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Jacob Moon  Working through the complex task of simplifying life so that I can live it. #DYILife For my family adventures 👉 @moonmountainlife

Our trip to New Zealand as a family has changed our lives. Not only was it beautiful, but it introduced us to van life. While there for 2 months we lived in a van and traveled around the north and South Island exploring all that we could. Although our van wasn’t very big and was no where tall enough to stand up in, it felt like home and met our basic needs. We had a big comfortable bed, humble kitchen, food, water, an extra battery to charge our electronics and a toilet that we never needed (lots of great public to toilets in NZ). Shortly after that trip and because of how much we loved our van life we have now purchased a Sprinter Van here in the States and have started to build it out. I really don’t know what I’m doing, so I’m spending a lot of time online studying and asking questions to friends and going for it. It is fun to see this dream come together under my hands. #vanlife
Think we are crazy? Ask me any questions you might have about van life and I’ll get back to you.

Picture: 🙋‍♀️: @rebornbyadventure Taken on the thousands of steps leading up to the Muller Hut above the Hooker Valley in Mount Cook National Park, NZ

Since my daughter was 3 weeks old (she is now 13 months old), we’ve been spending as much time as possible outdoors as a family. For us, we find that it is where we consistently get what is most important to us, uninterrupted time together. Not only this but the outdoors has a way of renewing us and making us feel whole.
This June 7-10th I’m excited to announce that we, as a family, will be heading to the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, CO to celebrate the outdoors, participate in events and meet other like minded adventures. If you are going also, we be stoked to meet up and say, “hi”! Also I’m honored to be on of the judges for the photo competition there. Hope to see you there. @mountaingamesvail #gopromtngames

This morning of the workshop we woke up to pouring rain and low hanging clouds. Machu Picchu was completely engulfed in clouds and we were wet. For me that was exactly the kind of weather I was hoping for. Rain and clouds=less crowds and opportunities for awesome lighting and photos for those who are patient so we enjoyed the mystical atmosphere that the rain and clouds created together. After a shot 2 hours the ancient city and mountain began revealing themselves. Love moments like this.
Peru 🇵🇪... what comes to your mind? For the vast majority of the world, I feel that it is Machu Picchu. Although an amazing place to see, it has always been kind of just a check on my list for me of places to see. The reason I went to Peru and keep returning really has nothing to do with this place. The best memories for me thus far has come from the good food, alpaca filled valleys, glacial lakes, tall glaciated mountains, and most of all it’s beautiful people and culture.
I’m excited to return again someday to see and experience more of Peru. What a beautiful country!

New Youtube Video documenting our daughters unconventional first year. Link in the Bio

As many of you probably know, most the the adventures that I have been on over the past year have have been with my wife and now 1 year old daughter. While on those adventures we’ve been documenting our experiences from the day my daughter was born to her first backpacking trip at 2 months old to her first trip over seas where we lived in a van for 2 months in New Zealand while exploring that beautiful country. The experience has been the highlight of my life and my wife, @rebornbyadventure, has just finished putting together a video that documents our first year together as a family.
Link is in the bio. I hope you enjoy it!
You can follow more of our adventures as a family at @moonmountainlife

I’m back home in the States now and Peru has become another memory. Now my sights are shifting and I am going to start building a new chapter into my life as I built out a Sprinter Van to travel around in with my family. You can follow the build in my stories, at @moonmountainlife and thru blogs and YouTube that will be starting by next week (announced thru my stories).

3 times I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a different country and those 3 times I’ve chosen to return to Peru 🇵🇪 adding up to 4 months in total. This country is magical for so many reason and getting to share this with a select few over the past 9 days of my photography workshop has been the best. I love sharing what I love with others and watching them feel that Peruvian magic has me stoked to come back and do it again someday.
Thank you @flashpackerconnect for handling the trip logics so that I could focus on teaching photography. The trip was flawless. 🙋‍♀️: @hilalex_treks

I love solitude. Wide open spaces for my mind to expand and my worries to dissipate. Spending 12 hours stuck in the Lima 🇵🇪 airport today waiting in lines, 2 canceled flights and anxious upset people crowding me as we all got juggled around had me escaping in my mind to places like this.
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be in Cusco 🇵🇪 Also who has read the book “The Push” by @tommycaldwell ? Since leaving home 36 hours ago I devoured the 13.5 hrs audio book and it blew me away. Fully thinking I’d love it because of the climbing aspect, I found my self living and relating on so many levels to his vulnerability and life. Anyways I highly recommend it to anyone.

For me, Peru is definitely one of the most special countries in the world. It is here that I first experience long term travel, saw big mountains, traveled with my wife and it is here that I found my love for travel. Im excited to be heading back today for my 3rd time to teach a photography workshop and share my love for this country with the participants.

Photo: From my previous workshop standing atop San Antonio Pass (~16,800 ft) during a 10 day circuit of the Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru. After a long day of hiking over a pass earlier that day, the energetic @giles_carrlocke wanted to run up here from our camp for sunset. 😊 It was his first trip to any kind of mountains and he was high on life. I really enjoyed watching him experience for the first time something that has changed my life and this is why I love teaching workshops.

Do you know what a packraft is? If you don’t then getting here would be extremely difficult. The unique places that I’ve been able to access with these little 6lbs boats has easily made packrafting one of my favorite spots things to do in wild and remote places. @alpacka_raft 👍

Picture taken while floating a remote jungle river in Chiapas Mexico with @backcountry13 @roundtheworldgirl and @jeffcarlsonphoto

As I woke up this morning in Mount Cook National Park, NZ with clear skies and a layer of clouds filling the valley below, I couldn’t help but be grateful I had been willing to put in the work to get up there. Below the clouds I wouldn’t have been able to see anything. #lifelessons

Happy Earth Day 🌏! Sure love it here.
Debate: If you could teach people one thing about the planet 🌎 (environmentally speaking), would you want them to know about Climate Change in general or very specific ways that they can make a difference. To me the answer is clearly, I’d rather teach people specific way how to take care of the planet. That is why I personally rarely talk about climate change and more about specific issues, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts because I’ve have other tell me I should take about climate change.
Photo: Chiapas Mexico with in a very remote river with our @alpacka_raft . This remains to be one of my all time favorite trips I’ve ever done. I’m hoping to return March 2019

Paddling below 20,000 foot peaks in the Andes.
#thisispackrafting @alpacka_raft

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