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cheezin' like a nerd - photo by @lexi.zetts

half angel half devil

more than a year has passed and I still feel this way - #poetry #rhymes #throwback #words #poem #poetsofinstagram #tumblr #mine

typewriter poems from the past

"You’re allowed to be anything.
You’re not allowed to let it destroy you." - I did this piece a few years ago and I think it's good to let others know about this. To let others know that it's ok to feel negative emotions sometimes (that's it's actually healthy) but it's not ok to let those negative emotions destroy you or stop you from living. I hope everyone is having a good Sunday!

another throwback


bringing it way back to one of my favorite photos that @stevendrak took of me from so many years ago that I can't remember the year

My heart is so full!!

just gonna leave this up bcuz I have to show you my sleeping beauties!!! and if you're wondering, she's on my pillow and I'm sleeping beneath it.

Say hello to Kyubey!!

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