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Moral Revolution  Equipping a generation to be wildly free & live their healthiest life. 🌞😎🏝 New Free Summer Video Series - NOW AVAILABLE👇🏼

We love to give you practical tools for walking out purity (obviously). In the midst of all the practical tips, it’s important to remember that you have the power of God at work inside of you and nothing can stand against that. Agree with the truth He says over your life and know that no battle is too big when He’s on your side. #practicalpurity #Ephesians320 #morethanyouknow #nothingsimpossible #powerinside #moralrevolution

Get your life or your purity in order today. Get healthy today. Start making good decisions right now, and save yourself trouble down the road. When you’re married or you have a family, all of your undealt with issues are going to affect them. If you’re single, then right now they only affect you, so get them straightened out. #dotheworknow #dontwaittiloneday #helpyourfutureselfout #savethedrama #calmyourstorydown #moralrevolution

We wanted to take a moment & make you aware of some significant transitions that are taking place in our lives! 5 years ago, our family moved to Redding, CA to serve as the Directors of a movement called @moralrevolution . It's been a full 5 years, expanding MR's reach & influence to new levels with the hosting of events, launching of new products, an e-course platform, a newly designed website, & strategic partnerships with Jesus Culture, BSSM Redding, etc. MR is alive & well, daily resourcing a large community around the globe, with the message of healthy sexuality.
Over the past year, we've felt an invitation from the Lord to step out in faith & dedicate our full time & energy to @truthtotable . For those not familiar, TTT is an online platform reaching thousands of people through Bible studies, empowerment courses, & a membership community monthly. It's a significant change because we have deeply loved MR & wholeheartedly believe in the message. It's been a dream job in more ways than we could communicate & @kvministries has been an amazing boss, leader, & friend to us. We didn't anticipate moving on, but God has a way of changing plans when you least expect it. We have been following Him long enough to know, when He speaks, we listen. So in faith, we will begin transitioning Sept. 1st.
What are our plans? First, we are NOT MOVING & are happy to call @bethel home. Second, our plan is to continue in our calling to travel & speak around the world. Ben is also excited to continue consulting in media & marketing. Our transition will allow us more time to be home with our boys as they are getting older & their season/needs are shifting. Our good friends, @colezick & @caitzick will be taking over the vision & leadership of MR. They are from Sacramento, CA & have served the past 10+ years at Capital Christian Center. We are confident the Zick's will take MR into the next season with continued vision & practical direction. l We are excited about coming alongside them! Please pray for us today. We know God is going to help us, but we'd love your support as well.
Much Love - Ben & Havilah, Boys & Bear.

If you like who you are, then you don’t need to put the people around you down to make yourself feel better. You’ll know that God thinks very highly of you and others, and you’ll see both the way He sees them. #ilikeme #causeImunique #andaspecialawesome #iseeyourspecialawesometoo #digthat #youdonthavetobelikeme #youregoodbeingyou #moralrevolution

Guys, this works for you too. If she didn’t choose you, then she wasn’t a good fit for you anyway. The right person will show up, choose you, and treat you the way you need to be treated. If they didn’t do that, then they’re not the right one for you. #youwanttobechosen #itsthatbigofdeal #trustus #changeseverything #choiceispowerful #andfulfilling #moralrevolution

You can’t embrace the future if you’re dwelling on the past. Grieve some things, let go of some things, but then move on. Don’t stay stuck in another time when there are such great things for you ahead. #itsprobablytime #grievethepast #gainvisipn #takestepsforward #thebestisyettocome #moralrevolution

Love is not enough, because in most marriages – especially after a baby arrives – people stop courting one another and they stop making romance, great sex, fun, and adventure a priority. Relationships have a tendency to become endless to-do lists, and conversation becomes limited to errand talk. You need to intentionally make (or keep) these parts of the relationship a priority. - Gottman Institute⠀
#sexmythmonday #intentionalityiskey #takingstepstowardseachother #notjustfeelings #yesloveismorethanfeelings #itsfull #moralrevolution

You don’t look like the person next to you because you’re not supposed to. If you’re constantly looking at their life, you are going to miss what God wants to do in and through your life. Figure out who He’s created you to be and be that person. #youbeyou #uniquestory #Hecreatesoriginals #dontmeasure #moralrevolution

A lot of times in the church we can get super serious about dating. It is important to take care of the other person’s heart, and it’s important to know that you’re healthy before you start dating. However, if you make things too serious right from the start, you can end up putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself. If you date someone and don’t marry them, it’s actually okay. If you treat them with respect and leave them better off than when you started, that is success. #letgoofsolvingeverything #letitbreathe #dofunthingsagain #rememberwhyyoustarted #moralrevolution

After heartbreak, it’s important to hold onto the truth that you will eventually feel okay again. You won’t feel this much pain forever. You won’t feel this broken forever. You will heal, and you will get out of pain, and you will be okay. Don’t rush the process. Feel everything you need to feel, and lean into the Lord. He’s got you. #itsokay #youllgetthrough #Hesgotyou #keepgoing #itsokay #moralrevolution

You don’t have to pretend you don’t have problems. Just don’t start pretending your problems are bigger than God. There is no problem that doesn’t have a solution in Him. #priorities #lifeproblems #higherview #Heisgreater #breatheeasy #Hesgotthis #moralrevolution

There are a lot of things you can’t control, especially in dating. You can’t control whether someone likes you or not. You can’t control how they treat you. You can control how you treat them, and how long you allow them to be in your life when they’re treating you badly. Don’t waste your energy trying to solve someone else’s problems for them or figure out why they treat you unkindly. #simplethings #bigdeal #letitgo #stepupyourkindness #andselfrespect #moralrevolution

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