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Morgan McKean  🌟 Truth Seeker + Teller 🌟 Creative Director 🌟 Intuitive Empath 🌟 Fashion Lover

When you feel lost, or don’t know which way to go, the best place to get guidance is from within.
We are all born with our own navigation system - it’s called our “intuition”. We just have to “tune-in” to it, so we can feel its soft nudges, leading us to our most desired experiences. ~ ✌🏽❤️➕🙏🏽

My self-care this Sunday is a little retail therapy in downtown Manhattan Beach. How are you “doin’ you!” this weekend? ~ ✌🏽❤️➕💋

Yep, sounds about right. ~ ✌🏽❤️➕💋

Hello Luvs 💖 ~ Every moment is a chance to start again. To redefine yourself, and decide who you want to be, what you want to have, and how you want to live — don’t waste it. ~ ✌🏽♥️➕💄 #photoby @amynikkiphotography

Hello Luvs 💙 ~ Life is like a trip to an amusement park…. sometimes you’re waiting in lines, sometimes riding the rides, other times shopping and eating - but most importantly, you’re having a good time. And since “feeling good” is the key to manifesting the life of your dreams, I say play as much and as often as possible - to make your ideas a reality. ~ ✌🏽♥️➕💄 #photography by @capilphoto

Hello Luvs 💖 ~ Go your own way…

Don’t give a damn about what the crowd thinks, or expects, from you.
Your intuition is your compass, and your emotions are your navigational tools.
If you’re in pain - it means “don’t go that way”
If you’re in peace - it means “here’s the path”
You, and ONLY YOU, know what’s in your heart, so…

Go your own way. ~ ✌🏽♥️➕💄

Hello Luvs 💖💖 ~ Peace, love, joy, and balance are ALL feelings of alignment. They are your soul’s way of letting you know that what you’re thinking, saying or doing is on the track with your desired results or experiences. That you’re not afraid of what you’re creating, or your ability to handle “what-comes-next”, in the process to getting it.
In other words, you’re in the ZONE!!! And the best way to stay in this “zone” is to take care of yourself. To honor your mind, body, and spirit. To eat, sleep, exercise, work, and socialize in a way that consistently shows you value you. And when you feel depleted, or out of the “zone" - that’s your key to take time out from your “story” - recharge, and get back to the place where you feel peace, love, joy, and balance. ~ ✌🏽♥️➕💪🏽

Hello Luvs 💖 ~ In order to feel your value, you must demonstrate your worth.
And in order to demonstrate your worth, you must believe in yourself first. .
Success doesn’t always come to the BEST… it comes to the person who BELIEVES themselves to be the best + then invests in themselves accordingly. .
So if you want it - whatever your IT is - go get it. No one is going to hand it to you! No matter how much you beg them to. .
You must assume (mentally and emotionally) the belief that what you want is yours, and it’s just a matter of time before it materializes - then think and act from this perspective, until your wish is realized. ~ ✌🏽♥️➕💄

Rather than thinking of it as punishment for when I miss-the-mark - I like to think of Karma as a spirit guide, constantly nudging us back-on-track when we start to wander too far off the path from the journey that our soul brought us here to go on. ~ ✌🏽♥️➕💄

Morning Luvs 💖✨💖 ~ While it’s important to take your goals, dreams, and responsibilities seriously - it’s even more important NOT to take yourself so much. ~ ✌🏽❤️➕🤣

Fear = Force
Faith = Flow

Pain = STOP
Feeling Good = GO

When you don’t know which way to go, be still - and feel your way into your next experience. When you start to feel good, feel expanded, and feel like life is good again, you KNOW you’re on the right path/- and it’s time to take action. ~ ✌🏽♥️➕💄

Walking the path or becoming “truly enlightened” isn’t about living a totally pious life, it’s about being real, authentic and embracing all sides of yourself - including the part that uses colorful language. Not to mention, most of the smartest people in the world use expletives to express themselves. So Yes! I’m mostly Peace, Love + Light, and a little go fuck yourself. ~ ✌🏽❤️➕💄

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