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Morgan McKean  🖤 intuitive empath 🖤 social advocate 🖤 abuse survivor 🖤 healing the pain + trauma from narcissistic + intimate partner abuse.

Hello Luvs ~

Happy Sunday!

If you think you’re missing the narcissist today, I want to tell you - you’re not.

You’re experiencing what’s called Trauma Bonding.

Trauma Bonding is what occurs when you’ve been exposed to on-going cycles of abuse, in which the intermittent reinforcement of reward and punishment creates powerful emotional bonds that are resistant to change.

In other words, you’re addicted - to them! And you need to allow your body to go through the withdrawal process, to release all that toxicity from your system.

This is why going “No Contact” and or implementing the “Grey Rock Method” is so imperative to your well-being.

So if you’re tempted to reach out because you miss them, remind yourself you don’t!!! And call someone who actually gives a damn about you.

And if you need help going through the withdrawal and healing process, Click the link in my bio or DM me. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Oh Luv ~

One of your biggest mistakes is thinking that like you, the narcissist wants to overcome his demons, and evolve into a better person. When such just isn’t true.

The narcissist knows there is something “different” about them. Something that makes real, authentic, human connection almost all but impossible. And rather than deal with whatever wounds or biological issues that may have caused their mental illness, they put on a public persona. A mask that they wear so the world only ever gets to see their idealized version of themselves - not the demon within.

So if you’re tempted to get sucked into the “I can love’em enough to fix them” mode, forget it. Save yourself the misery and remind yourself, they’re not trying to heal. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Hello Luvs ~

As kind and empathic people, we have a tendency to over-give, often to the point of our own depletion. And besides the obvious self-worth issues that accompany this kind of behavior, the fact is - you can’t give from an empty vessel. You must fill yourself up, in order to give to another.

People who are in healthy relationships recognize this, most of the time, and want their partner to take time to recharge themselves. However, a narcissist doesn’t have feelings of empathy. Hence, they don’t care if you give, and give to the point you’re depleted. Your well-being, unless it supports them, is NOT of their concern.

In fact, with a narcissist, your reward for giving to the point of depletion is to get discarded, because you are of no value to them any more. That is, until you restore yourself in time for their inevitable hoovering.
So the next time you feel guilty, or like you need to explain why you need to take care of you - STOP! And remember, self-care requires no explanation.

Happy Saturday! ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Being in an abusive relationship, especially narcissistic abuse, is a life-draining, crazy-making, soul-crushing experience.
You feel like you’re on a roller coaster, in the dark, unable to see what twists and turns are coming next... making you feel out-of-control and powerless.
That's why I offer Trauma Recovery Sessions... Trauma Recovery Sessions are one-on-one healing sessions with me, where I address your most pressing questions and issues - you know, the ones that keep playing in your head over and again - so that we can calm your hurt and soothe your suffering. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤 For details :: Click Link In Bio

Which will you choose? ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Hello Luvs ~

There’s a reason, for most of us, that it was so easy for a narcissist or serial abuser to treat us poorly, while we just accepted it.

Know what it is?

It’s because the feeling or experience of “it” was familiar - as in like our family dynamics - that we picked up on as children.

Something to think about if you’re wondering why you ignored so many red flags from “that” relationship. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Hello Luvs ~

Happy Thursday!

So, here’s the deal when it comes to healing, and making a full recovery from your abuse.

If you believe in yourself, if you value your life, and if you know that you’re worthy of more than what you’ve settled for in the past, you will make the choices and take the actions necessary to feel whole, healthy, and happy again.

And, if you don’t believe in you, value yourself, or think you deserve more than the neglect and abuse you received, then you will continue to stay stuck, or repeat your abusive relationship patterns.

No one can make you believe in you, but YOU! But once you do - you will be unstoppable in making your life more how you want it to be.
And if you need support, you can click the link in my bio or DM me. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Hello Luvs ~

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!

If you’re healing from trauma or abuse, its common to want to stay inside to hibernate and isolate from the world. Unfortunately, doing so can also exacerbate your low mood, or depressed feelings, keeping your stuck in pain and misery much longer than need be.

THE SOLUTION!!! Get outside and move your body. Feel the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair, and notice how amazing nature is all around you. By getting up and out, and moving your body, you not only lift your spirits, but you are actively participating in your own healing process by putting in some much needed self-care time.

Need more convincing? Okay!

Here are just a few benefits to being active outside:

1 Studies confirmed that vitamin D supplementation from the sun can help alleviate symptoms of depression.

2 Physical activity increases your endorphin (our internal feel-good drug) levels. Elevating your mood + energy levels.

3 Motion not only elevates your emotion, but it also helps clear neurological pathways, to help inspire new thinking.

Today’s Wisdom Challenge :: Commit to some form of outdoor activity in the next 24 hours.

So how will you get up + move your body? Let me know in the comments. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Hello Luvs ~

As tempting as it may be to jump into another relationship to try to recover from the damage done by the narcissist, I promise you, it will only lead to more hurt and pain if you do.

The “short” reason being is you can only “attract + keep” for yourself, or in your life, someone who vibes at your same frequency. And if you’re feeling sad, depressed, desperate and broken, that’s the exact kind of energy you’re inviting in. And we both know, with all that you’ve been through, you don’t need to welcome any more “broken” into your life.

So if you think finding someone new is going to make everything better, please think again. The only way you’re really going to feel healthy, happy, and desirable, is if you do the work of loving, valuing, and caring for you, till you truly feel strong again. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Learn to know the difference. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Hiya Luvs ~ If the people you spend your time with make you feel difficult to love or understand, no matter how much you may want them to be, those are not your people. Your people love + believe in you. They dig your vibe, and want to spend time with you, naturally/- without you having to force anything. So if you really want to feel like you belong, be your authentic self, loud + proud. And as you do, your REAL people will find you. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

Hello Luvs ~

Happy Monday!

Did you know that even though the narcissist may have temporarily stolen your joy, you have the power within you to get it back?

H-O-W? You ask. By choosing to.

By refusing to wallow in bed, with the blinds drawn, and the pillows over your head. By loving yourself enough to take even the smallest steps to increase your self-love, self-respect, and confidence.

You have to have just enough faith in yourself, and your ability to recover from this, that you get up, make yourself “pretty”, and go out and engage with life again.

You don’t have to make a 180 from where you are, to a better you by tomorrow. As that is the exact thinking that keeps you stuck.

Instead just make little commitments, manageable ones, that remind you regularly that you are making progress. ~ ✌🏽➕🖤

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