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Morgan Harvill  🕷🎧🎶

Ask me a question in the comments 🕷🎶🎧

Who can lift heavy things and help me move tomorrow I’m taking applications in the comments thank u

Should I play the villain or the protagonist?! throwback with @raulito77👼🏼

Where should I get my next tattoo👼🏼

Guess where I am

Comment a state in the US you have never been to! I’ve never been to Florida but I definitely need to go one day✨

Can you keep up? 👼🏼

Day 1 in New Orleans ☂️

When someone tells you to put down the Oreos (yes my baby hairs bug me too)

What’s your favorite movie I want to binge watch them tonight

When @alexhager and I read lines together 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

Learned this song yesterday and wanted to share a bit since I haven’t posted covers in a little.. tag someone who loves this song 👼🏼