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What do you mean you left your brand new phone on the counter whilst you were trying on shoes to wear to the @northernblogawards?
Yeah. That was me today. Exactly that love. FFS. BUT... And it's a big but., someone handed it in! So instead of me crying because I have lost my brand new phone I am very happy and it has restored some faith in humanity for me today.

All in all a bloody lovely day had by all today. For the first time in what could possibly be 4 years, @daddy_freckle and I went shopping together!! We dropped both the kids off at the in laws and instead if doing what we should have been doing (housework and chores) we went out for lunch and bought some clothes for a couple of night out we have planned.
I haven't found a dress yet, but there is still time and we started getting some bits for these two birthdays next month! It's festival themed and hopefully it will be outside, but what should I do? Glitter and wellies is as far as I have got. But I still cannot get over my memory loss. I mean who leaves their phone on the side and walks away? Maybe I need the kids to keep me on high alert haha! #babybrain

After the immense response from my instagram stories the other day, I have done as you wished and put the recipe for my vanilla and blackberry sponge on the blog. It makes me think that I should start a whole section on the blog with my dairy and egg free recipes, because SO MANY of you have messaged me near enough everyday since I showed this on my storiesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ€£ would anyone be interested? Don't expect it to be healthy. It will be tasty though #allergymama #mummyblogger

Last night I ran a bath. I felt like it was my birthday. Then I popped in a lush bath bomb, and used the new @kokoso_baby wash to get the remaining baby sick out of my mangled hair. It's not just for babies you know, mummies need this lush coconutiness too (I even use it on the dog because he has sensitive skin too πŸ€£πŸ˜‚). At this point I felt almost human again. Then I got out, put my super fluffy robe on and popped on my final @spacemasks mask which has calming jasmine and warms as soon as it is opened. Every single mother and father out there needs a pack of these. I have the best nights sleep when I wear one. Every time I fall asleep with one on! I shared my pack with my own mother, who is in the middle of a house move (and has rheumatoid arthritis) and she too had the best nights sleep ever. Needless to say I have already got my next pack on the way. If you haven't heard if these by now then you are seriously missing out!
That's my @mumfulminutes for the year. Hopefully I can get better around this self care!
Is there anything else that you would say is a mums best friend in the relaxing department? I need more relaxing time, I am definitely a better parent when I do πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ #spacemasksareliketherapy #mumfulminutes

We have done our fair share of travelling recently! So much so, Mike decided we needed a new car 🀣 and so far I have to say he was right. Take note, I admitted it you were right haha! If anything makes travelling with kids easier then I am up for it. It's hard work and stressful most of the time but I am hoping that when they are older they say "mum and dad used to take us everywhere" and not "they used to drag us camping" haha! But so far we have had quite a few nice moments traveling with the kids and it's been nice to get out of the usual routine and get out of the house! Does it make you want to get out more and travel with the kids? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ @flyswiss #SWISSKids #travelwithkids #ad

It's @mancmamas 1st birthday! So next week we are celebrating in the only way a mother knows. With GIN!
If you want to come and drink gin with me then all you have to do is:

1. Follow @mother_freckle & @mancmamas
2. Like this photo
3. Tell me who you would take with you!
See you next Thursday you beautiful ladies 😚😍
#mancmamas1stbirthday #mothersruin

I'm certain the kids will sleep tonight. Today we took them to @chesterzoo and bloody ell if they don't then I have no idea what to do! I have been there so many times but today was absolutely amazing. We had my parents to help out and it is definitely the way forward! It meant that I could spend some time with this one just me and her and had extra hands when legs got tired. I haven't been to the zoo for over a year and so was very happy to se new Madagascar play area where we could leave her play on the HUGE slides, climbing frames and sand pit while we had a cuppa. We also had a family favourites guided tour which was absolutely ace. Now pass me a drink and get me my fluffy slippers on. I need a rest! What have you been up to today? You can catch up with our day on my stories and don't forget to Swipe left for more pics! #LetsPayChesterZoo #ChesterZoo

It's not often you get invited to Norfolk for a PIGNIC!! Thank you Hollie and to all of you gorgeous ladies who came along today and have some of the best squishes 😍❀ walking a pig has to be a highlight if my summer πŸ˜‚
No lie.
When I was a child I stopped eating pork because of babe the film. And had a pig collection of little pig pot figures and soft toy pigs πŸ˜‚
Apart from Posey the pig, I finally got to meet @florafairweather and @teddy_and_mabel who were some of the first people I started talking to when I began blogging and have stuck with me all this time haha!
They are weird like me. I like them. 😘😘 what is normal? #pignic @bettyillustates @cutieandthefeast @mrspearcey03 @marshesandflint xx

I love my husband. Honestly I do. But since I packed everything for @campbestival he decided that he would help me this time round by doing it all. He was amazing. I don't in anyway want to dampen his spirit, because he will only use it as an excuse not to help me next time. BUT... He packed no underwear and today I found out he also did not pack my makeup bag or any clothes other than the ones I told him not to forget.
He didn't forget to pack 14 pairs of his own boxers, aftershave or any other of his own things πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ Talk about the mental load that a mother has. It just shows when you hand over the reigns. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ The result being you are knickerless and makeup free #newmeaningtothewordnaked

What are we doing? We've only come to Norfolk for a few days! So far we have had 48 tantrums, because someone has been sneak eating sweets and we only clocked on when one slipped through her sticky fingers and landed on the tent floor πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ we also had to head to tesco to pick up resources including plasters because apparently pens are for sewing socks together whist in the car seat... We had no food and I left @daddy_freckle to pack so I had no underwear. And it's currently 9:18pm and the kids are still battling bedtime. Seriously though, what are we doing!
Thank you for all the tips of what to do whilst we are here. Any more are welcome! #campingwithkids

After months and months of making beige food I came across the @HelloFreshUK flavour generator and it has one of the most delish dairy and egg free recipe which has quickly become one of my favourite meals. I am a bit of a spice lover and we make every meal from scratch so it can get a bit boring when you are making the same things over and over. it's just easier that way when you have allergies. If you fancy changing up meal times then I would recommend giving it a spin, I think I might do it once a week and see what it throws at me πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
I even blogged about it so that means I really like it! Check out the link in my bio #needsomespiceinmylife #flavourgenerator

Fancy joining in with my bad dancing next year? Tickets for @campbestival 2018 are only on pre sale RIGHT NOW! Eeekkkk I am so SO excited already! The question is ARE YOU COMING? πŸ‘‘πŸ˜ƒ
If you haven't already take a look at the blog for our experience of this year! Link in bio #campbestival

This cheeky monkey has gone full on orangutan. If there is a cheekier child at the minute I think I may have to call the trump card on that one. Does anyone elses 3 year old decide to flash the whole of the Trafford centre your granny grey knickers whilst you are paying for the cinema? Or just full on ignore ANY direction πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ yes? Welcome to my world!
So we headed back to my parents for some much needed support and have finally got round to ordering a @hellofresh box after trying their flavour generator the other day and it was a dairy and egg free recipe. I hope it's as good as every one else says it is and if you fancy a read of the recipe I found on their website using their new flavour generator then it's up on the blog πŸ™‚ #ineedallthehelp #tryingto feedthemsomethingotherthanfrozenfishfingers
And for everyone who asked where my tee was from after I posted this on my stories, it's from @weareenoughco πŸ™‚

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