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Sammi-Jo  Award winning parenting blogger & new vlogger Grumpy Manc sharing #TheRealityOfParenting Married to @daddy_freckle Email:

WHAT A DAY!! With the little one at the grandparents, we had a day trip out just the three of us. Some much needed Flo time! And boy did we enjoy it! We managed to get round the Junior tree top adventure at Delamere forest 3 times before our hour was up! I cannot believe that Flo is only 4 and has never been on it before, she was a pro! We are apparently going back for her birthday in September for a birthday party 🤣 you only have to be 1meter tall to go on and there is no clipping on and off, so you know they are securely on the whole way round! An ABSOLUTELY AMAZING day! It was made even better when she fell asleep on the way home and is out for the count! @GoApeTribe we LOVE YOU! Go check out our stories for some more up close tree top fun! #goape #muchneededtimetogether [AD]

GOOD MORNING!! Today @daddy_freckle and I have managed to convince the grandparents to look after the littlest while we take the biggest on a day out! So we are going to take the day to spend some quality time with our first born doing something REALLY exciting, which we can't tell you about just yet! However, I am SUPER nervous and excited all at the same time! Can't wait to show you, but for now... Just call me cryptic Meg! Any guesses what we might be up to? #exciting

So... Last night I got this dress out to wear today. Then I dreamt that I walked into the event and @mrsgifletcher was wearing the same dress. I told @daddy_freckle but no one else. But when I put it on this morning you could see my knickers 🤣(since I've got a bit of a tan I'm finding that with most light things) so I popped this little dungaree set over the top. THEN on my way down on the train one of you told me that I was wearing the same dress as her (they'd spotted it in both our stories). I honestly nearly had a meltdown on the train! 😂 So when I walked in to see this bloody lush one, I felt like I was dreaming! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bloody lush in real life and knows how to rock a dress 😉🙌 #twins #twinningiswinning #youareallgonnathinkimweirdnow #dreamsintoreality 😂

Oh hi 👋 just casually chilling with these babes! Bloody lush morning with the @nextofficial gang. These are a few of my fave people... Just look at HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE!! ❤️❤️ #bloodylush #houseofnext

Do you remember last week when I went to the @tescofood Christmas in July event? Well it turns out I am not the only one who likes to get shopping for Christmas early! Some of you even said that you had started already! I got a sneaky peak at some of the must have toys for this year and got to taste some of the Christmas food range! I was really impressed with their vegan and veggie range this year, just shows they listen to customer feedback as it was a brilliant selection.
For the meat eaters amongst us, the range of easy prep Christmas day food was immense and I'm thinking this year we might go against tradition (again) and get something other than Turkey! What do you have for your Christmas lunch? #AD #TescoCIJ2018 @tescofood #tesco

Thank you all so much for your messages on stories today! Flo is well, she didn't react to the immunisation and we sat eating dib dabs before heading back to school! I wanted to keep her off but she's got p.e and she bloody LOVES it so I kept her out for a couple of hours and now she's back to school. For anyone who has children with egg allergies, always make sure you check what is in immunisations. And NEVER be scared to ask to read the leaflets or even say no to certain things until you have all the information to make an informed decision. If it wasn't for me asking each time we may have had a reaction in the past, so don't ever be scared to ask the questions. Ps. For any allergy mamas/dadas: The flu jab/spray contains egg protein so deffo stay away from that one #allergymum #dibdabsarelife #loveherimmensely

It's Tuesday and that means one thing.... It's takeaway night! Although, I doubt it will be anywhere near as nice as the food from @chillibananaliverpool last week. Funnily enough @__itslucy__ (who is old friends with @daddy_freckle) invited me along as her plus one... And it was absolutely lush. I hope they aren't offended by my review.... I *may* say this reminds me of chip shop curry 🙃 if there is one thing you'll always get with me it's a real world description 🤣 #chipshopcurryisbloodylush #beingaplusoneisalwaysbetter #newontheblog #foodiewithnoidea

I kind of like him. I do wish he would stop storing balled up socks in the sofa though. I don't like that #andignoringthestairpile #hesalrightreally #10yearson

Happy Monday guys! If this isn't the best way to get to school I don't know what is #shethinkswearethecoolestparentever

Talk about being run ragged. I think today we can say that the heat has finally got to us all. The house is upside down, the kids have held us hostage, we've eaten random things just thrown together and bed time has been one to remember. Then, just in case the kids thought they hadn't given us enough to do today; they left us with this treat to tidy up. How have you and your kids been handling this heat? #therealityofparenting #knowwhentotaketheloss

This is what happens when I make tea... @daddy_freckle steals it all! But it makes the kids laugh, and makes them eat even more! Let's face it, if it's yours they want it!
With @tildarice collaborating with LEGOLAND® each special promotional pack can be redeemed against one free ticket at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and Discovery Centre Manchester. Looks like we will be heading there every week at this rate!
Each pack counts as 1 of their 5 a day and has been developed for children’s tastes. We love the vegetable one and all recipes are gluten-free and three of four variants are dairy free. Bonus. 
#teatimeisalwaysfun #TILDARICE #tildakids #AD

Park hangs with the babes. It's so hot still, but I'm not complaining! Best summer EVVVVERRRRRRR #parklife #parkssavemeltdowns

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