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Morgan’s Vlogs  only for the gucciest haruccis #gucciharuccivlog

shaking cuz imma bout to get heatstroke

wholesome hello 🌞🌼✨💛🍯

jam session cancelled by random judging stranger

peace out

rip my toaster that i didn’t know i liked till we threw it away and got a new one
??- May 1st 2018

hackin the system 🤯🤯

since @c_hicken007 wanted to be on the vlog page so bad

lil something to brighten yalls weekend

shoutout: @elizabeth.lenerz

ragin all day eraday

tb to my first “vlog”

victory is better when ur a gucci harucci

this is what i get for trying share my talents🙄😭

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