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Pottery studio in Berlin  🌱Handmade by Mia Moss. Making weirdo sweetie pots to grace your home. 🌈Pottery to the People!🌈 🌟 UPCOMING CLASSES: 🌟

Oh hi! It’s me in my happy place 😇 Wednesdays are my favorite days. What’s your favorite day of the week?

Sometimes all I wanna do is make pocked pinch pots. Say that three times fast 😆

There is so much exciting news I want to tell you. But my lips are sealed until everything is finalized. So here are some pretty mugs to look at! 😆

Weekends in the studio are 👌

Do you want to visit the studio next weekend? I’m teaching a Try the Wheel workshop on Saturday, and there’s a couple spots left! Let’s make some pots together! 🌈

It’s the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been a massively long week. For you too? What will you be drinking out of your cup tonight? 🍺🥃🍷🍸or 🥛?

Any other paper addicts out there? I’ve tried all the apps, but still I can only do my scheduling and to-do lists on paper. Anyone with me?

Taking it easy during the hottest day in Berlin— by doing my accounting! 😁 It’s such tedious work, but sooo satisfying at the end! How are you staying cool? ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

When it just doesn't go right, we make rainbows! 🌈⠀

#tuesdaytip when a pot goes wrong on the wheel, squish it into a rainbow and let it dry out for a while. Then you can re-wedge it and use it like new! ✨ #clayismagic

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for everyone who came out to the Weddingmarkt yesterday! These little peer pots were definitely the most popular items of the day! Yay!

Can't decide on my favorite color from the new collection... maybe it's yellow! Come see them in person tomorrow at Weddingmarkt and you can choose your favorite!⠀

I'll be there 12:00-19:00 at Leopoldplatz. See you there!

This Sunday, come by the @weddingmarkt am Leopoldplatz! I'll be there slinging pots 12-19:00. See you there!

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