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MOPS International  Connecting moms all over the world to a community of women who meet together to embrace the journey of motherhood. You belong here. #thisismotherhood

Sit down kids, I have something to tell you.
I am the Hulk ...
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It's a good day when your @mops_international theme packet comes in the mail!! I'm beyond excited to embrace the theme next year, "find your fire". Fire: combustion or burning;
fervent or passionate emotion or enthusiasm
#findyourfire #mopsinternational#neverletitburnout #thisismotherhood .
Have you registered for Membership and received your MOPS welcome kit yet?

We love this quote from @brenebrown! What or who is your small safe place?
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Do you have older kids, but still want time with your mom friends? How long has it been since you've chatted over a cup of coffee?! Find the MOMSnext groups meeting in your area at or start your own! #thisismotherhood #mopsinternational

We love the ridiculous #didisaythat moments you have all shared with us. This was one of our many faves! #mopsinternational #thisismotherhood

Did you know that MOPS is an international organization? It’s true! You can find MOPS groups in over 50 countries. Find out about global groups at #globalmops
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Guilty // Often I find myself comparing me to others. wishing I could look prettier. wishing I could be more extroverted. wishing I could work out as much. wishing I could be as positive. wishing I had the lifestyle she has. //however, we were all made to be uniquely intricate in a way that only we can see what we are made of AND what we are capable of doing // be yourself babe // we are EACH unique // sometimes a reminder is needed // #thisismotherhood #mopsinternational

This kit is small but mighty. It includes a custom necklace from @thegivingkeys, a print for your home or office, a lullaby CD from @jjhellermusic, and other tidbits of encouragement to usher in an incredible year ahead. .
Image by @christcenteredfamily #findyourfire #mopsinternational #thisismotherhood #motherhoodrising

We don’t want you to forget to drink water while you #findyourfire. To ensure that you don’t, we have this cute water bottle over in the MOPS Store to remind you. Check it out at! #mopsinternational #thisismotherhood

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Our #MOPS kick off meeting was this morning and I am so excited and encouraged about what God is going to do in our group this year! And this #findyourfire theme!!! Wow!
If you are looking for a #momtribe to plug into, RUN to your nearest chapter! We are moms supporting other moms on this wild journey called motherhood and we would love for you to join us!
#thisismotherhood #mopsinternational

Mejores mamás para un mundo mejor. MOPS is for moms, no matter what language they speak. To prove it, we now offer MOPS groups and Membership in Spanish! Visit or email to get started. #thisismotherhood #mopsinternational #mopsenespanol

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