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morgan burton johnson  National artist working in oil on canvas. Styles range from Realism to Abstract; known for Impressionist and Pointilist styles; Fractionalism

The latest in the Content Series, Fire Dance, 24x18", is one of four or five pieces--I haven't completed all of them but have them planned--that deal with our earthly elements. The first piece was Cloud Dance, 2018. This piece suggests the ceremonial aspect of our worship and respect for fire. #content #fire #dance #morganj #morganjart #fractionalism

Naming a series Content has allowed me to delve into the concepts of this word without being forced to choose a specific definition. Here is the series' namesake, Content, 18x24". At first glance, one might decide that I aimed to depict the mindset of contentedness, and that works. Yet the subject matter can make viewers feel just the opposite, or at least disquieted... So the conundrum continues: what was my intention? #content #malemodel #morganj #morganjart

It's a rare occasion that I have more than one painting accepted into a national show. The 2019 National in Overland Park, Kansas, has accepted these two, Confetti Light, 2019, and Dancing in the Wind, 2016. The reception is April 5, with show running until May 31, 2019.

I'm delighted to note that Coos Art Museum's Expressions West 2019 will include The Empty Chair, one of 81 pieces chosen from 411 artist submissions from the 13 western states. The opening reception will be April 19, 5-7pm, with show running through June 29. #coosbay

I was asked on Facebook about the empty boat in my last post, and it reminded me of the symbolism of a small boat being a tool of mine in painting, the vehicle of my life, though I have never mastered anything but the rowing of a scull, back in college days. This painting, Pulled Ashore By Ghosts, 16x20", 2009, was my rescue, of sorts, by an old friend...thanks, Dax.

While not packed full of subject or activity, I do think the title suggests where my mind sometimes rests when going after the simpler aspects of beauty. Ethereal Content, 16x20", mimics the brain when it's happy and daydreaming, figuring out absolutely nothing but experiencing everything before it. #content #ethereal #boat #simple #happy #morganj #morganjart #fractionalism

Content In Orbit, 24x18", fairly well describes my life these rainy days, free to paint and not much else! #content #moon #orbit #rainy #fractionalism #morganjart #morganj

Content Inside, 12x12", definitely sums up this snowy day here on the coast, though the photo from which I worked was taken inland in a 1950s tract of homes similar to the one I grew up in. #content #1950s #snow #indoors #morganjart #morganj #fractionalism

This is one of those "play paintings" in which an artist tries to go without a set notion of outcome, or attempts to throw out as many rules as possible. Still, both these characters creep in, so ultimately one has to "fail". Releasing Content, 24x30", at least suggests its title, and I admit it's fun to look at and follow the motion. #content, #release #play #morganjart #morganj #fractionalism

Obviously I am enamored of this view; it changes so often and dramatically. This painting of the Rogue River is titled Flow of the Rogue, 15x30". I'm sure there will be others; this is the fourth attempt to capture the compelling atmosphere. #rogueriver #goldbeach #morganjart #morganj #fractionalism #flow

Torrent In Shadows, 14x18”, 2004, is headed back to the Rogue valley. A view of one of the Rogue River’s many rapids near Grants Pass, it’s been one of my secret pleasures of impressionistic challenge since I painted it. #rogueriver #torrent #impressionism #morganj #morganjart #whitewater

'Confetti of Light', 24x30" celebrates the anticipation of our new year with light strewn as bits of reflective paper, floating into an unknown future. #confetti #light #celebrate #newyear #reflective #fractionalism #morganjart #morganj

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