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SUCH good truth. 2 videos I just cannot get enough of.
Elijah and I went to KC this weekend and I let him stay an extra night, without me since I needed to get back home.
He loves his aunts so much. It is such a fun thing to watch. This is him and @taylorlosole laughing so hard, all night long. They are like little bffs. Eating cherries, talking dreams and life, and laughing until they cry.
Side note: Elijah picked weeds, raked, organized, unpacked, painted, and decorated Macky's new home with no complaining, just asking, what he could do next. I am so proud of the little man he is becoming.

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7 years ago today-best day of my life! Some days I wake up and just smile because I cannot believe I get to do life with such an incredible man. You inspire me everyday and I am the luckiest girl to have you. I love you deeply, greatly, and fiercly and am so thankful to God, that you chose me.

What happens when mom is gone ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

This message was soo good. If you have struggled with why God heals some, and not others, you need to hear this!! Go to and look for "faith when hope runs out" for the entire message!!

He has graced you for today and every day coming.
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Marriage is hard. If we are being honest, there are days where we hurt each other, when we treat each other with disrespect, when we get mad that our spouse is home later than we wanted, or didn't help with clean up after dinner. There are days we argue over a decision or a thought, and if we are being REALLY honest ladies, days when we just wake up not into our husbands, for no other reason than, we just woke up like that.
I have learned that we can tear our spouse down, or we can build them up, even in our minds.
Set your mind to believe truth. Remind yourself that your spouse was created by the Creator and designed just the way they are. That you chose them, and are better because of them. .
Do yourself a favor today, and go out of your way to do one thing, to show your spouse love and grace. Choose to set your mind on His thoughts about them. Remember, they are not perfect, and neither are you.

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This video is so funny to me, mostly because this is our real, normal life, that we sometimes just happen to catch on video. and the other reason is because the two who married into the crazy, have embraced it, and brought their own crazy, to make it even more fun. I mean look at Taylor Days head dance...

Know today, that HE is good.
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Drew and I have been getting tired of him and I not doing community well. So last night our home was filled with new faces, close friends, and people we had not seen in a long time. We cooked 80 burgers and 60 hot dogs, we had to borrow more ketchup from neighbors, go get more propane from a friend, squeeze by each other to get to where we wanted to go in any room, and friends here until 2am. We laughed, played games, ate, grilled, and had a dance party.
Thank you to all who came and for showing us, what true community looks like. We are looking forward to doing it again soon!!

Sometimes people laugh at how close my family is. .
That we call each other daily, we are ridiculous together, we make decisions as a family, we laugh at ourselves, we bust out in dance and song all the time, we make fun of each other, we cook together, we problem solve together, we cry, we get mad when one of us is hurting, we protect each other, and we are together as often as we can be. We make each other a priority.
I will never regret any of it. These people are everything to me. I laugh hardest when I am around them. We know each other inside and out. Yea, we are kinda- weird-close, but it is the best thing. It makes life rich and full, and is a living example to our kids that with Jesus and Family close to your side, you can do anything.

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