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Lately I have been learning to be patient with imperfections and inadequacies. The only perfect One is Jesus and I am not Him 😅🙌🏼 Praise God. His Love is the only thing that will ever be enough and is where I find peace that surpasses understanding and in Him, strength to carry on because He makes each day new. ❤️ I am so thankful to know and be loved by the one true God 👑 And so grateful for fiery community and being surrounded by others who are running this race toward Jesus too. Every moment doesn’t feel perfect, but He’s perfect and it’s not about me - so I can just rest in Him. Thank you Lord!

What an amazing time shooting competitors at NPC JR Nationals this weekend!! God is so so good - I cannot describe what it is like to know Him and live with Him. Everyday is filled with so much grace, so much peace, love and joy - even in all the little things and the (seemingly) mundane day to day activities ❤️ I am so thankful for provision from the Lord and that He lets us know and worship Him! My prayer everyday of this shooting trip in Chicago has been that the Lord’s will be done the whole day, that He May be glorified with every thought, action, and word and for each moment to go as He wants it to and boy did it! He is so faithful 🙏🏼 These photos are with (almost) all my clients I got to shoot this weekend! So excited to edit and send out the shots! 😘 @morgancarrphotography

So nice getting to see my Mom! I love you!

I thank God for the gift of photography- He is so good and so personal and loves us so individually, I am in awe of Him! ❤️🙏🏼 It feels unreal that I get to share the gift He gave me every day and enjoy it as a career!! Thank you Lord! @morgancarrphotography

This is how I feel about serving God and knowing Him! Total gratitude and joy. This morning I had a thought: What if everything we did was an act of worship to God? I realized for the first time that singing gospel music isn’t the only way to worship God. As I surrender every area of my life to God, I can make choices that will glorify Him and be acts of quiet worship. I thought, what if EVERYTHING - every purchase, every workout, every thought, every outfit choice, every word, every social media post, all time spent working, every smile etc were all acts of worship to Him instead of to me?! As in, I want my actions to serve a purpose to glorify and reflect God not glorify myself and my life only. I am thankful that God revealed this to me because it makes living my life for Him even more of a joyful adventure as I get to invite Him into all areas, not just the ‘Christian’ areas. Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord, Thank You Lord! This is freedom! #heartposture

HE is THE provider! “My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:2 #heartposture

We hear people say things like “take courage, “take heart,” “have faith.” But what does this even mean and how do we ‘take it?’ I am sure we all want to be more courageous, loved, and faith-filled. My only answer to this would be to do just that: TAKE. Where do you take these things from? From the truth that stands in the Word of God, waiting on your belief. You don’t have to create something that is readily available to you, you just have to take it. That’d be like trying to make your own toothpaste when you could just take some from you’re drawer. Living as a Christian isn’t complicated, it’s courageously committed. ❤️ #heartposture

Fullness of joy is found in the Lord! What makes life worth living? Serving the King who holds the world in His hands 🙏🏼❤️ In this season, God is taking me deeper and deeper into His trust. The deeper I go and the more I let go and surrender, the more I feel Freedom, Peace, and overwhelming Joy. Looking to Him creates a life like no other - it’s all for His glory ❤️ I haven’t been posting often because I don’t care about showing more of myself, I just want to know Him and I want more people to know Him - I wish this for every person under the sun living now, to live a full life in Christ.

Jesus is so beautiful!!!! Enough said! ❤️❤️❤️ I don’t know what type of photos to put above a caption like that so I decided to put some of the beautiful and loving people God has brought into my life 💕 There is nothing like living with so much joy, peace, freedom, sincerity, happiness, and love every day! 🙏🏼❤️

The underlying joy that I experience has come from walking through the fire and choosing to let it build me instead of choosing to let it burn me - with Jesus, beauty comes from ashes and we can experience sadness and let it have a refining influence on our lives to live fuller, love deeper, and appreciate all things greater. Once you realize what truly matters, you can live light and shine a light 💡 #heartposture

You do not have to live broken. You do not have to look like what you’ve been though. You are not alone in your human-ness. We have been through pain, made wrong choices, and turned our backs to what is honest, right, and good. God loves us regardless of our imperfections - that is one of the amazing things about His unfailing love, it doesn’t make sense because we don’t deserve it, yet He never fails to see, love, and redeem. Despite the transgressions of our past, nothing authorizes us to stop praying, stop praising, or stop pleading with the Lord. He receives us with love in this manner regardless of (and possibly also because of) our shortcomings, mistakes, and brokenness. He responds with so much grace that in our sorrow, He teaches us obedience to and reverence for Him. When our hearts are postured in submission and praise no matter what, He works through us and makes us a source to others, a vessel He can work though - because we can't extend Gods grace to others if we have not yet received and experienced it first 💕 #heartposture

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend!” Proverbs 27:17💫❤️ @savrosee @candacetiffany1 My life changed when I stepped into community and made a commitment to loving deeper and pursuing godly friendships!

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