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Everyone seems to be off on holibobs somewhere warm or fun and it's making me lust after a winter holiday! I've booked a trip to @wynyardhall in December which will be so much fun with a winter wonderland.... but I'm craving a warm break too. We haven't been abroad as a family of four and our last flight with Flo at 9 months old ended with a £600 added extra when we all decided to get a horrific gastro bug and had to pay for flights home early. So I need your help in finding the right place. It has to be child friendly, and not too far/long on a plane. Also it needs to be pretty good with allergies and kids clubs are a must! So if you have any recommendations please hit me up! Am I the only one who doesn't have a holiday booked? #mamaneedsabreak

Hello have you seen my patience? I think it packed its bags and left without a second glance back 🤣 With a full day in the house, doing housework, laundry and keeping 2 kids entertained.... Scrap that I have 3 kids by the looks of @daddy_freckle 's baby face 😂 I am well and truly pooped. But just in case I needed any more to add to my workload now Edie is playing silly beggers and sleep regressing. Seriously girl! We have had rounds of lullabies, milk that would fill a grown human up, cuddles, calm bedtime routine and every single trick I have in the basket. Nope. She's avin none of it. What do I do? #sleepthief

What do you do when you have been flying solo all day whilst your other half has been galavanting, washing his face and shaving his beard for a commercial? Well, of course you get out the pumpkin carving kit and create a bing bunny pumpkin. Great idea 😂 well it turned out alright don't you think? We only had two minor accidents and a total of 6 paddys 😣 We used a stencil from the bing bunny website (I've popped the link in my bio if you fancy a go) and @daddy_freckle rocked up all baby faced and joined in. You'll never guess what too...... We grew this bad boy from seed! Impressed or what. He was the only one who survived out of a whole packet though.... So maybe not that impressive after all!😂🤣 #pumpkincarvingideas @BingBunny #WhatWouldFlopDo #BingBunny #Bingspiration (ad)

I'm sure you have noticed that I have returned to work recently and if you follow my stories, you know that I have put my multitasking skills to the test! As I am still breastfeeding this chunk, it has been a task and a half to ensure that she has milk for the day. It's so difficult because, I don't want to pump loads at night, then not at all in the day but then I don't have access to electricity during the work day (sounds like I work in a third world country! But I just work from my car a lot travelling) so I needed a manual hand pump. I popped into boots one day, when I was fed up of hand expressing and my boobs were humongous and picked the @philips avent pump for only £26 (it's currently in the baby sale) and has been the saving grace for me (and my boobs!). But it has indeed made me realise how AMAZING mums are and how much I rely on @daddy_freckle and family to keep things on track!
So, if you for any reason feel like you are scraping through, struggling in any way, feeling the mum guilt just REMEMBER YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU ROCK AND BE KINDER TO YOURSELF. It's hard work, and you don't get enough recognition. So here is your daily reminder and your daily hug ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Remember when we went to flamingo land? Well I have written why no matter what, our love for that place knows no boundaries. Each time we have been, one of us has ended up in hospital😣🤣 but we still want to go back! Have you ever been or have you only heard about it because of our escapades?

Boobing anywhere and everywhere. I might be willing to bet money on me being one of the first women to breastfeed in the Manchester City press room, but when the baby is hungry and tired then there is only one thing that will do! And what a busy day we have had today!

We had a wonderful morning with Selina from @elderfloweranddelilah who came to take some family pictures and then right off to a stadium tour of @mancity at the Etihad. It was ace to see it all and had some good banter with @daddy_freckle (he's a red and I'm a blue)
To finish the day off nicely we had @pizzaexpress where we bumped into Tess from @ourkidsocial ❤️ All in all, a very busy but fun day, and I am exhausted so an early night for me! How about you? How was your Sunday? #sundaychat

I have a new role which is apparently hilarious. It's the picking up lady, for things Edie finds amusement in dropping on the floor. Only to realise she actually wants it back. But not to drink, or play with. She wants it back so she can return to be the winner of the game and drop what ever it is the floor again. Thanks @daddy_freckle for inventing this game, it's truly a joy to be a part of 🤣🙃😭 #therealityofparenting #frecklelife

Not arsed one but about meeting Peter rabbit and Lily bobtail. No, not one bit. We only queued for 20 minutes to cuddle mummy instead.🤦 I can see how seeing Father Christmas is going to go this year!

Washing and nappy changing have got my hands all kind of prickly. I have always suffered from dry skin but the 4390 nappy changes and pot washing have made my eczema worse so I am up for trying anything! I even had to swap my wedding rings to my other hand it got so bad. So when Neutral 0% sent over this I was very happy. So far, this has been next to my kitchen sink and has been making my hands feel less like sandpaper and far more comfortable. Who knows, I might be able to put my wedding rings back on soon. See link in bio for more information on @neutral.skin and use NEUTRAL10 for 10% off for the next week.
Also, well done to @gilly_barron and @bigknicksrus who have each won £25 to spend on Neutral 0% goodies. # ad #sensitive #sensitiveskin #skincare #neutralsensitiveskin

Sugar mc sugar nuts. I am so hungry!🍟🍔🍕🍗🌮 I've been back at work for two days and I want to eat everything that I see! Anyone else storing food for the winter in their mum pouch or is it just me? I think I need to buy one of those soup maker blender things so I can get some good comfort food in my belly because I must be missing out on something to feel this hungry, right? #eatlikeamother #mamaneedsfood

Even if you have tried for years, or days you can never truly know how you will react to finding out you are pregnant. Whether you have other children or it is your first. I have penned the emotions I felt immediately after finding out I was pregnant.... On the blog (link in bio). I felt overwhelmingly happy, for all of about 2 minutes. Then mild panic set in. How about you? Was it a movie style reveal and moments of euphoria? #pregnancyannouncement #throwback

Does anyone have a magic way of making enough money to be able to still be able to stay at home with the babies/be able to do the school run/be able to collect the kids if they are unwell and not have to live of baked beans? I'm hoping that you don't mind me doing the odd ad here and there, but the ultimate bottom line is the reason I am blogging is to be able to do all if the above. I've worked 3 jobs at a time, for minimum pay I've worked in clubs, bars, hospitals and even a cemetery (don't ask... I bet you do🤣) and my other job (apart from blogging) is amazing but I love my kids more than anything else in the world so need to think about what suits us. So you will ALWAYS know if I have been paid to write something, because I will always say it's an ad at the end of the caption... and I will NEVER write something I don't believe to be true. But for the most part my time and effort is unpaid and I will never apologise for trying to make a better working life balance for my kids, and I know ultimately that you understand that. I love this community and the amount of support that is shared between each other is something that I am so proud of. You are nothing short of extraordinary and I bloody love ya! P.s. This dress is from @chicojacks_ who make breastfeeding friendly clothing, and I wasn't paid to share it but she is a lovely woman who sent it to me just because she was thinking of me returning to work, pretty amazing really. (swipe left to see more pics) #supportingsmallbusinesses

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