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MORNING BONDI  Daily dose of Bondi Beach by @amaurytreguer All photos available for purchase. Get in touch: Partners @olympus_au @google

North Bondi Rocks at sunset is pretty special. I quickly took this shot with my phone to capture the vibe, just cool people and dogs hanging out and jumping in the ocean from the rocks. #bondi #bondibeach #teampixel #pixel3

Golden Summer is up on the blog and trust me it's GOLD!

Evenings in Bondi are not too shabby neither and after-work swims are the best! 💦

'Locals' is up on the blog. Besides the fact that I get to hang out with all my good mates before work, one of the things that I love the most about my morning routine is that I get to chat with all the locals. Since I’ve started Morning Bondi eight years ago, I have probably met more than 100 people down the beach. Some born and bred here, some like me, who made Bondi Beach their home for quite a while. We are all pretty damn lucky to live in this little bubble!
I simply love meeting new people and getting to know their back stories. A few years ago, I was even thinking about creating a blog called “People of Bondi” a la @humansofny but decided against for a few reasons. First, I’m not enough of a good portrait photographer and second Morning Bondi is already “sucking” a lot of my time. I guess that’s it for today… If you live local and see me in the morning, come and say ‘hi’ and let’s have a laugh! #morningbondi #bondi #bondibeach #peopleofbondi #humansofbondi

'Pure Bliss' will soon be live on the blog. Heaps of photos to look at and like. Featuring a few legends including @j___l ripping as always. Subscribe to the newsletter in the meantime to get notified once it's up. 💌 (direct link in bio) #bondi #bondibeach #seeaustralia #ilovesydney

What The Fog! This morning, I was just relaxing by the pool, when around 8:30am, North Bondi totally disappeared behind the fog. Pretty spectacular show!

Moody Thursday. This morning was quite interesting, it was all pretty dark and moody except this orange light on the headland from South Bondi all the way to Maroubra. Have a good one my friends!

SIX. Early shoot this morning in Bronte so only took a few photos at sunrise, quick edit of these six photos and here there are. The first one reminded me of my 'First in, first ripples' but clearly not as good obviously. 😜 Please do not expect a blog post or a newsletter, that's all you'll get this morning. Chat to you tomorrow! ✌🏼

'Haar' is up on the blog. Fifteen photos of this morning to look at. Featuring @localeastmagazine @bondilifeguards, @1beardy_, @m_jenks, @carlosdespinola (kind of), @andrewweetman, @isabelladobozy, @mlebouw and plenty more. Direct link in bio or in the Stories. #morningbondi #bondi #bondibeach

'Hello 2019' is up on the blog. The best photos that I took over the break. If you went down the beach, Icebergs or Gordons bay, chances are that you are featured. Blog link in bio or in the Stories. #morningbondi #bondi #bondibeach

New Year's Day in Bondi Beach. That was pretty wild down there! Hope you had a good one and ready for 2019! I'm pumped!!! ✌🏼🤩🍾

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