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Moruya Gym  ▪ Large space, heaps of equipment, 24hr access ▪ Friendly, welcoming atmosphere ▪ Shelley Road in the north Moruya industrial area ▪ (02) 4474 5392

6 Weeks to a New Lifestyle!

Moruya Gym “Lifestyle” Challenge

Starts on the 1st Week of September

This is a different kind of challenge! The physical benefits of the gym are well known, but the mental and emotional benefits are just as amazing! We want to focus on making health and fitness something you can incorporate into your lifestyle forever! Traditional challenges based on weight loss create an unhealthy relationship with the gym and quite often don’t provide support for entrants after the challenge is finished. Truly lasting success is the sum of consistent effort over a long period of time, not an all-out sprint during a set time frame. So, the focus of this challenge is not on a physical result, but the development of a routine that fits your lifestyle and will last you a lifetime!

Only $150 to Enter! Amazing Value! (Includes 6 weeks membership including 24hr access, training program and 3 PT sessions RRP $277.50! Saving $122.50!) What is Included? - Includes a 3 day training program and 3 sessions with a PT to learn how to execute the program. - Winner determined by most visits in a 6-week period. No focus on weigh-ins or body image! This is about creating a positive and healthy relationship with fitness. - Come to the gym 18 times in the 6-week period (3 times a week) and win an extra month’s membership free! That’s our investment in you so that you become comfortable in the gym and make health and fitness an integral part of your lifestyle! - Prize for most visits is a Bio-Flex supplement stack (Protein Powder, Creatine, Pre-Workout and Shaker Cup), new customized 6 week training program with 4 x PT sessions and a 3 Month Membership to continue your new lifestyle! (RRP $475!) - Support and encouragement always available to help you “Achieve Your Goals”! Get into contact with us via message or in person to secure your entry! You'll find us at 2/36 Shelley Rd in the north Moruya industrial area.

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We have done it again! Another new toy for our members! Rear Delt Machine to isolate the rear portion of the shoulder muscles 💪 also can be used as a Chest Flye Machine! We’re always working on improvements to provide the best facilities possible for our valued members ❤️ #MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals
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New supplements in at Moruya Gym 😍 come in and have a look 👀 #Gym #goals #achieve #supps #whatisnew #moruya #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bcaas #protein #shakes #new #comein @moruyagym

We're super proud of our amazing gym members Veronica and Michelle who competed today at the National Titles! They both looked absolutely awesome and represented the gym and the Moruya area at the highest level in the country. Well done ladies! 💪 #MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

Moruya Gym will be closed on Saturday 2nd, Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th as we are heading to Sydney to support our amazing members Veronica and Michelle who are competing at the National Titles.

24hr Access only for Members.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks as always for all of your support.

WHAT IS NEW AT MORUYA GYM !!! A new safety squat bar 😃
A new strong man log 🤣
A new curl bar 🤔
New sand bags 5kg 10kg & 15kg
And a few new cable attachments
Now ! What will you work out today 🏋🏾‍♂️ Moruya Gym - Achieve your goals
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The Moruya Gym team took to the stage in Canberra on Sunday for the Canberra & Country Titles. ▪ Team NRT coach Richard won the Masters Men class and shared the stage with his son and gym owner Ryan in the Open Men class, however Richard and Ryan didn't achieve placings in the Open class. ▪ Brad took out a 3rd place in Fitness Model Novice. ▪ Veronica placed second in the Masters Figure category.

We are extremely proud of all our athletes who competed over the last two weekends. We are also super grateful for all the support we have received.

Moving forward Ryan and Richard will be heading to Brisbane in June for the WNBF Australia Super Show and Veronica will be competing at the ICN Nationals in Sydney. Team NRT coach Sandra is also looking to compete in a bodybuilding show within this time frame as well.

Is competing something you've considered taking on the challenge of yourself? Come see us at Moruya Gym and we can help you to get on stage looking your best with the support of the amazing Team NRT coaches Richard and Sandra.

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

Modified hours Saturday & Monday due to competition in Canberra. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks as always for all the amazing support we receive!

Moruya Gym graphic made by our good friend @richubbz18 from @ultimate_vision_grafix Thanks heaps Rich, we love it!

#MoruyaGym #AchieveYourGoals

The Moruya Gym team took to the stage today at the Clash at the Coast Natural Physique Titles in Batemans Bay achieving amazing results. 👍 ▪ Michelle - 1st Place Figure Masters & 2nd Place Figure First Timers
▪ Veronica - 3rd Place Figure Masters
▪ Ryan - 2nd Place Open Men
▪ Brad - 2nd Place Fitness First Timers & 2nd Place Fitness Novice
▪ Richard - 1st Place Masters Men, 1st Place Open Men & OVERALL BODYBUILDING CHAMPION

We are extremely proud of everyone and the results they have achieved in return for all their hard work. 💪

But moreso we are super grateful to all the support we receive from everyone in the gym. Not just for those of us competing but also in creating the amazing community we have. So we wanted to get everyone who came to watch up on stage when Richard was presented the Overall Champions trophy. This is how much you all mean to us! 💙💚💙💚 Thank you to everyone and we'll have some more photos to show off in the next week. 😀

We will be closed this Saturday as we are competing at the Clash at the Coast in Batemans Bay.

24 Hour Access available.

The show starts at 10am at the Soldiers Club if you are interested in checking it out!

1 week to go until our Moruya Gym & Team NRT team takes the stage in Batemans Bay for the Clash at the Coast. We have 5 competitors competing including gym owner Ryan and Team NRT coach Richard. We've also got heaps of support from our members with three tables booked out to watch us compete. For a small country town like Moruya this is an amazing level of support! If you're interested in coming to watch next Saturday tickets will be available at the door and the show starts at 10am. Thanks as always for all your support, we truly appreciate it!

#MoruyaGym #TeamNRT #AchieveYourGoals

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