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Alice Rose Yaga  I'm a wolf, i own my world. my art is for sale in my depop shop🕷

down on your knees, pray for forgiveness

Good Southampton morning, impure x

how did ya get to be so sweet?


Jus som of my faves

I need to find a way to make my art liveable, I want to be independent and able to live on my own.
I need to put in work, sell clothes, t-shirts and patches.
I just want my art to be enjoyed and be the best part of me, I'm scared I'm going to lose that.
Not having the best time right now, but I feel it's more candid to actually explain what's going on slightly..
This probably makes no sense either
tehe sorry

Avoid me like eye contact on the tube

Wish I felt lov for a human like this, but na

dead, don't count me in the pile of bodies

Desperate to learn to tattoo :<

What came first? The chicken or the dickhead

oh me??? trying new line styles??
inspired by @wormwoodtattoo last piece? yes, maybe

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