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Morgan McCastor  24. fighting for my life. animal, netflix & lover of empowerment. meme queen. Inventor of #fighterwear. musician|producer "learn to dance in the rain"

Can’t even believe this is the fucking quote from my fav artist that i found this year. Who’s songs kept me living long enough to tell my medical journal my last wish was to meet her. Just to be told “pretending that I’m dying would get me arrested” but most of you on here will never have even read that. Bc you never even bothered to follow the god damn fucking page in the first place 😂🙌🏻 @dualipa i love you. I’m so sorry you did this for everyone else too. So fucking sorry. I just needed you to know i have always been your biggest fan 💜

They’re ready when you are

Literally just turned my head side to side. What. The. Fuck

Anyone who watched the Amanda Show will appreciate this

The one i meant to post last night oops lol

Connor is literally the reason i made the medium my mom saw come back. Of course it was the first day in my life i slept 22 hours but when i woke up by chance a few mins before she left i did get to find out he’s got his leg back and im sure it’s true cuz he kept bragging about his super hot bod lmfao 😂 whether you believe or don’t believe in mediums - if you loved Connor & the Woytowitch family i hope this makes you smile. Theres also one more i want to show that i wasn’t expecting at all. Plz hold lol

Yes. Yes i am that girl @yesimthatgirl23

Well after 8 years of always trying to kiss me when she was wasted i finally gave in 🤫🤫😋😍😂😂😂 i love you soooo much and am so happy i got to see you and really hope i get to see you again 😭😭💕💕 forever & always

Since I’m like 10000 % sure i won’t be around to see re-election ; if he is dumb enough to run again @kicksclothing Clothing should make a “Dump Trump” shirt with a Facebook under a fake name so political views doesn’t ruin his original business plan. Cuz i seriously think they’d sell faster than free crack rocks raining from the sky and i bet one day “the world really did end in 2012” or; “The Land Before Fake news. Yup yup yup” & it’s sad that a part of me is like waiting for the fbi to show up or some shit for posting this and making this meme 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s also a sad day in America when you ALMOST miss the days that the worst you saw on fb was beastiality videos simply because you honestly can’t decide which one you find more repulsive 🤷🏻‍♀️🤮 I wish i liked drinking bc I’d make a game out of how much Haters i get from this status. But aside from all the typical reasons my # 1 reason for this Tom petty status is because of how much he’s totally fucked health care. That’s one doodle that can’t be undone home skillet.

Let the hater games begin

@odd_duckling you might be odd but oddly enough you’re my favorite 😘❤️ i love you forever & you’ll always have me xo

@iamjordanpruitt forever one of my fav songs in existence ❤️

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