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Jessica Morse  Avid backpacker, 5th generation Californian & national security strategist. Running for Congress in #CA04 to fight for working families.

This is what I call a grassroots movement! The #MorseForce is more excited than ever, just 17 days from Election Day. Our office was packed today with folks ready to go pound the pavement & knock some doors. The excitement in #CA04 is palpable--we're going to win!

‪Liz is excited for a member of Congress that works across the aisle for bipartisan solutions & will fight for a better future for her kids, including 8 week old Dylan! She convinced some voters while volunteering for #TeamMorse today & will be back next weekend! #Moms4Morse #CA04

#TeamMorse just had our 111th house party of the campaign!‬ ‪This is what our campaign is all about—working together as neighbors to discuss the future of our community. The #MorseForce is a grassroots movement that’s bringing politics back to the people & solutions back to #CA04!‬

I met this little girl last month. She told me about her dreams to make the world a better place. Now, she has a pre-existing condition that @tommcclintock voted against protecting. If he is re-elected, he’ll vote again to take away her healthcare. #CA04 — it’s time to vote!

I'll cut through bureaucracy and red-tape barriers to get bipartisan solutions in Congress, because I've done it before. I'm proud of the work I did as Iraq Country Coordinator with Dirk Dijkerman, former COO of U.S. Foreign Assistance at the State Department. It's time #CA04 had a Member of Congress that actually got things done.

Proud to join the good folks of Pioneer to talk about the issues that matter in even our smallest communities. I started this campaign with a listening tour of the district—I'm still listening because #CA04 deserves a rep who cares about every one of us. #CommunityFirst

Glad to join Mayor Ken Broadway for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce to induct its newest member. I know small businesses are vital engines of our economy in #CA04 & I will fight to ensure they're able to grow and thrive.

‪To get big money out of politics we’ve got to get little money in. Proud that the #MorseForce has become a grassroots movement, out raising special-interest backed McClintock. We raised $1.3 Million to his $360,000. #CA04 #CommunityFirst #NoCorporatePACMoney

"I spent my career serving my country. It didn't matter whether I was serving a Republican or Democratic president, I knew who I was really serving was the American people. We're trying to end partisan politics. What I recognize is the issues in our community aren't partisan." Did you watch our joint interview with Congressman McClintock on KCRA? Let us know in the comments!

Our #TeamMorse volunteer Paula celebrated her 75th birthday by knocking on 75 doors in #CA04! Proud that passionate neighbors like Paula are stepping up in big & small ways to propel us to victory. The #MorseForce is ready to win!

‪These girls had the day off from high school. How’d they chose to spend their free morning? Calling voters in #CA04 to get out the vote for #TeamMorse! Young people are fired up & ready to vote this election. Let’s follow their example—volunteer, organize & vote before Nov 6th!‬

‪Have you received your ballot in the mail yet #CA04? We had fun filling out our sample ballot & committing to mail in our ballot the same day we receive it. Will you be voting for Jessica? Let us know in the comments!🙋‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋‍♂️#TeamMorse

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