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Annie Bone  tattooer • artist • designer • wifey • momma • BOOKING CURRENTLY CLOSED 🖤

Homeward bound. 🖤

This sweet man. If I’m being honest, the closer this trip got, the less I wanted to come. Not only did I have no desire to leave my baby, but I was so scared of the unknown. Scared to leave the comforts of my home. This man encouraged me to come on this trip knowing he’d be on full solo daddy duty for 8 days. He encouraged me to push myself, and keep my heart open so that I could truly grow during this experience. This man took our baby to his four month checkup yesterday and held him while he got his shots. This man hasn’t complained once, or told me that the baby has been fussy, or given me any sort of reason to be nervous about being away from Brooks. The way that this man loves me and loves our son is truly the only reason I can be on this trip. I love you, babe. 🖤

Our third and final day of tattooing was spent with some of the lovely people of Pan y Chocolate, an organization that helps LGBTQ sex workers get off the streets of Guatemala. This pretty piece was for Ivette, who works alongside her husband Raul spearheading the vision of Pan y Chocolate. We met so many beautiful people today. Gracias Ivette for all that you do. 🖤

Halfway through and missing my snuggle crew (and their handsome daddy @corbenbone19) 🖤

I’m missing my baby so much that my heart hurts, but at least I got to play with little Génesis today 💕her father Carlos works in the garbage dumps along with the majority of the Guatemalans living in Zone 3. Her mother, Brenda, obtained the scar I got to cover up today when a truck hit her while she was helping Carlos in the dumps. Getting to tattoo both of these sweet people today was such a treat. Swipe for Brenda’s before and after! 🖤

This was definitely the most challenging and the longest, but also the most rewarding tattoo I’ve ever done. Gracias, Walter. Day one, success. 🌹

Headed to Guate with the @whitewhaletattoo team bright and early this morning 🖤 so excited for this experience, but definitely already missing my crew 👶🏻 #badtothebones #bestieswithtesties #bonethugsnmatrimony #takestwotobone #anniegotboned

On 3.10.17 we eloped. On 4.3.17 we moved into our first home. On 9.9.17 we had our sweet baby boy, and this past Friday we finally got to celebrate it all with close family and friends. Thank you to everyone who made this weekend so special for our little family 🖤 pics to come! #badtothebones #bonethugsnmatrimony #anniegotboned #takestwotobone

“how rare and beautiful it is to even exist” - Saturn by Sleeping At Last • a periodical cicada for Kayla, as a reminder of exactly how fleeting one’s existence can be. •

#cicadatattoo #insecttattoo #periodicalcicada #floraltattoo #biceptattoo #wreathtattoo #ferntattoo #delicatetattoo #lineworktattoo #bugtattoo

“Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You cannot withstand the storm.'
The warrior whispers back, 'I am the storm.'”
For Bree 🖤

#liontattoo #thightattoo #thighpiece #warriortattoo #animaltattoo #lionnesstattoo #girlswithtattoos

Some stills of @ejkiefer’s floral arm band 🌸 this was such a fun challenge!

#floraltattoo #floralarmband #forearmtattoo #armbandtattoo #peonytattoo #peonies #poppytattoo #poppy #lineworktattoo #girlswithtattoos #flowertattoo

Sure, my goals for 2018 include the predictable stuff like losing the rest of the baby weight, or not letting my clothes pile up all over our room constantly. But my most important and necessary resolution is multi-faceted, and that is to find ways to be more present. For me, this includes things like closing my books more often, scheduling “office hours” for myself to knock out emails and responses so I can get the hell off my phone, staying organized, meditating, being more mentally sharp and focused. All of these things lead to the others, and all of them combined will allow me to truly spend my off days and time away from work just staring at this sweet, pouty little face as he continues to amaze us.

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