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I’ll be living with my fur baby soon enough... I’ve been quiet about a lot of what’s going on but long story short it is best for me to move back home for a bit and reset my priorities and focus on my health. I have struggled silently for far too long and I let myself go in so many ways. I thought I was fine and had some bad days, but they got worse and more frequent, and I ended up pushing away someone I love very much. I hurt so much knowing that the negativity and hurt I was feeling affected people I care about, and I know how difficult I have been to deal with at times. I live it, and I’m fed up with myself too. I can’t change the past or how I let something that wasn’t me control and ruin my life, but I can change me going forward. In light of mental health day last week, I have been diagnosed this week with chronic depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It took feeling like I had lost everything this past week to give me a horrific wake up call. I’m done not sleeping and not eating and feeling like a shell of myself. I’m taking charge beginning today, and it feels fucking GOOD. #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #ptsd #changes #secretnolonger #mentalhealthawareness #changes #2019mecomingearly

I haven’t posted anything from my personal life in a hot minute. There hasn’t been anything “photo worthy” in my life, but photos can’t capture the changes and growth I’m going through. I am learning to celebrate myself and my life despite years of people telling me it was worth nothing. I’ve cut so many toxic people out of my life and learned that keeping my circle small and supportive is what’s best for me. I accepted a position at a bank, something I’ve never done before, and I’m accepting that I’m not going to be great at something new right off the bat. My 24th birthday is tomorrow, and I’m taking time to celebrate with close friends and family after working and getting my adult responsibilities out of the way. Most importantly, I’m taking steps back out of the limelight I once craved and focusing inward on me and those who have given me the unconditional love and support I never thought I deserved. Thank you, those who have stuck with me through the good, bad, and ugly of my life, whether it’s been for 24 hours or 24 years. I love you 💖

took the 4th off from life yesterday... a much needed adventure up north away from it all gave me so much perspective. I need to unplug more often. Listening to the wind in the woods... no music, no maps (I threw it in the backseat) and no more phone service. North is lit. #latergram #katahdin #at #appalachiantrail #baxter #maine #mainer #adventure #unplug #explore #travel

last week’s adventure... my roomie and I made a “road trip roulette” jar to see where coastal Maine adventures take us. I’m thinking about doing a blog! #latergram #belfast #maine #aspiringblogger #blog #travel #adventure #explore #mainer #roadtrip

Monday blues... wishing I were here again #Belfast #maine #explore #adventure #travel #local #beach #coast #sunset #latepost

good things come to those who wait...I bought a car on Saturday. After a year and a half of asking for rides, walking, and spending an exorbitant amount of money on Uber, I’m finally driving again, and in a car I couldn’t have fathomed ever getting two years ago. Never again will I let anyone tell me my dreams are impossible. Never again will I try to solve my problems with alcohol. Two years, one OUI, and fifteen entire paychecks later... my blueberry baby #car #hyundai #dream #work #goals #happy #success #motivation #yearofyou #latepost #car

today I realized how consistently happy I am in my life. I’ve been taking the time to wake up early, walk, and treat myself to breakfast before I go to work. I’m feeling good. Sometimes I question it but I don’t want it to end #motivation #happiness #yearofyou #treatyoself #balance #latepost #breakfast #downtownbangor #maine #love #vsco

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