off or find another wife #dontlieyouveallbeenthere #therealityofparenting #adayontheslowsolveseverything

Guess the song 🙌🤣

My kids don't sleep. It's no secret. But from day one with this one I have kept her in a bedtime routine, which keeps me sane and keeps her knowing what's next. I always use moisturiser on them, and with every ingredient rigourously tested I know that there is nothing in @johnsonsbabyuk that doesn't need to be in there. What keeps your babies skin soft and reduces irritation? Glycol Distearate. Both of the kiddies have eczema prone skin, and when I was a first time mum I was told to stay away from johnsons baby. Turns out I was misinformed. Every night I use this pink magic now, and not one problem. Suppose the proof is in the pudding ❤️ #johnsonsambassadors [AD]

Highlight of the day? Meeting Mr Tumble in the flesh. Super friendly and made the time to speak to each of the kids ❤️ he signed little lolo's ticket (as deedee is now nicknaming everyone). If you are going tomorrow or in fact any festivals with the kids here are my top tips:
✨ Take plenty of snacks and drinks
✨ Baby wipes solve most things
✨ Be prepared to let the kids go a bit ferral
✨ Take cash (the cash machines may charge you a small fortune)
✨ Wander, you never know what you might find
✨ Glitter up
✨ Take a pushchair/brolly/blanket/pop up tent for chill out time

Do you have any more?

#festivalswithkids #cbbcsummersocial

Ventured out of the house today to the @cbbc summer social. We had a mini rave, went on some fairground rides, ate our picnic, watched Dr Ranj and Mr Tumble and now we are on our way home eating a Mcdonalds 🙌 early night for these two munchkins so @daddy_freckle and I can watch the final episode of good girls on Netflix 🙌 #happyparents #happykids

Morning! Off to the cinema this morning with the fambalam! @daddy_freckle has booked the day off and honestly it couldn't come soon enough, feel like I have been going slowly insane stuck inside with one child with tonsillitis and the other teething 🙃 but today I've got my shiz together, packed us some cinema treat boxes and now feel like the best mum in the world. We always take our own treats, but these Sistema lunch boxes (which we use for Flo's packed lunches too) are ace for doing a popcorn and treat mix up. The kids bloody love them and I may have done one for Mike and I too 🙌❤️ #treatboxforthewin

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