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Morgan Harvill  🕷🎧🎶

Comment the name of ur pet & what type of animal it is I need some positivity

Had such an amazing time at the screening for @layerstvshow 🎥 I had a great time being a part of this and the cast/team are all wonderful people! So excited for what’s to come!

To anyone reading this that has insecurities... you’re not alone. I have them too. I look at beautiful girls on instagram all the time and have to remind myself that their beauty doesn’t take away from mine. This isn’t a post to fish for compliments at all.. I just know that sometimes it feels good to know that you aren’t alone. The world is hard enough, so stop being so hard on yourself. 🖤

One of my favorite songs right now, what’s yours? (Disclaimer, my mic isn’t plugged in on the video. Cause the video crashed when I actually recorded it. So I just recorded a video to use and I forgot to re plug in the mic 😂 Ah well) 👼🏼 @dualipa @lautenaudio

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Who’s ready for Christmas cause I know I’m not (edit: OK I FORGOT ABOUT THANKSGIVING DONT KILL ME)

Would you be involved in The Purge if they really had one 🤭

What are you going to be for Halloween?💀

What’s your favorite season? Cause I’m melting and all I want is winter 😭 / @dollskill #dollskill

Acoustic cover next? Suggestions pls

Do you know what movie this song is from? TAG 3 friends for a follow💛

Wow I posted two days in a row who do I think I am

Do you like Light/dark photos better?