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MOSCOT  The OFFICIAL Instagram of MOSCOT. Known for our iconic eyewear. Since 1915. 🎶Meridian Lights for #MOSCOTMusic 🎶👇🏽

Ball so hard. In The AIDIM, if you wouldn't mind... #MOSCOT

Spread the word around town - The JARED with Clip is back in Black. #blackonblack #roundandround

Found an old school yo-yo and can't stop playin' around in The PETIE! Can you spot this artifact in our shop windows?
#nyc #roundandround

Spinnin' into the week with The #ZOLMAN! Slippin' and slidin'! #roundandround

It’s #MusicMonday and we are pumped to present you with our latest series of All Eyes On. Check out @meridianlights making a debut at MOSCOT Orchard Street and find out what inspires them in the fashion industry. #MOSCOTMusic

Now its your turn - How do you see fit for Michael? A. In SPIEL with Clip Package in small Size 44 [VS] B. in SPIEL with Clip Package in large Size 50. #MOSCOT

Size 44 or 46? Maybe a 49? Not even sure what in the world any of those numbers mean?! Fear not. MOSCOT makes frames for every face size. Stop by to meet our experts at any of the MOSCOT Shops and find the frame for your face. #frameyourface #LEMTOSHLegacy #MOSCOTnyc

Global Brand Ambassador, Brett Sanders, thinks that glasses should have a slightly larger and more comfortable feel to them. Shop Brett’s picks: The BJORN, HELDISH and SECHEL at the link in our bio! #MOSCOT #Shareyourstyle

Demi Moore opts for an oversized #LEMTOSH, and looks quite radiant might we say. #FanFriday #DemiMoore #LEMTOSHLegacy #FBF

5th Generation, Zack Moscot, sees fit like he’s styling a pair of shoes for a specific occasion. Check out his faves: The DOV, ARTHUR and LEMTOSH, at the link in our bio. #MOSCOT #LEMTOSHLegacy #Shareyourstyle

We’ve consulted with the MOSCOT Dr’s and discovered some interesting and helpful eyecare tips.
FYI - Kale is the new carrot ... #WellnessWednesday #eyecare #tips #kale #doctorsorders #healthyfood #health

Deciding if you want your frame to scream or whisper is how 4th Generation, Harvey Moscot, sees fit. Shop his faves, The MILTZEN, BILLIK and FRANKIE, at the link in our bio. #MOSCOT #Shareyourstyle

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