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M  If I have to put pants on I'm not going.

When ur watching the sunset with bae in a tourist trap but you don't care because mai tais. Hawaii is so magical; this day can go down in my history books as one of my favorite days ever.

You can call me Bionica. Anyone else have a plate and screws in their wrist? Am I going to set off metal detectors at the airport? I'm already a brown Arab so this could get interesting.

It's @megachillid 's birthday today! I don't think I ever would've thought we would become this close, but after working together for ~4 years including following her to a new company, she has proven to be one of the best friends a girl could ask for. Happy 29th old fart! Love you!

Today may be Valentine's Day to you but to us, it's so much more. A year ago my world collided with this phenomenal human and it's still hard to believe that he chose to love me too. Love you noodle, thanks for making me laugh every day of my life.

She's my best friend, but she's more like my family. Happy birthday to my creative native moon child!!!! 🎉🔮🖤🦄I don't know what I'd do without you!!

I'd rather be deep sea fishing in Belize today 😕 but this picture got me all excited for the next adventure! #3weekstilhawaii

Happiest birthday to my @mary_bucio!!!!! I love you to the moon!!!!!!

Today we made history. Though we just barely missed the march due to weather, we were determined to at least get there, through 3.5 hours in blizzard traffic and over an hour walk because they shut the shuttles down. I think one thing that I noticed was all of the husbands and dads I saw there with their wives or little girls. There's something to be said about the support of the amazing men in our lives, who support us and encourage us. So cheers to that!

My boo, my babe, my right-hand man (literally). There's nobody else I'd rather wake up from surgery and see, and if he wasn't around I don't know who else would crack jokes and watch me struggle to use my left hand for a few minutes before deciding to help me, or who would do my hair (which is truly hilarious) or who would put whoopee cushions under me when I'm all drugged up. Cheers to the weird start to this new year! And thanks babe for being so good to me, you're the best!

Merry 2017 from this shit show*!! *broken arm not pictured.

Sometimes when you bust your wrist into smithereens on your first run of the season you have to just laugh about it. Side note: I'm currently gimpy and couch ridden and kelvin has plans tonight so if you'd like to come over and snuggle let me know. You may also need to help me pull my pants up after I pee.

And now we get this. I don't care you guys, this is the best 2016 ever.