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This was his favorite trail now it’s under construction for some future road. #nature #dogsofinstagram #pitbull #toomuchcontruction

Man, my man @edelman11 out for the year 😫. Brady's favorite weapon, noone can replace him but someone better step the F up. #patriots #edelmaninjury #Brady #nepats

The Grand Palace in Bangkok. This joint was beautiful #bangkok #thailand

My favorite pic from Bangkok. Dude is looking at us like wtf you looking at. Hahahahaha #bangkok #thailand #monk

Just chillin on the River Kwai #kanchanaburi #thailand

These pictures were taken a year apart. @itszeelife found her with a bloody run over tail on the side of the road when she was only 4 weeks old last year. She didnt even know how to eat solid foods so she had to eat from a feeding tube. Now she thinks she runs the place lol #cheechee #catsofinstagram #beforeandafter #babycat

Damn I should work for National Geographic #Virginia

Took this beauty while driving. Virginia is beautiful and I rarely appreciate it for some reason #photoswhiledriving

This has got to be the craziest/funniest breaking news tweet I have ever seen in my life #wtf #breakingnews #republicans #politiciansbecray

For a city that has a population of 27 million people it did not feel crowded at all, which I found to be very weird. I dont know if it's because the city is so big or what but even the more crowded touristy areas didn't feel crowded. Also, China as a whole felt very safe and welcoming. People would come up to us very happy we were in their country and want to take a picture with us as if we were some celebrities or something, pretty cool. Definitely want to go back to other cities or even back to the ones we went to sometime in the future. #china #shanghai

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